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Equestria has been destroyed by war, and is now a vast wasteland. However, Lyra Hearstrings managed to ustalise human technology to save many from death, and now the population of this post apocolyptic wasteland is booming! Four ponies have set out to find the fabled Ruins of Canterlot, where wealth, fame, and power await those who find the ruins.

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First! Borderlands crossover, what could go wrong? Pinkus Kincaid, Cloptraps, Twilight-Mordecai with Owlysius-Bloodwing, I like where this is going so far.

832244 I'm Putting more up soon, so stay tuned!

832310 Glad you liked!

i was thinking of doing this a while ago :rainbowkiss:
glad someone did it :twilightsmile:

edit: i read that all in marcus's voice :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: i am liking this so far

I've thought about the scenario before, and I still like Rarity as the Siren, but I can understand giving the role to Fluttershy.
I also casted Spike as Marcus, but Pinkie certainly has the humor to fit him just fine. I'll have to keep an eye on this and see where it goes.

This is genius. Good job so far! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

OOOOHHHHHHHH, this is gonna be goooooooood:pinkiehappy:

You start something new and exciting, with a very large chance of being very successful. Please for the love of Celestia don't mess this up, I want to see this story get up there with the big leagues. Longer chapters and plenty of action, plus with a splash of romance on the side. One stallion with three mares as teammates and something is bound to happen.

832402 Glad you like it, I'll get some more up as soon as possible!

832437 Thank you!

832511 I'm glad you do!

832521 I would hope so! I'm giving the role of siren to rarity in Bordermares 2 if I get that far, and Spike will also make Bordermares 2 as well.

832613 Thank you!

832708 You're Welcome!

832763 I'm glad you think so! I'll try and get a new chapter up soon! :rainbowwild:


Hehe, I'll try not to screw it up! I chose Borderlands because it is vertually unexplointed, pony wise. I am probably going to keep romance out of this, but who knows? I could change my mind and add it to pep it up a bit :pinkiehappy:


Don't worry, we'll all be here to support you and cheer you on. I think you should do some romance, if just to keep things spiced up a bit. I mean come on, it's Big Mac. How in Equestria are those three going to resist him?

Too short but a great start.

832958 I might put in a few references, but the whole reason Big Mac in there is to look for Applejack. Keeping close to the theme of Brick trying to find his sister.

833012 I'll be putting up more soon!

Impressive, when I first saw this I thought only of how one might buck it up, but now...


Regarding what you said about boardermares2. Who would you put as handsome Jack? i mean nightmare or discode would be ok, but i think Trixie would be better. she's selfish, greedy and boastful just like jack. and she has a flare for style. i mean what jack did to the moon is style, and its something i think trixie would do to get notice.

I am favoring this so DON'T SCREW IT UP!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Woo, borderlands crossover. I used to play this game all the time with 3 of my xbox buds. Ah, those were the good ol' days. Is borderlands 2 out yet?

833076 Jeez, so much pressure! But I'll try not to buck it up!

833258 Trixie is going to be the subject of Mad Trixie's Underdome Riot.

833277 Jeez, again, the pressure! Ok, I'll try not to mess it up!

833291 80 days!

Pretty good, if a little rough around the edges. Maybe try and find a proofreader?

(and yes, I read it all in Marcus' voice as well. And I heard all the music in my head too. I play this game too much)

Also, did you do you own cover art? I like it - a great blend of the two art styles.

834380 Lol, sure! You can proofread it and I'll fix it.

And I do not own the cover art, original here: http://fav.me/d4ifrv4

Sure, it's late at night but I might as well. I did some editing too, to improve flow or break up some awkward phrasing. Look 'er over and use it or not, your call.

As an FYI, Owlysius is based on a real name, spelled Aloysius. Dunno if you wanna spell it your way, or base it more on the real spelling, like I did.


Ain't no rest for the wicked and all that. I'm keeping an eye on this. Also, Twilight is best Mordecai

834478 Ok, thanks! I think I'll keep Owlysus spelled as he is, because I'm lazy XD And because I think that spelling looks cool.

834613 I will, thank you.

834841 Glad you think so. And I get a lot of that.
Well, I'm glad it's "Keeping an eye on" worthy!

I expected more story, but this was interesting.


Is Crawmerax going to be in this? How bout moddded weapons? Will there be modded shields too? Are pearlesents going to be in the story like the Jackobs Bessie? Will the pearlesents weapons be held by main bad guys in the story, other than the bosses with specific weapons like Kroms Sidearm, ? Can my lv69 Hunter carrying a Shredder Shredder sniper that does 885x5, Shattering Basterd machine-gun that does 554, Patrol SMG that does 227x5 (fire rate is 27 :P), and a grenade launcher that does 6608x3 be in the story? Is there going to be mulitplayer cause I got a mod that has find rare items +3?

1 word before i read.... UPDATE :D :moustache:

After i realize what it is. Update! :rainbowlaugh:

838053 Lol, story will come! Just be patient!

838080Hmm... unsure of what to think of this.

The answer to the weapons and stuff, would be no, because in the interest of story, there won't need anyone to know about mods. And as for your character, no, I'm afraid he cannot go into the story either. If you have an oc you want to join, however...

838198 Well, glad you enjoyed!


i do have an oc squee~

can he be in it? Just name him Gypsy /)^3^(\ he's a sniper by the way, but can the sniper be the jackobs skullmasher? Anyways just colorize anyways you want him and any personality you can imagine:rainbowkiss:

840560 Got it, I'll probably give him Krom's position!

I would not be suprsied if Trixie is head of Crimson Mane. She has the same attitude as Steele


in the words of Scooter "THIS GON' BE SWEET!!"

841703 Lol, you'll see where I put Trixie...

841795 Damn right!


Wait, are OCs being accepted?


actually Steele is head of D Company 3rd Starborne Brigade that was in charge of Pandora, but after she went to shit another branch (a higher one) of the Crimson Lance one lead by General Knoxx. And Knoxx possibly isn't even the only general. Another thing is General Knoxx has a superior which I might add is literally a 5 year old. Also the Atlas company owns the Crimson Lance. No one knows who actually is the HEAD of the Crimson Lance, but if just looking at General Knoxx I can imagine him or her being a warship the size of a planet or less maybe. Though I don't know whether or not Knoxx is low in the ranks of the Crimson Lance, they never specify where he is. Although thinking about the sheer size of the Borderlands universe, they mention numerous planets meaning that the Crimson Lance must be something equal to the Imperial Fleet from Starwars, but then what would Atlas be compared to? Dayum.

Lulz the more you know? And yeah Trixie kinda is like Steele.

841969 Indeed, all though all the spots are now full. Sorry.

Although a friendly NPC may pop up for you to take the place of.


Meh, sure. Just wish I knew that sooner. Ah well, let me know when one of those spots is open

846994 Lol, that was the idea! A Pinkie Marcus! Horrible abomination or epic combination? You decide!

And why resist the urge? Give in and play...

Thank you for the update this late in the night! As always, great job!

848703 Lol, it's probably waaaaay later where you are. I live in maui.

So what did you think?

848710 yea as of right now it's 2am... :)
But it was Worth it! Borderlands is such a great game, and this just brings back nostalgia of playing for the first time with my freinds! I was also wondering, do you need any pre-readers? :twilightsmile:

Few spelling and capitalization errors... MOAR! :pinkiecrazy:

Very nice chapter, its not a ripoff of the game itself you stay manage to stay original, that is worth a stash :moustache:
I also agree with the person above me about Borderlands and i was also wondering if you would need pre-readers, would love to help ya out.

if you're going to do the whole game I think you should just stick to the plot important quest and if you want some side quest. Cause I can already see this fic being very long, very very long.

anyways good job, can't wait for more

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