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Beep boop, son. Beep boop.

Hey everything ok? I haven't got a text back so was just wanted to check up on you.

Surprisingly I'm in a good mood. I guess I have you to thank for that. Anyways thanks.


And it's going to continue to go on until you learn to shut your damned mouth and fucking learn. What you are doing is continuing the cycle of negativity by constantly holding this up there for all to see. Let it go, grow a pair and deal with it. You're going to have to deal with these thumbs down and take them. You don't whine about them. You don't say that it isn't fair. You don't continually beat a dead horse in the vain attempt to make yourself look better in their eyes because it's not going to happen. You need to show that you're above it and if they continue, let them.

I have... I know your trying to help but please keep it below PG-13. I rather not resort to language if possible.

What you don't do is make a blog post saying, "go ahead and thumb down my comments all you want, I don't care anymore" because that is going to rile them up. No. You just drop it and deal with it.

I'm not that stupid. I know not to do that so don't worry about it.

A whole couple of days? Wow. That must have been really tough on you to have to leave this place for a couple days. Why if everybody knew of the sacrifice you made they'd surely take back all the nasty things they said about you. And before you say anything, that was sarcasm.

Ok... I'm going to level with you here and say this. Sarcasm doesn't help you in this case. If anything, it makes you come off as an A:yay:hole. I know that isn't your intent but that's what your showing. It is as you stated, "Actions speak loader then words".

*SIGH* I need to ask something and I'm not asking this to be rude or to make you feel bad or anything but are you autistic? Doesn't matter if you are, I'm not saying anything bad about it or those with an autism spectrum disorder, but you seem to have this need to be "right".

Yes but that was years ago and even if it was still in place, it holds no ground so lets drop it.

You're not explaining yourself so much as just making excuses.

No comment.

And let's not forget you are the one that threatened to destroy Elric and generated a lot of drama from there. That much drama, and the subsequent fallout, is pretty much where we are today and it takes more than just you saying you want it over with to stop it.

.I'm aware of that. I'm not stupid. I already apologize for that after the 1st ban. since you didn't see it, I won't hold it against you

Like it or not, even if you don't see yourself as such, you are in the wrong here.

Never said I wasn't. I said I was in the wrong but so where they. Please think it though a little more before saying such comments because it comes off as close-minded.

No, you are definitely in the wrong here. And all that you've written here shows that you still don't get it

Your missing the point but I'm not here to argue.

Fimfiction and the readers here don't owe you anything so stop trying to make it out like they do.

Your putting words in my mouth. I never once said they did nor was I trying to imply that. Think it though and see it from a different POV before coming to that conclusion.

And, just a friendly word of advice, using terms like "nopony" instead of "nobody" is generally seen as being stupid. I'd eliminate that if I were you.

That was my bad. It's a force of habit. If it bothers you, I'll stop it but I can't promise I won't elsewhere.

We'll see but I'm having a hard time believing you. Actions speak louder than words. Show everybody that you've changed

I think a few users would like to talk to you about that.

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