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Who let the dogs out?


Merry Jinglemas, you horse people fans · 2:40am Dec 24th, 2020

gimme links to your brain vomit

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Horses? · 11:33pm Jun 23rd, 2020

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I'm going over my friend's old story · 2:58am Sep 7th, 2016

She didn't play all the time though. She still loved to experiment with new elements of magic, perform tests with nature’s various plants and mysterious herbs, and she especially enjoyed studying the magic of friendship. Reading books like the one she had in her hooves was a nice way to pass the time as well. However, what she didn't anticipate today was the cyan, rapid blur of a pegasus dashing through her doors. Literally.

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I think it's about time I leave the site · 1:03am Apr 25th, 2016

I was going to wait until my birthday to do this, but I think it's time.

I'm sorry, but I just think I'm done with poni.

If you still want to communicate with me, and yes before you ask I am still writing stuff (just not fanfiction anymore), feel free. Send me your Skype, your Discord, whatever is fine. I'm not cutting all ties, i'm just not all that interested in poni anymore.

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Hot topic issues I've seen lately · 11:29pm Apr 24th, 2016

"transgenders are just confused"

"we don't want transgenders preying on our children!"

"what if our children grow up thinking they're transgender because it's treated as okay?"

Gee, I wonder why that sounds familiar...

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One of the more fun things about writing · 7:02am Apr 19th, 2016

... is naming people you don't like after a character >:D

Guess who just named a villain about to receive a beat-down after their ex-girlfriend*? 3:)

*In case you think this is a case of misogyny, it is a girl vs girl fight. Then again, I don't really think that matters, but if it helps I name male villains after guys I don't like too. I'm an equal-opportunity cynic, don't you forget.

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How to Appear Yandere · 1:28am Apr 15th, 2016

So apparently there's a wikihow article on this very important subject.

Most relatable community Q&A:

Should I get angry if my senpai has a crush on a lead singer of a popular band and makes sexually charged fanfiction about the artist?

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RIP Just finished finals · 6:27pm Mar 18th, 2016

Now it's time for Spring Break and train rides!

Maybe I'll finally get enough writing done to show the folks back home!

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I get most of my writing done on a train · 9:56pm Feb 28th, 2016

If only I could ride on trains every day of the week.

Maybe it's the soothing movement?

Also I'm on a train right now.

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Update on that D&D campaign: · 5:45am Feb 15th, 2016

Now lemme tell you a little story:

The party wakes up to the wizard being poked in the face by a little girl with a stick. Minutes later, a guard comes to pick her up only to lead the escape as a horde of 300 rampaging hookers chase them into the city (with the gate crashing down before the city can be overwhelmed).

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