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There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

praise her

pretty straight forward description their regidar....

You magnificent bastard.

Your writing is so bipolar... One moment you're writing a ridiculous comedy with random morals, and then you write something like this...

...I luv it.:pinkiehappy:

Maybe her dreams are influenced by all those books she reads. I think that they are basically acid for her.

This reminds me of how little Twilight and her friends scream...of fear

Is there a horrified "Goddamnit Regidar!" GIF instead of a mad one?

Neat story. I like the ending.

3778034 If there isn't, there should be.

Goddamit Regidar.

Final destination that shit.

Your stories used to be super swag² srsly wert heppen??/?1!/?

I like this, but I felt the psychological horror within the dream could have been a bit stretched out more.

Wow, Regi, you've come a long way. This was actually pretty darn good, especially considering how short it is. :yay:

Despite distractions, me like.

Now write.

Goddamn, dude.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was amazing, really well written. It gave me goosebumps!

3778356 thank you!
3778016 that's why I never read books

This event recollection (which I am not calling a story) is pointless in the sense that it doesn't actually carry a theme, convey a message, expand on a character or really do anything in particular, yet it still carries a "complete" tag. Why is this?

Yes, Twilight has nightmares. Your writing style isn't bad, but these nightmares are entirely unexplained, leaving the reader to wonder what exactly he or she just read. Throughout the fic (which is so short I could have missed it if I blinked) she's just talking to Spike while your narrator goes on a little tangent about how she's having nightmares. The first half of this has a chronic case of tell-don't-show which is horribly unsatisfying.

The second part, the dream itself and her waking up, equally conveys nothing. She just gets her organs ripped off her and this entity apparently wants more of it. For no psychological or emotional reason whatsoever. These dreams just so happen to target her because it would be cool to do that.

I like what you could have done here—that is, write a story about Twilight's psychological issues that led to these dreams and propose (and you would even have to follow through with) a solution—but the problem is, you didn't. What you did was make 1.3k words of an excerpt that makes no sense.

Not your best, Regidar.

3778380 your fault here was expecting something good from me

I had a feeling I'd get a few comments like this, and you are absolutely right— but when I was trying to do here was write something short and horror-based, seeing how little I could take of an idea and make a story from. If you felt like it was pointless, it's because it was, in a sense. Still, it was something I enjoyed writing, and others enjoyed.

What I guess was attempted here was that sort of "nothing is scarier" vibe. The sort of feeling you get from knowing nothing, and being terrified as a response.

I'm sorry you didn't like it.


If it's any consolation, you succeeded in what you were trying to do. It's the lack of all other elements that I don't like. But as I said, it is at least written mostly well for what it is.

It's good you enjoyed writing it. You should always like your own work. If you don't like it, don't write it.

3778408 I might expand on this later, but the thing is, I never intended this to be a "twilight is losing her mind" fic. I had tried to make this a "bad shit is going down and no one can stop it" (along with "nothing is scarier"). So the elements you may have been searching for were most likely never intended to be entered here.

Regi, do you have split personality disorder, or do you just juggle the Andrew WK and William Shakespeare halves of your brain?

3778501 I like to think I can turn on and off certain idea flows.

Those are the kind of dreams you learn to accept. You have to or you'll go mad.

You embrace the chill of your spine, the erratic beating of your heart, and vertigo as you fall, even as your toss and turn under the sheets and sweat bullets into your pillow.

There's nothing you can do. Dreaming of your demise is like a seizure. You aren't in control and you have to wait it out.

You know you won't die so you learn to accept it, even as it happens every night. You learn to calm down and what was once a big deal becomes the norm. It comes to the point where you can simply shrug it off like water off a duck. You're own death becomes a mundane thing.

So when the real thing comes for you when you're awake, does the adrenaline rush through your veins, setting your body ablaze with the desire to survive? Or are you numb to it and stand there awkwardly and gawk as you get rended limb from limb?

Were you foolishly thinking you were dreaming, sleeping awake?

Maybe you've gone mad despite your efforts.

Or did you even give a damn about your own life in the first place? Did you care to live anymore?

You've embraced your killer like a beloved lover you never had and it's the greatest feeling in the world.

It's obvious that Regidar is biwinning. They're the true winners.

Why do you feels me so

I'm glad I got to read this. Short, simple, and thoughtful. A good break from crack comedy. :twilightsmile:

Nice, man. I enjoyed it. Good work with something so short.

My heart is pounding. Whatever you hoped to achieve, you've earned it. Nice work. If a pony had thumbs, they'd be up.

Whoa. Holy shit, man. That went from bad dreams to cosmic horror in an instant. I don't see nearly enough good "nothing is scarier" stuff around here, nor do I see enough good cosmic horror. This story is weird in a good way, and just confusing enough to be intriguing. What's up with The Next? Why is Twilight having this problem? Are others having these dreams? This story raises so many questions, but I have to wonder if one might lose their mind if they were to find the answers.

Wait, I think this might count as Weird Fiction, which I also don't see nearly enough of around here. Nice. The only problem I would have with this is that it's so short. Then again, I don't really know where one could go with this story from here. And, exploring what all of this means could be detrimental to the horror. In other words, I guess it's pretty great the way it is. Well done.

I like it, but it's not scary. It has an ominous feel, but not a scary one. But it has a good premise. That you can never go to sleep. While it has been done before, I feel that it is done well here, but it falls too short. If you're aiming for a short horror story, a good word cap would be around 2-4k words. (I wouldn't know anything larger, since I've never done anything larger). This is a wonderful idea that is brilliantly executed, but it falls short in length and in depth. I would love to see it expanded more, but if not, I understand.

To be honest, I usually don't read short short horror stories like this one because of the fact that they're either badly written, or they fall short of being amazing due to length. I'm still happy I gave this a read though.

That was a very interesting thrill ride.

3778792 hehe, thank you!

3778838 The briefness was supposed to extend the feeling of "Nothing Is Scarier". Along with my recent reading of "The Thing On the Doorstep and Other Weird Tales", I had been hankering to write a sort of cosmic Lovecraftian story. I'm glad I've whetted your appetite with questions, however... :pinkiecrazy:

3778868 Well, as stated above, I just wanted to see if I could make a very short horror.

3778951 no u

3778986 nope, sorry. Just a fart.

3779488 I'm sorry
let her into your dreams

praise her

3779459 We all went to heaven in a little rowboat...

It's like eating a rich, dark chocolate cake made of evil and despair. You write these like no one else, even when they aren't technically finished. Makes me wanna go make a survival-horror game.

3779921 great now I'm hungry

Actually, oddly enough, I did dream last night (a :raritywink: for me). It was about a girl I used to go to school with, though, and it wasn't exactly PG-13. If only it had been Twilight Sparkle letting the world end, I would feel much better today. :facehoof:

I also slept far less hours than I usually do, leading to my inadverdently being a little late to work. Thanks, Regidar. :trixieshiftright:

There is one of those. It's called My Little Foundation: Containment is Magic. Youtube's got a few good videos of it. :pinkiesmile:

EDIT: Like this one!

I don't know what to think about this.

I feel empty inside.


Damn... between you and IceboxFroggie, you two have creeped me the fuck out!


3785494 she dreams of neither
I have no idea how you reached this conclusion


Holy that was creepy. Yet I've done it. *sighs*

So, what was this story? She dreamt of dying the first part, that I got, but what's the second? Dying again?

Excellent! I always enjoy your more outlandish, less serious stories, but as I've mentioned before, I truly appreciate your ability to write in a range of genre; Hospice, for example, is turning out wonderfully. You're well on your way to being a superb horror writer, as you seem already quite adept in psychological horror. What I'm saying is, you've got potential, and plenty of it. Keep up the great work!

I must also add, however, that in this case, I agree with LunaUsesCaps a bit; explanation and background information would pull the reader further into the story. Perhaps explaining events leading up to the story setting, such as when the nightmares began. Perhaps an overview of Twilight's psychological state, or further detail following her increasing fatigue and psychological decay (just examples, ideas that could have been used). These things would have pulled the reader further in, made them truly comprehend the horror at the end when her nightmares and torment suddenly began to shift into reality, and I surmise it would have had a rather chilling effect. There's still work to be done, but you and this story have plenty of potential, as I've said. I'm hoping to see more and more of it over time as you grow further as an author.

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