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Flint Sparks

Who let the dogs out?


Lightning Dust blew it. Everything she had worked for, hoped for, bled for: gone. All in a moment of blind bravado that nearly ended up harming innocents. With that weighing on her mind, Lightning Dust seeks to lighten the weight on her shoulders.

She loves to fly, foals need to learn to fly, so what's the harm in teaching the fillies and colts to share the skies?

Dedicated to IJAB, who drew this art piece for me many a moon ago.
Editors: Draconian Soul and SpaceCommie. Really nice guys, but brutal. Talk about tough love. Now go give them some!
Preread by RainbowBob. The Spongebob to my Patrick.

EVNW contest submission.

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Lightning Dust you say? With a stellar cast of prereading and editing? And awesome coverart? And it's by Flint?
You have my attention you glorious bastard.

Is that Cotton Cloudy in the cover image? It's about time best filly got some recognition. :ajsmug:

Edit: Even though Cotton Cloudy wasn't in the story, I still enjoyed it. Lightning Dust is always fun to read. :twilightsmile:

Lightning Dust is really underrated.


Yes! All of the yes! Plus one! :pinkiehappy:

Ah, 4000th fav and it feels so good. :heart:


Loved that ending, man.

~Skeeter The Lurker

4025031 You are what you are in the dark, man. Sometimes you don't have to seek redemption, instead you live it. :pinkiesmile: Lightning Dust obviously isn't a paragon of virtue here, but she's certainly trying. Glad you loved it! :yay:

4025002 I'm so honored. :fluttercry: I will remember this moment forever :fluttershbad:

4024885 Finally glad I wrote something you'd enjoy! :rainbowlaugh: Too many shipfics, I swear!

4024858 no u

4024876 :yay:

4024838 Yes, yes she is. :fluttershysad:

4024834 I agree completely. She was fun to write too. :twilightsmile:

4024831 You flatter me too much, good sir. :fluttercry: Though this story became a whole lot better once my friends looked at it, and hopefully it shows!

Nice story, I like the fact that, for the most part, Lightning hasn't changed much since her appearance in the series. She took some lessons to heart, but it didn't drastically change who she was or anything of that sort. Though, I'm slightly confused as to how a letter of recommendation would get you back into the Academy after being dropped for endangering others. Then again, we are talking about Equestria here...

Anyways, good story, though the idea of getting chalk in your mouth because you have to write with it... Suddenly makes dusting off chalk erasers not seem so bad. :twilightsmile:

Okay, got interrupted halfway through this and just finished. This is a damn fine piece of work. It's got perfect pacing and a style that flows really well, with only a very few exceptions. But the best part is the humility. Sure, Lightning Dust being humble has been done before, and that's worked well in stories. But here, you've managed to write her as a caring pony without changing her personality. She still thinks she's the best and still has the same energy she did in the episode, and all she's done is learned a lesson. You don't have to make her a depressed wreck to regret what she did, and that's a big eye opener for me as a writer. The subtly is what gives this piece it's grace, and if I ever write a story with Lightning Dust, I'll sure pull inspiration from this portrayal. Brilliant.

4025585 Thank you. That was exactly what I was going for and I really hoped I nailed it. :twilightsmile: A problem I've seen in some stories is that the character is overcome with regret, and develops humility for it. Not a bad thing in itself, but some stories tend to rush it. Humility in characters like Lightning Dust needs to be developed slowly, as it contrasts against one of their stronger traits. Even in real life, change has to be persistent to obtained. You can't change yourself on a single whim*, nor should you expect a character to.

*I'm not a psychology major, so I'm going to just say that I wouldn't know for certain.


You're a plenty good writer, Flint. I just disagree with every even-numbered concept. There a few of your stories I do like, and some of these one-shots are fun. The watch does go beyond the 'I know you from IRL' thing, you know. You're doing good. :pinkiesmile:

For some reason I think Dust would decline the offer in order to stay with the foals.

I like stories about a character who's trying to make up for some stupid mistake they've made. They remind me of myself.
Good work, 10/10!:twilightsmile:


I always enjoy a light hearted read, especially when it features Best Underrated Pony.


wow... this event going on for redemption stories, and I actually forget saw her as a bad guy. Irresponsible, showoff'ish, and very proud, but dang, totally didn't cross my mind to check this event for best pony stories! xD

This was pretty awesome. I would of loved it to be longer, maybe a sequel or something, but it's just a lot of fun. Also, Cotton Cloudy in the pic won some extra points of adorableness.

Lightning Dust now gets to leave the foals behind to pursue her dream... you know, not like she'll miss the foals or anything. She made an awesome instructor.

Great job Flint, hope you do more Lightning Dust stories again someday. <3

Author Interviewer

Coming into this, with all that I've been reading for this contest, I was expecting a lot of emotional manipulation, but everything felt genuine. Good job, this is a redemption story that actually works.

It's not pride ya pussy! It's love damnit! Love I tells ya! :yay:


This was adorable! Great story !!

Very nice. This is a solid redemption fic. You've already got her moving well down the path and this simply helps solidify how she's changed. Bravo.

4458706 That means a lot, you know. :rainbowkiss:

Sequel demanded...

P.S. I am proud to be the 99th Like this story has.

She can do both.
Rainbow has more than one Job, too.

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