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Pantheon, known as the Artisan of War by the governing bodies of every city on Runeterra, has fought in more battles than anyone can remember, slaying countless enemies with his mighty relic-weapons and unparalleled skill. A mighty warrior, Pantheon lives for the thrill of battle, revering combat in all its forms.

But Pantheon has a secret.
Deep down, he has always desired to leave the battlefield behind... to be a baker.

Due to the untested magic of a rogue mage, Pantheon's secret wish just might be fulfilled, and then some.


Crossover with League of Legends. Minor knowledge of the game may be helpful, but is not required.

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Sure hope he can actually cook, sure hate to see Ponyville go through the baked bad insident again.

I'm still deciding how good he'll be, but I know he won't be that bad. AJ couldn't hear or see straight, and Panth is neither blind nor deaf.

Nobody grabs the damn lantern... :twilightangry2:

I know right? I play with my friends and even when I'm sitting next to them saying, "I'm throwing you a lantern," they just walk right past it like it's not even there.

I feel ya
I main support Thresh and no one seems to know the use of the lantern...

3518949 One of the best things I've seen on Summomer's Code.com (hilarious excerpts from the Tribunal):

Miss Fortune [07:12]: report thresh no support

Thresh [07:25]: click the fukin lantern noob

Miss Fortune [07:42]: dont report thresh

But yeah, a friend and I play a Darius/Thresh tag team in bot lane a lot.

Nothing can escape the Dunk.

Reminds me of one story that explored the opposite concept (Luna's dimension-probing spell glitching with the Liandri Corporation arena teleportation system, stranding her in an alien universe and ultimately resulting in her joining Thunder Crash.)

All the yes. All. The. Yes.

The writing quality's not bad, too, but that's quite secondary compared to the glory of Mantheon.

"Getting kicked in the well is the least of your worries. . .

. . . facing Pinkie Pie . . .

. . .well, you get the point. . ."

Didn't know the function till my plat 4 friend told me -_- like getting raged at for not knowing is bad enough, and when they dont remedy it by explaining the function, I ignore them. Thankfully, someone had the gratitude to demonstrate in lane so I could learn. :pinkiesmile:
But I don't need no lantern, I'm Darius. :rainbowdetermined2:

I love this story and soon i'l make a story with master yi in it

Mantheon :rainbowlaugh: nice start to the story. Its great to see some LOL crossover fan fiction. Makes me want to write one too

Hmm... The idea (pinnacle of stereotypical manliness embracing peace in Equestria) is fine, but you're relying entirely too much on references to League of Legends instead of making your own world.

The fact that this wasn't a thing already is really surprising, actually.

This story would be so much better if you had written Pinkie Pie as Pinkie Pie, instead of just a means for you to make bad fourth-wall jokes.:ajsleepy:

Really good. The reason this got so much attention is because it's a GOOD league crossover. 99 percent of them are terrible. I can't wait for more updates, I like this.

Pantheon, The Artisan of Baking, also goes by the name of Mantheon, Nipple Inspector.

Just incase you didn't know

... so... ...unique... and... uh... ... ... interesting...
a fav from me.

What is this a crossover of so I can read more tell me now please or bad things

It's a crossover of League of Legends. Pantheon is one of the champions you can play as.

Wonderful story so far but... Why doesn't this have a comedy tag?:rainbowhuh:

I didn't think it deserved one. If you feel like it does, I could add it.

"... let me be the first to officially say, 'welcome you to Equestria, Pantheon'."
I spy an oopsie

Thank you for pointing that out. Fixed

his flash would of been off CD by then. W hold and flash away. also even being underfed Ryze is one of the few champs who can be good against panth. then again this summoner seems like a nublet. :facehoof:

Also panth would probably be low mana at this point maybe having a few casts left. Ryze on other other hand (unless total noob) should have mana regen up the Ahole i useually have scepter by 10-11 and Tear by level 2-3 4 if i hold off because I'm murdering the other team.

What no mastery in Biscuiteer that free potion is great for panth the first minutes in.

This title interests me however from the comments it looks like I would most likely need to have quite a bit of LoL knowledge to fully enjoy this story. I only have very minor knowledge so currently I am unsure whether to read this at present... would you recommend me to proceed dear author?

Now for some reason I want to see a Timberwolf Warwick skin.

And it looks like I found myself a new story to fave!

Once every blue moon, an idea pops out of a fanfic writer's head. An idea far removed from the norm and yet being crazy enough to work.

This is one of them.:rainbowlaugh:

MY PROFESSION!!! *Silence* Y-you know... now that I think about it, I always wanted to be a baker... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Yes... a BAKER! :trollestia:

My main is panth and I can say you got the MANTHEON gameplay style almost perfect :rainbowlaugh:

Some contructive critisism is that dialogue seems a bit short :twilightsheepish: That may be just my opinion and writing style but it made it feel like characters were simlply speaking in quirks and very little emotion seeped through. ((But dont listen to me I'm high as fuck :trollestia:))

"Can you win a 1-V-5 with nothing but a Dorn's Shield? YES YOU CANTHEON!"

And something tells me that the legal problems for killing a Summoner are nothing compared to tossing a champion out of the entire dimension.
And Ryze will deserve every bit of it for stealing that Penta.

Pretty good. It's a bit sort and tell-y, and the whole "Pinkie breaks the fourth wall" thing was overused long before you made use of it, but aside from that you've got a good, amusing story going here.
Can you still make it better?
:yay:"YES YOU CANTHEON!":pinkiegasp:

I don't know the author, I didn't read the summary, all I know is this is going in my read later list, and ONLY because I have work in half an hour.

I automatically love you unconditionally for making this story. That's right. Magical Freaking Trevor loves you. (Warning: your life may now suddenly seem more fulfilled than previously expected. Do not make any important decisions swiftly in the near future. Allow your mind to come to accept this change, and then, then you may continue to live your life, albeit feeling more fulfilled.)

... Hmm... For some reason, that sounded more arrogant in my head... I must be losing my touch...

( •_•)
They wouldn't happen to be, by any chance...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Total Biscuits of Rejuvination, would they?

Meh, it's like my Pokemon crossover. Crossovers tend to get more attention, especially if it's at LEAST decently written. I have to agree about Pinkie Pie, though. I dislike authors that have to resort to fourth-wall shenanigans, being a Pinkie Pie personality myself. All she needs to be is a bit random. At best, all you need is a friend to go over the story with you and just come up with random stuff to say.

So, when are we all gonna, y'know, exchange names and play? cause I'm feelin like some league marathons today!

PhoenixDash is mine. :flutterrage:Stay outta my bush, you guyss:flutterrage:

Something even I know is that you should not lean on a cake.

"Of course you don't know what to do, silly!" Pinkie interrupted Pantheon again. "That's why you're here, right? To lean how to bake?"

i saw this and died alot inside it was so pretty. icant wait to read this!!:pinkiehappy:


On the inverse of this, as an adc main I'm often the subject of a thresh's ire when in a clusterfuck of a team fight I'm unable to click a lantern. it's mildly irritating to hear "repo cait plz" in /all when their fully stacked Cho was actually standing on top of the lantern

But Pantheon has a secret.
Deep down, has always desired to leave the battlefield behind... to be a baker.

Don't feel bad, Pantheon. The great Zohan wanted to be a hair stylist.

:duck: Silky smooth, motherfucker.

And what is this crossed over with?

Oh, League of Legends. I see. Might maybe want to mention that in the description. Also, I have no idea what the lantern is or why touching it would be a bad idea. And since this guy's kinda-sorta human, maybe a human tag? I have no idea, though, I don't play that game.

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