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Flint Sparks

Who let the dogs out?


Fluttershy abuses her adorable powers in an attempt to seduce Discord. Will she succeed? Probably not.

A collab with Howling Wolves

Now with a Youtube reading!

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This was fucking brilliant! :rainbowlaugh: This needs to be featured.

Edit: And there it is! This defiantly deserves its feature.

Pfft, I wish. :rainbowkiss:

Alas, I shall settle with modesty. :raritywink: I appreciate the compliment and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :raritystarry:

That was too good :rainbowlaugh: awesome story :heart: it :pinkiesmile:

Then she got an idea: an awful idea, an absolutely awful idea.

But did she listen to us? Noooo...
:yay:: Quiet, it was a good idea.
Anyhow, I found this was well-written. I don't normally just pick up random fics from the new story list, ship-fics especially, but this one impressed me with the flawless writing style and use of the characters in ways it's easy to see them act. Well done sir. May have to look into other stories of yours...


I would be very careful when looking at my other stories. I'm... not proud of some of them. :twilightsheepish:

Pretty funny. I had to read this just from seeing the title and description.

Brilliant, Flint. Absolutely brilliant.

3413199>>3413203>>3413226>>3413233>>3413240>>3413309 Thank you for the positive feedback everyone! I really enjoyed working with Flint Sparks and I would totally recommend his other stories. I hope to do many more collabs in the future so who knows what other crazy stuff we might churn out? :derpytongue2:

Ok, this was hil-fucking-larious...

Words can not express how perfect the ending was. I am left to interpretive dances.

It was random!
It was OOC!
It was misspelled!
It was short....
WE LOVED IT! :pinkiecrazy:

I knew it was gonna happen I knew every bit. this was definitely expected after we had in your room about that one line. I knew it.

Shhh.... keep real life out of this. :duck:

Yes but I knew it yes!
And I shall read it because of the ending of the description.

Why do you not have a pony for your profile pic? :pinkiegasp:

OOC, but with true comedy and awesomness. 8/10 friend.

NICE :moustache:

Out of curiosity, which one is OOC? Fluttershy, or Discord? :trollestia:

Because I'm not afraid to show my face on the internet. I have nothing to hide, and I am a marine so come at me.

Well Fluttershy just with the crazed amount of lust, but it is OOC for the Faust version, but that is reality.

I know! :raritywink:
I mean, it's fanfiction so no big deal, right? :applejackunsure:

See than we both have combat training and maybe... Nothing to hide man I shall call Flint on the internet.

I have six years. How much you got? Fight me in real life :trollestia:


Of course!

A good comedy goes great with sexual puns. And fan fiction for mlp is always enjoyable with a little rarrrow:trixieshiftright:

Hey were friends I don't fight friends buddy. But yea I've been doing hapkido for 7 years now but I have to switch the close quarters combat they teach marines. Why are we chatting here just call me?

How about a sparring match sometime
Whoa, what are we doing? I'm a cute and innocent fanfiction writer. :raritydespair: Um, PONIES! PONIES PONIES!! :raritystarry:

Yes you are weak and helpless now aren't you Flint, filled with innocence. Lovely lol. Which reminds me if I am going to have a pony avatar I'm gonna draw it with my SAI tool software because all the good artists I know are busy or lost contact with and than theres nate he won't do it

Anyone know how to bucking select the avatar? i tried and tried, i adjusted the .jpg something and the size...and stuff but still didn't work

Did Fluttershy just force herself on Discord? :twilightoops: :twilightsheepish:

No. Busting down an unbreakable door is impossible, therefore appealing to a master of chaos.



Discord if you aren't going to allow her to be weak and helpless, then she is going to make you weak and helpless.

I love the :yay:.

'Bout 7:39 in the video

Then she got an idea: an awful idea, an absolutely awful idea.

Reference probably not intentional, but if it was, kudos.

I noticed that, too. I even stopped reading so I could find the exact quote.

3414118 well make sure its a purfect circle first and the download it unless its already downloaded if it doesnt appear to change just upload it again it usually works after that for me ... hope that helps.

I know alot of people know of this but might as well post this for 'post'erity *shoots himself*

Sadly Fluttershy it only worked one time

Fluttershy was extremely OOC in this story... BUT I LOVED IT!!! :yay:

Yet another great story From the amazing Flint Sparks!

3415429 well thanks anyway, it worked now, i just resized the picture...again and it worked......btw, like the sword i drew? curious.

about the story...:yay: then :rainbowhuh: then :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

3414898 That was completely intentional. I even imagined Flittershy making a face much like the Grinch during that line :yay::rainbowlaugh:



What's with the ending ?

3415761 Fluttershy got laid! :yay:

That was quite invigorating:moustache:



I know that. I was asking about Cadance and three bags of bits part.

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