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It's that time of the month again! NO! Not that time. I mean the time when the mane six have their sleepover where they watch movies, eat pizza and act like fillies. But this time, Twilight may have to pull out at the last minute... (Not like that, you dirty minded *grumbles*)

I'm aware the characters may be off as I wrote this very impulsively in about an hour.

Obviously Three's a Crowd got us all thinking about DiscoLight again, traditionally I ship Fluttercord but I had to make an exception because I needed to see these two together. I'm sick of the teasing, lets get down to some action, huh?
(Sorry, I don't write clop, but I give a good idea of what's going on, or so I think...)

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The years have been unkind to Rarity. She has lost everything. Now, at rock bottom, Rarity searches out her estranged sister Sweetie Belle who is now residing in Manehatten. Unbeknownst to her, Sweetie Belle has totally moved on from her simple life in Ponyville and Rarity discovers that she may not have room in her heart for her big sister any longer...

I'll also add, although it ought to be obvious, this is a pony adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire by the very talented Mr. Williams. But you can expect some glaring differences all the same.

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Pinkie hasn't quite been herself lately and it's starting to effect the other ponies in town. When the Cakes decide to send Pinkie Pie to become a master doughnutier, she may discover something even sweeter than the sugary treats she's learning to make. Will Pinkie find her special somepony?

This is my homage to an unloved couple that deserves some serious attention!

Additonally one of my lovely readers wrote this gorgeous little sequel of sorts to my story called Bundle of Joy, I can never thank you enough Forlong :')

Big thanks to my editor: IcyReader

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Braeburn is tired of being a single hunky stallion. On a visit to see his cousins at Sweet Apple Acres, Braeburn convinces Big Mac to accompany him to an evening of Speed Dating! (Surely the fastest way to catch a mare!)

This is me having a bit of fun and pairing up some unlikely characters. If you don't like Crack Ships like I do, then it's best to turn back now. As this story contains ships I have confirmed are totally original, I have listed some portmanteaus at the bottom to christen them!

**Featuring** Fancy Pants, Flam, Prince Blueblood, Cheerilee, Zecora, Spitfire, Trixie (The great and powerful) and Cherry Jubilee.

Let the speed dating begin!

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War and famine have ravaged Equestria. The nation we once knew is no more. Ponykind has grown fearful and mistrusting of all things new and different. Words no longer mean what they once did. Loyalty has become betrayal and deceitfulness is the new honesty. But is there hope yet for this dismal country? Can harmony arise from discord?

This is a My Little Pony/ V for Vendetta crossover.
Rated teen for violence, there is not much at the moment, but you can anticipate some in the very near future.

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A flutterstalker tale of unrequited love. Or is it? Can Fluttershy win over the Lord of Chaos?

This is a silly little one shot. It's not meant to make sense in terms of anything, it's purely for entertainment.
As this is my first fimfiction, I'd appreciate some feedback if possible! ^.^

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