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Princess Celestia is weak, ill, and older than her appearance would suggest, so she calls up Princess Twilight to discuss some matters that have arisen from the situation.

Nothing is forever, after all.

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Love you more than everything
Loved it more than anything
Loved everything more than anything~

I just realized it's a shit ton of groups made with you in mind!:twilightoops:

That last word Celestia spoke is where I failed at holding it together.
God, the feals!

3966404 muh emotion

3966548 :heart:

3966529 yeah
is weird

:pinkiesad2: No words need to be said.

And so Celestia entered her eternal sleep,
And Equestria's civilians all did weep,
For the Princess who they did adore,
For now she was gone, she was no more.

Celestia awakened in an afterlife dream,
Her soul ventured into the Life stream,
And into the unknown did the alicorn fly,
She turned her head, said her final 'Good-bye'.

A tear she shed for those left behind,
Such happy memories still in her mind,
One day they'd be together again, she knew,
And so, with a smile,
To the other side, the alicorn flew.

- UniqueSKD

A poem for a fantastic writer named Regidar who wrote this fucking amazing story of feels.

God, you fucking rock, Regidar...

3966711 >that feel
twas beautiful :pinkiesad2:

3966643 just how I like it :twilightsmile:

3966763 Yes, but my poem didn't do enough justice for a story that was perfection in a nutshell. Personally, I feel I insulted your writing with my shoddy mess of lyrics.

Also, I believe this is how exactly things would play out if Celestia was nearing her end. You captured the scene beautifully. If someone doesn't make an animation based on this, they're fuck-tards.

You deserve every single last view and praise for this.

Now, excuse me while I go hunt a homeless person down and take his heart. You drained mine of all its feels, and I need another one in case you or one of my Followers writes a story with as much feeling as this one.

(grabs combat knife and heads out)

*Pulls up shirt and points to hole in chest*

You see this?!? YOU SEE THIS?!?!?!


Stories with this theme have been done before. Celestia's dying, Twilight's sad, what have you. But rarely in those stories is Celestia trying to kill herself, and even more rarely is suicide pulled off in a story without going too far down into grimdark-ville. You hit it out of the park on this one.

Now I will go sit on my back porch and think about things for a while... :pinkiesmile:
Nice one.

3966831 I'm sorry :fluttershysad:

3966834 >there's one thing you can't lose
>it's that feel


A life well-lived, she laid her head,
Upon a pillow of feathery down,
Death felt warm, not cold, to the alicorn,
Her lips curved into a smile

Surrounded was she by those she loved,
And even here on her death-bed, loved still,
They wept great floods as they began to mourn,
But Celestia continued to smile

She spoke words of wisdom to each of them,
Raised their spirits high one last time,
She gulped down her final breath of life,
And she left the world, but with a smile.

- UniqueSKD


3966865 heheh, thanks.

3966863 Yeah. If you're gonna take a tired concept out, might as well paint it a different color. :heart:

Even in her last moments, Princess Celestia retains her grace. Even though their dearest Princess of the Sun is dead and gone, her memory will carry on through the ages. They'll never forget her beauty, her wisdom, or the unending love she had for her citizens. She will live on, if not in body, then in the hearts of everypony in Equestria. Goodbye, dearest Celestia, and may your rest be peaceful.

Beautiful work, by the way. Just the right amount of feels; not overwrought, but not underplayed, either.

:raritydespair:Why would you do this to my feelings?

There was a blog you made a little while back. It talked about how you felt like you were a "novelty," and that people on this site didn't take you seriously.

After this... I think you've sufficiently proven yourself wrong. And if anyone didn't take you seriously before, then they sure as hell should start.

Nicely done.

“The tea sounds lovely, Twilight,” Princess Celestia said, her soft smile ever-present. “Pennyroyal, if you don’t mind.”

This actually made me choke. No kidding. Fantastically done, with a new take on a tired concept to boot!

3966935 and though you're broken and defeated
your weary widow marches on :heart:
thank you :twilightsmile:

3966948 I did what I had to

3966971 you have no idea how much that means to me
thank you :pinkiesad2:

3966987 choke from laughter, or... :unsuresweetie:

3966992 >that feel
thank you :heart:

"And tought you are dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on...
We'll carry on"

Regidar, welcome to spot #8 of my all-time favorites. This is the only story in the top ten that's a one-shot.

This was a wonderfully sad piece, and even though i didn't tear up, a slash was still rended unto my chest, slicing my heart in two. In other words: 'That feel, bro.'

It takes a long time, but God dies too.

Is the Title a Pixies reference?

3967050 >those Black Parade feels

3967188 hehe, glad I could worm my way there :heart:

3967262 quite.

3967416 Modest Mouse :rainbowwild:

THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE FEELS, MAN!


You see, it's fics like this that make me piss blood.


A Modest Mouse title reference, and a Nevermind name-drop to boot.

You have done well on this day. I would post a Cobain gif, but I'm fairly sure you have seen them all.

That last line hurt my feels.

3967825 you see, the name of the chapter is In Heaven Everything's Alright which is the chorus to In Heaven (The Lady In The Radiator Song) from the David Lynch movie Eraserhead which the Pixies would cover live. Surfer Rosa by the Pixies was Kurt Cobain's favorite album.

I still love Modest Mouse, though.

Comment posted by akarock deleted Feb 19th, 2014

REGIDAAAAAAR, you made me feel! Too much feel, too much feel! :raritydespair:

when does this story take place? when twilight's 800 years old? just curious
btw, this is an awesome and emotional story, thank you 4 writing this, i really liked it:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:


Dammit Regidar. You made me feel again.

Great job!

You'll be the last to die. :pinkiecrazy:

I really hope there is a Sequel to this. Every life has a beginning and it's inevitable end, it would seem an Alicorn's life is not as immortal as most if not all of those ponies thought it to be. :fluttercry: *Insert RE3 Credit Theme Here*

3968509 Actually, only a few years past current show date (S4), Apple Bloom and Zecora are both still alive.

3968554 I personally feel like I'd only fuck up this story with a sequel

either of you are free to write one, though.

3968362 >eraserhead
>modest mouse
>knowing cobain's favorite music
can I marry you

3967825 where did I place the Nevermind name drop?

3966914 That's the best way to handle one.


Also, I believe this is how exactly things would play out if Celestia was nearing her end. You captured the scene beautifully. If someone doesn't make an animation based on this, they're fuck-tards.

Animation takes time and skill
and money
and time
and skill
fuck that stuff
it'd be super cool if that did happen though

i... i....


*cuddles second-best son*

3970146 *cuddles best mom* DON'T TELL MY MOM I SAID THAT

It's okay, Dancer

we'll be with you until the very end as well :pinkiesad2:

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