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Who let the dogs out?


Gossiping coworkers, giggling ponies, and flustered nerves isn't helping Redheart out in her romantic endeavors. Having a crush on a naive pony doesn't help matters either, even if she is the hottest nurse in Ponyville. After yet another accident, Redheart is forced to make a house call for Ditzy Doo. Hopefully she can stay professional in close proximity with the object of her affections.

Cowritten with TheTobacconist and electreXcessive

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Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of your fanfic reading!

I'm jealous of you! :twilightangry2: You and Afro still have your fanfic readings! :raritydespair:

Hehe, not bad at all.

Quite cute.

~Skeeter The Lurker

No wai! I'm reading your fic right now! And I'm loving it!

SO DON'T YOU GO AND ACT LIKE I DON'T EXIST!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

3421125 And the Twilight's Library approval, that's what I care about! :rainbowdetermined2:

Is it self-serving for me to like and fave this? Probably so, but I'm doing it anyway.

I enjoyed this very much:twilightsmile:

The additions were well thought out and felt in line with the rest of the story. Good job on those, it makes the story read quite a bit better.

Anyway, same as before. I like how you executed this, and it was a good premise.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. :twilightblush: With this story, I've finally finished October's challenge: One-Shotober. I think I'll take a break for a couple days and maybe read something.

~Flint Sparks

NO, KEEP WRITING!!:raritydespair:

Doth mine eyes decieve me, or did our medically inclined heroine give Ditzy a wingboner?
Nevertheless, I implore you to continue.

Moar boar demands moar.

In all seriousness, loved it.




Its actually pretty nice. Was kind of sad that it was just a one shot, it felt a good start for something bigger.

Subject to change.


Quite nice and rather silly. A very fun one-shot. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed it. I really liked your "version" of Ditzy Doo. Makes me think she must have some kind of mental problem in addition to whatever's up with her eyes. And Nurse Redheart had great personification as well. Extremely cute story! Made my night. :heart:

What do we call this ship?

DerpyHeart? DitzyHeart?


T-that's exactly what I said when I was talking about the ship name. :rainbowderp:

This doesn't feel done to me... I'd have liked a second chapter.

Wait a couple days. I wrote 31 oneshots for One-Shotober as part of a challenge. I may continue a few of them once the month's done. :ajsmug:

... dat ending... :ajbemused:

this ending is sooooooooooooo unfair! its to danm good and adorable to end here! what of the chances of their relationship? thats all we get is just one kiss on the check gaaaaaaaaaa not fair! not fair at all!

Adorable. I rather like this ship and salute it. :twilightsmile:

Dude, don't be a twat. If you don't like it, don't read it.

I love Derpy, she is just so awesome.

Going through my To Read list at last, and I think it rude to read without leaving a review, so... :twilightsheepish:

Very cute, and more than competently written, but however I do feel a bit... disappointed? It was sweet, but it didn't really go anywhere. I mean, I didn't expect sex to happen, but the ending didn't really feel like much of an ending at all. Maybe that's what you were going for; it's certainly a change of pace from the "that one magical night where we admitted our feelings for each other" convention. Still, I find myself wanting more. :fluttercry:

I glanced through a few comments and you said you might continue/have continued this one. Did you ever do so? If so, I'd love to be pointed in the right direction. :pinkiehappy:

I have really only one issue with this story, but it's a biggie: The Ending.

The ending was abrupt and didn't resolve anything. Worse, the story doesn't delve far enough into either Derpy or Redheart's motivations to function as a stand-alone vignette. This makes it an incomplete story where little happens, and nothing changes. It's like a single piece of a larger work, and really only functions as such.

It's enough to whet the appetite, but there's no follow up. It was an entertaining couple scenes, and Redheart Doo (Derpyheart?) is a pairing with potential, but the "Complete" tag is a misnomer. This story is really incomplete, and needs at least another chapter or two. :derpytongue2:

That's what I said as well! :rainbowlaugh:
Personally, my vote is for Derpyheart. :derpyderp1:

We wrote this for One-Shotober, a challenge in which writers wrote 31 oneshots in 31 days. I'm sorry it didn't satisfy you, but I had thirty other stories to write in a small amount of time. :pinkiesick:

I want a sequel! :flutterrage:
Seriously, I liked this. I'd love to see what happens next. :twilightsmile:

First of all, this is adorable.
Second of all, :ajbemused:
Please make more. This is too cute to end here!

~Ever :heart:

that wingboner moment

This was adorable. I love your stories, so you get a follow. I hope to see moar on this someday. I approve of this ship (DerpyHart is what I'm going with) keep up the good work. ~:derpyderp2:

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