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Flint Sparks

Who let the dogs out?


Immortality comes with a hefty price. Stuck in this miserable, lifeless body I'm forced to endure many years in silence and isolation. The only thing I have to look forward to is a pony who insists on talking to me, even if I cannot hear her. I am a dragon, an immortal, the one who died for the one I loved. Who is this mare?

Perhaps her words will reach me someday.

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You might want to recheck your title.

You've got one too many words in the the title. See what I did there?

Yes, but my internet connection screwed up and I'm trying to change it... :facehoof:

Heartbreaking. I do wonder about the time it took for Twilight to find her replacement, and I would love to see teen (?) Spike's adventures before Rarity's wedding.

This is one of my first attempts at sad, but that sounds like a tragedy in the making. :fluttercry: I'll consider writing it... :twilightsheepish: Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:


3351639 Twi is gonna be pissed on the other side to find out she abandoned him there. I fear for the poor grim reaper.

3351677 Rainbow Death is in for an ear full I assure you! Still this story is sad. Good but damn. I need to just block the sad tag. It digs into my own work when I'm sniffling at all these nicely written cryfests.

Oh you. :rainbowkiss:

I had an alternate ending, but didn't post it. Would that make you happy? :duck:

3351700 Nah, I leave it to the authors to do whats best for their work. I can complain and moan all I want but to put it simply. Your work is your own. I like it as is and you shouldn't change it to fit someone else's vision.

Oh so you did go with that ending, cool beans! :pinkiehappy:

* wipes tear away * That was beautiful.....

inb4 You get featured, I hate you! STOP BEING A BETTER WRITER THAN ME!:fluttercry:

The chapter... 'Only the begining'
*Looks down*
Why you lie? :trollestia::pinkiesad2:

Why is the chapter titled "Only The Beginning"? Does that mean a possible follow up?

Don't worry, I don't think I'll get featured. :applejackunsure: Oh and only five away from you...
3352467 3352460
This is a standalone story, but that doesn't mean I won't revisit it. I'm doing One-Shotober, so I have to move on for now. Once I'm done in a couple weeks, I might continue something along the lines of this. :duck:
What do you want to see? The past, or the future of Spike?

you made all the baby dragons cry!
Its a great tearjerker.
Twilight should have taken him with her like she always did, but that is a personal opinion.
Don't change a thing. :yay:

poor Spike, poor Twilight... :fluttercry:

:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2: sorry spike we all loved u but I will visit u i'm immortal as well and it hurts too

wow. good work.

Being stuck in one's own dead body would be hell on earth.

Thus the curse of immortality. :raritydespair:


There is only one word i could utter for this... epic.

This made me cry... And not the manly dramatic tears either.

3353381 I'd like to write a story with this general idea. Is it ok with you?

Being stuck in your dead body? :rainbowhuh:

Just making sure.

And nice work on this one. Lots of feels.

3354171 Yes. I have one planned with Celestia. :twilightoops:

This story is really deep, however it is also inspiring for people to live their lives as the best that they can. To use the time that they have.

I am amazed with your writing, how you described it, and the feelings of them both along the way.

Great story, really loved it.

You could do that, but it will only use the general idea. In this story, it's implied alicorns simply 'disappear.'

Urgh, Flint, you have stabbed me in the heart with feels... is this the dark spell twilight spoke of? Shall I too now lie dead for millennia, only feeling the pain of sadness from this story?

I can do that, I guess.


Love the story, you continue to amaze.

A little piece music that helped me really enjoy this story.

3351643 He might end up following after her, if it is that her very presence was the thing that actually held him to the world.

Though that really was irking that spike still pined after rarity even after she shattered his heart with the marriage to another, he should have noticed Twilight. but I guess he was still too clouded by his draconic instincts to realize the world around him properly.:applejackunsure:

3356368 Tunnel vision is a bitch.

Oh, that was gorgeous. I yearn for the entirety of the story, but I know that I would only be let down. In this case less really is more. It's better to let my own mind fill in the gaps; that is the glory of a one-shot; and this is a glorious one-shot.

3357881 Your thoughts on this whole thing? I kinda like the horrid soul rending it ends on.

3357888 I find it intriguing, also i see it as a case ad point that sparity really is a bad ship. Cadence really has a hard time trying top help love blossom in all of the right places.:facehoof:

anyway It was interesting and I found analyzing it to be somewhat delightful.:twilightsmile:

3357901 I just had a fun read. I don't see Rarity as meaning anything bad by it. She probably thought of it as a crush and tried, in her own slightly selfserving way, to get Spike over it. Twi being Twi would drop what she saw as huge hints but everyone else would be clueless about. And then the saddness...

Looks like you two learned the lesson, among many. :twilightsmile: Enjoy life to the fullest, don't dwell on the past, and always look to the future while keeping your head in the present.

Thank you very much for reading this. I didn't know it would turn out so well. :pinkiesad2:

3357911 my lesson is to enjoy life and not let the past cloud your future but help give it clarity.:twilightsmile:

This was good but something about the ending felt abrupt and knock me out of the real sad teary feeling I was getting

It was either that or a deus ex machina. I did my best. I'm doing One-Shotober, so that means thirty-one short stories by the end of October. I'm sorry you didn't like it :raritydespair:

I really did like the story I thumbs it up just the "goodbye" *poof-gone* felt abrupt to me

I had a different ending, but it felt contrived. Better to keep it simple :duck:

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