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Pinkie hasn't quite been herself lately and it's starting to effect the other ponies in town. When the Cakes decide to send Pinkie Pie to become a master doughnutier, she may discover something even sweeter than the sugary treats she's learning to make. Will Pinkie find her special somepony?

This is my homage to an unloved couple that deserves some serious attention!

Additonally one of my lovely readers wrote this gorgeous little sequel of sorts to my story called Bundle of Joy, I can never thank you enough Forlong :')

Big thanks to my editor: IcyReader

Chapters (7)
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Interesting story, can't say I have much advice for you though friend. The story was kind of original to me, very well done.:twilightsmile:

3723261 I'll take that as: 'Don't be down on the way you write Pinkie, it's okay.'
So, *phew* thanks! :pinkiesmile:

"For you, it could very well be this doughnutiering."

When I saw that line, I had a mental image of Pinkie dressed as the Rocketeer, with a glazed rocket pack with sprinkles, and the jet stream looking like a jet of icing and 'smoke rings' around it that looked like donuts. :D

"Pinkie, the Donuteer!" :pinkiehappy:

3723316 Hahaha, wow! You have a VERY active imagination! I was going more for chocolatier imagery but, hey, if it makes you happy :raritywink:

Its about time DonutPie got some love. Really those two look cute together also have you noticed he doesn't have a character tag yet....

3724693 I know!!! I don't get why this ship isn't favoured, it makes so much more sense than DiscoPie or any other Pie for that matter. This is my Pinkie OTP and I hope to convince the world to convert :rainbowdetermined2:
As to the tag, I was really disappointed when I had to use 'other' for Donut Joe's character :fluttercry:

Aside from maybe one or two grammatical errors, I really don't see anything wrong with this. It's well written, and I think you have a nice setup for the story to progress. I look forward to reading more!:twilightsmile:

3728902 Thanks! I'll have to skim over this and iron those out :twilightsheepish:

I wasn't sure what to expect when going in (I'll admit it was the perky image that drew me in, heh), but this was quite good. I'm usually not too much of a Pinkie fan as she can become rather overbearing, but this more subdued and down-to-earth Pinkie was pretty interesting to follow ... for a given value of "down-to-earth", but still. And figures it would be her who would feel jealous over Dicord of all things being taken, heh.

Still, looking towards where you are going to take this and how the whole Joe/Pinkie thing will play out. I imagine Twilight will be capable of actually providing some relationship advice (and this time from experience, not just books - I'm looking towards you exploring the Twi/Flash angle as well), or just a shoulder to vent on.

All in all, the first chapter has me wanting for more, sooo ... *proceeds to want and wait*

3731379 Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! I only hope I won't disappoint in what lies ahead :twilightblush:

AdmerialSassMcWhatever... I'm not good but I'll try to proofread or edit:pinkiehappy:

3733819 Cool! When the next chapters ready I'll send you the password etc!

Oh also... can I do a Fan Fic reading of this when its done?:pinkiesad2:

3736090 Of course! :pinkiehappy:
I had a lazy day today but I'll back into writing shortly :rainbowdetermined2:

Very interesting, and awesome story. Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Interesting story, I shall keep an eye on it. {I wonder who this mysterious mare Mac likes is?:trixieshiftright:..Eh, it's not Great or Powerful enough to be important.}

This is funny. I hope that Joe starts getting a crush on Pinkie soon. Best of luck writing this story. It seems really good.

3799819 As someone who likes fast paced stories I feel pretty bad about not having developed the ship faster, but the next chapter will be more satisfying, I promise :twilightsmile:

3799831 Don't worry about it. I don't know how fast your story is going to develop. Take it at your own pace and let us see how Pinkie and Joe fall in love.

Heh, not an easy position for Twilight and Flash to be in - stuck between feeling like they have to keep Pinkie company and wanting to reserve some time for themselves. That totally-wasn't-going-to-be-romantic dinner was pretty bad, wasn't it. (Though at least it looks like they had some night-time "festivities" to compensate, heh).

What I liked though was that Pinkie showed at least some awareness of why Flash seemed "upset" at the restaurant, by offering to pay for herself, even though he would have none of that (For a moment I wondered why not simply have Twilight cover the bill, but then I imagine Flash's pride would allow for that even less than Pinkie paying for herself :P). Since she does seem to realize on some level that she is "third wheeling" and that doing so continuously won't make anyone happy, I imagine she is going to leave the pair alone when they go to check out that opera.

Which would be the perfect time to bring in some more Pinkie/Joe interactions I imagine, especially in a not job related environment - she will need to do something to occupy her time with Twilight and Flash away, and spending that time at Joe's seems like a somewhat natural choice at this juncture. A good opportunity to develop their characters, indeed. Looking towards the next installment.

3800730 Thanks for the great feedback! It's nice to see someone is appreciating the depth I'm trying to have in character relations and particularly into the character of Pinkie, who I tend to actually dislike because I feel that she has no depth, but this story is helping me appreciate her so much more.
I was so excited to write the next chapter it's almost done, so you may not have to wait too long to find out what happens next afterall :raritywink:

Well, guess Pinkie didn't take Flash and Twi wanting some alone-time as well as I thought she would. On one hand I can sort of understand her, not having much else in terms of acquaintances in Canterlot, but on the other hand ... on the other hand, I can't help but feel that Pinkie is coming across as pretty self-entitled here. Got to wait out the "selfish" phase of their romance so she can have undisputed claims on Twilight's free time once again? Irony is what comes to mind, heh.

But then again this is a story about Pinkie doing some growing up it seems, and she is likely so used to barging in to her friend's homes and activities at the drop of a hat that the thought of not being able to do so must seem pretty alien to her and "wrong". A perspective that's about to undergo some insights and readjustments I imagine, if some sparks between her and Joe start to fly. And that upcoming "double date" should be pretty amusing I reckon, what with a clearly uncomfortable Joe in tow, heh.

Interesting concept. Pinkie liking Discord, but Discord is with Fluttershy...is he? In any case, I know Twilight would be the only one who could get Pinkie to admit what was bothering her. Let's see how this continues.

Don't fight it Joe! You know you want her.

Nice chapter. Look forward to seeing more.

3801784 I hope you enjoyed where its going :twilightsmile:

3802431 More is coming shortly, just need to do some editing.:rainbowkiss:

Hmmm, Joe my lad, don't be so stupid. If a lovely woman is throwing herself at you, at least try to make it work before breaking her letting her down. {Or at least, let her down before going out with her.:facehoof:}

But yeah, I can see Pinkie falling in love pretty fast. She seems like the type to do so. {And it's so cute.:pinkiehappy:}

Okay, Pinkie is coming on Strong for the comedy side of things. I would suggest some character development for Joe on why he doesn't consider himself the dating type. I am looking forward to the antics at the opera though. Best of luck don't keep us waiting too long for the next chapter.

Well, that escalated quickly. Then again that's typical Pinkie for you, the only speeds she operates at are fast and faster - and Joe's discomfort is well understandable, considering Pinkie has basically done a 180 within the span of a day and has gone from basically thinking nothing of him to swooning over him in a manner that's as subtle as anything that she does (which is to say, the opposite of subtle).

I'm looking towards their little outing and what will come of it - especially, whether Joe will let her down or not. I can imagine it going both ways, and I wonder how Pinkie would take being rejected. A learning experience no doubt under normal circumstances, though Pinkie being Pinkie, I wonder if she would in any state of mind to take anything away from it. I would say toning down her exuberance would actually increase her chances with Joe, lest she come across as too clingy and forward, but then I imagine that's not an option for Pinkie, or something that would even occur to her.

Either way, I'm looking towards the end of their outing - win or lose, I imagine we are likely to some some important development in the whole Pinkie/Joe affair.

Well this date is going to turn into a train wreck fast... sadly I have been in Pinkie's position. I look forward to seeing where this goes, good chapter. :yay:

3806226 Maybe there's a reason he's afraid to commit :pinkiesad2:

3806395 I alluded to a tragic backstory, give him time, he's a little shy with his emotions :heart:

3806729 I love your feedback, and I love even more that no one has guessed where this could lead :trixieshiftright:

3806783 Thank youuuu!!! :heart:

PS: I am so emoticon happy :scootangel:

If I've learned anything about relationships (not much to none) NEVER LIE! JOE YOU IDIOT:flutterrage:

You broke up Lyra and Bon Bon? Why?:raritycry:
Never look in the eyes, Joe, never look in the eyes.:facehoof:

3809550 It tends to makes things a little messy, eh...

3809845 Sorry, I meant to put an apology for that :pinkiesad2:
It was kind of the only way I could think of getting that advice across :ajsleepy:

:moustache:: This isn't going to end well.

Comment posted by Poek Tyku deleted Jan 19th, 2014

I was quite confused in the middle as they were in the opera, but everything else I understood. Very awesome chapter, hopefully pinkie and donut joe go out. :3 :rainbowkiss:

Nice job with this chapter. I hope it isn't too long for us to see what Joe decided to too.

Before he knew it, Pinkie was sitting beside him again and she was now hate ring away about something or other.


So, Joe is actually going to give Pinkie a chance? If so, I know Twilight is going to think it's pity and be very pissed at Flash. Hell, I'm pissed at him. Telling Joe to keep dating Pinkie for the time that she is here, so him and Twilight don't have to worry about Pinkie. That shows no compassion.

3814030 woops, That was meant to say 'chattering' I write on my ipad so :ajbemused:

Yeah, Flash is making me angry too :twilightangry2:

Sounds like someone might be in the doghouse later. Still, I hope everyone gets their happy endings. Nice work so far!

I have a lot of mixed feelings. I'm a little indifferent on Flash Sentry, mostly because I just didn't like Equestian Girls that much. On the other hand I'm a little proud of myself that I actually know this opera. Shame no one told Pinky how depressing the Russians get before hand. God, she'd never last through something like Boris Godunov.

Still, I enjoyed the Pinkie and Joe parts and how your presenting their emotional states. Can't wait for the next update.

3822584 Oh my gosh! Someone else who appreciates Russian literature :raritystarry: YAY!!!
Yes, I know that some people feel this way about Flash but to be honest I struggle to ship anyone else with Twilight and I wanted to write a shipfic where she wasn't the last one to find a boyfriend because most people do that to Twi and it makes me sad :fluttercry:

3824364 I get that. Either they need to create a better match for her or better characterize him. Mostly I'm not paying much attention to the Twilight-Flash parts because its Pinkie and Joe's story arc that I'm most interested in and I'm enjoying that so far. Hope to see an update soon.

I didn't really study Russian literature so much as Russian history. I recall some on the Romanovs but what I remembered best of the Soviet era.

I can't help but feel a little disappointed in both Twilight and Flash for snapping at Joe upon learning that he didn't mean anything romantic by accepting Pinkie's invitation - it's like saying he did wrong by trying to cheer her up (or at least keep her from spiraling further down in the dumps) unless he is also looking for an involved relationship at the same time. I mean, Twilight should know better than to make assumptions based on a single rambling of Pinkie who herself has a rather ... unique ... look at things.

Oh well ... at least she came around - Flash didn't really earn much brownie points here, seeing how he seems more concerned with getting Pinkie out of their collective hair. Though as "selfish" as he might come across here, I can also sort of understand him - I mean, Pinkie isn't even his friend, and considering her presence puts a real damper on his supposed-to-be alone-time with Twilight (walking on eggshells, as he put it), I can see why he would be upset when what they thought of as a would-be solution turned out to be something likely to upset Pinkie even more (meaning even more walking on eggshells).

Honestly, if I had to deal with something similar for days on end that interrupted my time with my significant other, I have a feeling I wouldn't have handled it as well as he has, so I can't blame him too much ...

I imagine that didn't earn him many points with Twilight either, but I imagine she will understand (if still be upset for a while) - as we saw previously she also feels the frustration of not being able to cuddle and do ...stuff ... with Flash as much as she would like thanks to having to keep Pinkie in mind all the time - she just handles it better over a prolonged period because unlike Flash, she is the one who actually IS Pinkie's friend.

Still, looking towards what will happen between Joe and Pinkie - the play was a nice touch and was obviously chosen to serve as a sort-of reflection of the situation between the two. At least it got Joe thinking about it, so I guess we shall see where that goes.

Yay! Pinkie x Dounat Joe fic!:yay:

The thought of Pinkie drinking caffeinated coffee......... Why does that scare me so much?

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