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There is a great evil out there in the places between the cosmos.

That great evil is coming to the world of Equestria - but it has decided to do things a little differently than it usually does.

A strange mare shows up in Zecora's hut. A comet cuts across the sky. Three worlds are drawn together. What happens next? That's the mystery.

[This is a 'round robin' story that will be written by several authors. I start, someone else will write the next one, then the next, and so on. None of us have any idea where this is going, and that's what makes it amazing. Because of this, there is no update schedule of any kind.]

-GM, master of threes.

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First... to what? If I wish to learn from your insightful commentary, I request that you please elaborate.

to comment...nothing is more satisfying than to be first to comment on a story that COULD go viral

Well now. This should be a lot of fun to see play out. May have to get in on the fun myself at some juncture. For now, though, I'll simply observe with great interest.

We have a Discord here, if you or anyone else wants to join. Originally created for SotS, but easily repurposed for many other things, including discussing this story.

Comment posted by Keywii_Cookies55 deleted Feb 27th, 2018

Well, that's one way to start a fic. Nice.

Then the meteor exploded. The two ponies reared back as a smaller chunk of the meteor hurtled toward them. Zecora ducked for cover – but the mare stood her ground. The meteor chunk missed Zecora’s hut by a few meters, hitting the ground a fair distance behind the structure.

Zecora isn't a pony......

And despite what all the files she had access too said


Grandiose ships

She hardly did any ruling form here

The ships did what? Also, you meant from.

Question 1: Will there be potatoes involved?
Question 2: Do beavers exist?
Question 3: How many cake flavors are available?


Most likely.


All of them.

-GM, master of responding to comments because WHY NOT.

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