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Flint Sparks

Who let the dogs out?


Princess Twilight Sparkle, in a bout of anger, flips a table.

This quickly escalates.

Now with a Youtube reading!
Thanks to Captainbron3y

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:rainbowlaugh:Man this was funny!

Ummm...You've somehow managed to capture me on a bad day where I haven't had my meds quite well, actually. That sounds like something I would do if I were an alicorn.

This is amazing. Oh, Celestia, that table!

"Maybe... maybe I should get a new table.

Yes, yes you should.

Also, you should add a final closing quotation mark at the end ^.^

Flint, did you write this based off a true event:trollestia:

Table-flipping sure is fun.

...I admit nothing.

Twilight cackled as she leaped onto her hindlegs, pulling out a Glock 30.


Lovely story!

Wow you actually made it. :rainbowlaugh:

gosh just don't flip out twilight

Stuff like this makes me wonder what kind of drugs (prescribed or otherwise) some authors may be on. But you deserve these:rainbowlaugh::moustache:

I don't know if this is as random as There Can Only Be One! Story

Never heard of it. Didn't know the random tag was a competition.

It was twilights story of her addiction to peaches...it didn't end well.....it was made by TwilightPoopSparkle...have a like and follow and fave....:twilightsmile:

A dark tag for a story about flipping a table. What is this, a table-oriented Butterfly Effect?

well, i liked it

First I was curious about where she got the wrestling mask... and then she got a train...

You got my curiosity, then you got me laughing!:rainbowlaugh:
That....:applejackconfused:... is not easy to do.

And that's how WWE came to Equestria.

~Skeeter The Lurker

About a pony flipping one table

Exceeds over 2,000 words

Seems legit:moustache:

This was fucking PRICELESS!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

... :rainbowderp:

... :rainbowhuh:


All of my yes. All of it, I say! :pinkiehappy:

Note to self: Tables drive people insane.

Table flipping ends up with Twilight gleefully watching Ponyville burn.:pinkiecrazy:
Dark+comedy+random tags ftw!

Eh, I dunno about this one Flint.

There was the opportunity for a lot of great comedy here, but I feel like the execution was a bit meh.

The idea of a self repairing table is pretty novel, and it seems logical to put an enchantment like this on everything. But, I think the story loses some of it's power because of how you started it. We don't get really any comedy in the beginning, and then there is a pretty sudden tonal change. Also, considering that the second half of this story is so short, there wasn't a really great opportunity to build the comedic mood. The biggest problem here is exposition.

Not necessarily a critique, but I just don't find this kind of humor to be funny. I don't know what about it I don't like, but it just didn't appeal to me.

But, on the brighter side of things, I couldn't spot any errors, which is the first time this has happened. Proud of you Flint. :twilightsmile:

I just need an outlet. :pinkiesmile:

Calling it dark after an airstrike destroys the town that apparently has the same enchantments as that table?:trixieshiftright: Well if you say so...

3800199 That it did, that it did.

How much pot does one have to smoke to write something like this?

Pretty sure celestia sent the table to these guys too.

Twilight Sparkle has yet another psychotic episode! Celestia thought that making her a goddess was a good idea why again? :trollestia:

After the first few hundred words, I was cackling like a MANE-iac!

MWAAA-HAHAHAHA, heehee-ha!

You tell me, I just use my imagination.

Now everyone and their mother can flip a table.



My face hurts now.:pinkiecrazy:

I can't quite come up with the words on how to react to this fic. What I do know is that it was damn funny, but I fail to see how the 'Dark' tag applies. :applejackunsure: After all, the show's cannon has delved into more dark territory than this. But that's just me. :twilightsheepish:

I don't know, I just thought that calling in an airstrike on the town was crossing the line a bit. :applejackunsure:

Meh, the teen rating is enough then. :pinkiesmile:

Alt. Title: Why Drugs Are Still Illegal.

That was hilariously random as well as randomly hilarious. Most Excellent.

this is the best. Bucking. story. Ever. XD

Okay. That was funny. She got a train from who knows where. Then a gun. Then an airstrike just to destroy the table. An AIRSTRIKE!!! How in Equestria does somepony get that? I mean, Twilight may be a princess, but still! They don't got nothing to drop bombs with. Or just the bombs, for that matter. Still, funny.

Anypony else imagine Twilight yelling "I LIKE TRAINS!" as she ran over the table? :derpytongue2:

Alt. Alt. Title: This Will Be Colorado Within A Year :pinkiecrazy:

Alt. Alt. Alt. Title: Washington Already Legalized Weed.

3803459 I'm intrigued to know what a story with that title would look like.



Had to do this, I'm sorry.

I don't get the ending.

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