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Five years after her coronation, Twilight has to inform her friends of her biggest secret after denying Applejack's and Rainbow's request to turn one of Sweet Apple Acres Barns into a Bar/Restaurant.

Edit: Tried to tidy some grammar up a bit, few more commas, that sort of stuff, hope it looks a little better, but remember that I do this for fun not as a job so don't expect perfection please. Also be aware I use Queen's English, so some words may look different to Americans, colour, apologise etc.

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Aunty Temper < = Tempest?

Off course, that one wrote itself. Glad you enjoyed it.

Wonder if Rainbow will learn to not open mouth insert hoof when speaking about offspring after this.

Good story, but needs some editing, since the mistakes distract from the story.

Let me know of any distinct ones and I'll edit it, I'm terrible at editing sometimes. I can read over something five times and not find things. If I get a chance I'll re-read myself tonight and try to find any gaping ones.


The lack of commas is a glaring issue.

I find it hilarious you said that. i actually cut loads out fearing that there were way to many as I've been told before I've overused them and was panicking that I'd done the same here. I'll add them back in where I feel they need to be shortly. Thank you for this feedback though as it means I won't bother cutting them out in any future fics.

I really like this. Funny, crude, with a wholesome ending. Would love to see a continuation

I work in a supermarket which is a 24/7 job with lots of last minute rota changes. I am off tomorrow though where I plan to write "Dinner with the In laws" Set the evening after this. No real planning just writing whatever comes in my head and getting it down straight away. Glad to see people enjoying this, makes my day!

"OH YEAH, it's going to awesome."

"OH YEAH, it's going to be awesome." You missed there something.
Otherwise it is a relly great story and Moonlight looks awesome.:twilightsmile:

Brilliant, I only missed one :rainbowlaugh:

Love the picture.

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