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What would be of the mare who wanted more?


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This came from a prompt that I was given to write with ages ago, but I kinda lost sight on what the story was about halfway through. So, I rewrote a few paragraphs and changed the direction, and here we are! I wanted to explore Celestia's relationship with her guards in a non-sexual way, seeing as there are so few stories about it. I think my original idea had something to do with alternate universes and Celestia wanting to leave Equestria or some shit, I can't remember.

Celestia SoL story? I'm damn game, dude.

This was nice, I feel good inside for reading it. :pinkiesmile:

done, I cans till tell



Nightmare Moon;to

2854367 What are you doing here?! Just the other day, it said you were banned! What happened?

Yet another story... And it isn't clop!

Actually, it's not bad.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2854414 Oh, OK. The people I've seen banned did stuff to get banned are banned permanently. I had almost forgotten about temporary bans...

>“It’s Pennyroyal.”


2854421 It was just spam on a site blog with a friend.

We normally do that on our blogs rather than other people's blogs.

This was pretty decent for what it was.

2854425 Of all the places to do it. Considering it's your own blog, it doesn't make sense that it's illegal, you know? Other people's sure, I get that.

2854427 I shall be spamming you with any needed corrections. :rainbowkiss:

2854428 It was only illegal due to doing it on a site blog of knighty's.

Basically, ignorance at it's finest.

2854431 Typical knighty. No offense to anyone who is a fan of him, but...he's a huge hypocrite.

2854438 I don't blame him for banning us both.

2854441 I guess when you look at it: spamming on HIS site does give him the right to do that.

2854438 Not really. He doesn't go around spamming our blogs.

2854455 I don't mean it in that way. I mean he's a hypocrite in that he doesn't like NSFW images, and yet, he's the most famous clopper in the brony community! (IMO)

I have sense stopping being so hard

Last one I saw.

I loved this little one-shot.

I can now imagine a teen-Celly with braces thanks to you.

2854460 I would imagine that would be one of the NSFW artists such as Tiarawhy.

2854463 Thanks!

2854465 No problem. :moustache:

I'd at least like to get something productive done.

2854465 You think Tiarawhy is a bigger clopper than knighty?

2854467 More famous. Far more famous. Also, I probably clop more than knighty, and there's most likely someone else out there who clops more than me.

2854426 The words every artist yearns to hear.

2854469 Oh, well, I've actually never heard of Tiarawhy, so I had to ask. But I'll look him/her up and see if I can't find something dirty in his closet, hehehehe.

I had not expected this from you Regidar, not from one of your blog posted stories...
It was good, rushed to hell but good (based on the many errors), its nice to see you working to a style that isn't completely ridiculous... not that I don't like ridiculous! :pinkiehappy:

2854481 Well, there's obviously something out there like clopart that he's drawn, or something like that.

2854483 Well, as I said, s/he's pretty famous for the clopart and clop animations s/he does.

Comment posted by Stygian359 deleted Jul 10th, 2013

Very well Regidar!
I shall read your serious story and then I will make judgement, till then I revoke my previous declaration towards you style of writing!

But be warned...

I will judge it accordingly and not by the standards of humor alone that I have given to you so far. You may just regret your decision... my little twisted friend! (A Darth Sidious emoticon would serve me well here... sigh...)

2854534 I await the swift judgment of my stories.

clop sequel incoming

2854504 Hey, this is totally random, but my brother and I were wondering: is your name pronounced regidar like rej-idar? Or, regi-dar? It's hard to say this online without voice, but maybe you get what I'm saying?

2854705 it's pronounced regi-dar. Like Reg= rhymes with keg, the same pronunciation of "I" that you hear in "fish", and dar= rhymes with car.

2854726 Thank you for clarifying. I had always referred to you as reg=keg regidar, but recently I began to think that maybe I was pronouncing it wrong...Hahahaha!

2854740 Due to how the english language is constructed, it should actually be Rej-idar, but since I'm argumentative and stubborn, I pronounce it the other way. Either way is fine, I just hold the correct incorrect way up.

Jesus what is wrong with you?

2854755 Down with the grammar system, WOOOOH!

2854770 Nothing. I just wanted to see if there really WAS a clopper more famous than knighty. Turns out, Tiarawhy actually IS more famous than knighty....

2854770 irk

2854773 *Pronunciation system


but my brother and I were wondering

Why was your brother wondering? Is he on the site as well?

2854778 Yeah, Onyxjew. He was a little confused on that subject, too.

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