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A giant mysterious machine/statue is discovered on a remote and deserted island that used to have a thriving civilization. Twilight and the other five Elements have been dispatched to uncover its secrets. The statue does something, but WHAT? After all, nobody goes to the trouble of building an extremely complex piece of equipment that does nothing . . . do they?

Excellent cover art by Mix-up. Also on Deviant Art.

Yeah! Made it to Popular Stories lists on the 17th and 19th-21st, and on Featured Stories for three days (17th-19th)!

Published on the FiMfiction website with the kind forbearance of the copyright owners of My Little Pony (Hasbro).

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Haven't read it yet, but it only stands to reason?

Yup. I first read this as told by one of the pub patrons in the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon series.

So the whole story was for the sake of a bad pun? Owww!

I was hoping it might be some sort of library computer, or possibly a defence golem, a pony Bolo.

I don't get it.

'Tis a terrible pun on the common phrase people use "Well, it stands to reason that . . .

*sigh* This is almost worthy of submitting to the Punitentary on Facebook...


Well played.

I must confess that when first I observed the title, I previously assumed that it was a new crossover with Shadow of the Colossus, but it seems I was wrong in that regard. Still, this is a very great story you've written.

Its a shaggy pone story. But, it has no hair. Thats what they thought about black holes. :pinkiecrazy:

Remember another story about large statues found in the desert. Biggest difference was they were moving so slowly it would be years before they moved more than an few feet

“ It stands to reason! ”

That was absolutely hilarious, but you're still an asshole for using that as a punchline :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


Does that mean it’s a lawyer?


... I don't get it. Love the story and upvoted because this just seemed that right amount of silly.

Well, looks like they found a pony version of Voltron wonder who the transformation works of the six of them.

9177550 9178303

It stands to reason!

That's another way of saying that something is obvious or logical. In this case, however, it's also a pun meaning, "The colossus rises to an erect, upright position upon its hooves in order to form judgments by the application of logic!"

Who else came to this story thinking it had something to do with shadow of the colossus?

She reared and stomped her front hooves hard on the platform. “Tell me! Would an advanced civilization build such a complicated mechanism as this is, put forth the tremendous effort it would take to create something this size that can move, if it doesn’t actually move or do anything!” She glared at them all.


Fuck you in particular.
Have a like.

And, I'm sorry to say, I have never heard of Shadow of the Colossus.

It IS pony Bolo. But instead of Hellfire-ing everything to the next millenia, it reasons its existence.

Comment posted by dragonjek deleted Sep 18th, 2018

It is basically one of the video game that showed that video game can be art.
The plot is pretty simple, a guy goes into a forbidden land with is dead girlfriend and a voice promise him to resurect her if he destroy 16 colossi. So you go and wander the land to find, climb and kill these huge moving construct.
I higly recomend it.

I like it a mystery to be solved. at some point in time.

Spider Robinson used that exact pun and a similar set up in Callahans' Crosstime Saloon, 1977. So every 40 years or so it rises.


Take your fave and go.

~Skeeter The Lurker

“ It stands to reason! ”

I don't get it. Is there a joke or something going on here?

The Pioneers used to ride those babies for miles.

Comment posted by Misplaced Mage deleted Sep 18th, 2018

The statue stood up to reason with them. "It stands to reason" is also a fancy way of saying "It makes sense".

Yep, this was a Feghoot. Gat dangit.

please make more, i would love to see this continued


The original ps2 version is better. BUT, back to the story.

I admit, I'm probably missing something as big as that colossus, but what the heck does that last line reference to.



Well of course it stands up to reason! what else would a giant semi-sapient calculator golem do?

The joke is that the golem stands up in the presence of someone using reason.

I was seriously hoping for some Deep Thought references in here, but your punniness is acceptable.

“ It stands to reason! ”

oh you fucking...

you're thinking of boulders, not statues.

Well, I can 100% say I wasn't expecting that it was still a good read but I was wanting for more. Either way, I still liked it and I'm still kinda hoping for more.

well if it stands to reason, one wonders what it does when its beside itself.

Stop that, stop that right now. (jk)

So, we know why it stands up now...but why would they build it in the first place, and not something Vault-like, except without the mad science?

To get answers to their questions? That's why we built computers.

Hmmmm... if it stands to reason, does this mean it might not work for Pinkie Pie?

Oh, I know. The reference just fit.

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