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Pinkie Pie, feeling down, out, and not her usual perky, bouncy, self goes to visit a specialist in order to seek help.

Turns out "help" was just as simple as taking a pill.

Or, so she thought...

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FI--Oh, damn it.
Now I actually have to read the story and make a comment.

5090689 You're a wonderful person.

Well that was depressing. Doctor Lithium appears to be Nurse Ratched's Equestrian cousin.

At some point, a couple had a child, and when they looked at the newborn colt, they arrived at the conclusion that they should name it after a pill.
Thank goodness he ended up being a doctor.

So apparently what i got from this is all antidepressants and antipsychotics are a farce that never helps anybody, glad I have somebody to force that pill down my throat not like people complain about it all the time. :ajbemused:

We get it already. :facehoof:

5091793 actually, it's more of the mentality that doctors treat their depressed patients with, buffeting them from place to place and giving them pill after pill that doesn't work, or only works occasionally.

I would know.

I thought that this was gonna be a reference to the G3 ponies. XD

5091789 it's the equestrian way

5091793 Nobody's forcing you to take any pills. Nobody forced you to read this story. Nothing and absolutely nothing stopped you from just dumping the pills into a desk and walking away.

Anyone who says "we get it already" clearly doesn't get it. They don't get that this is a problem with psychiatric medicine at large, they don't get why exactly this is a problem. There are good psychiatrists out there, but they're hard to find in the seas of stone-cold money-grubbing pissasses who take your money and give you a pill that doesn't make the problem go away, but instead makes the problem seem irrelevant to you.

Pills here

5091803 sup bro

I had a shit ass doctor fuck up basic neurochemical reactions so bad, I now have type 2 bipolar because the medications I was on broke things.

Don't stay on stimulants for ADHD past age 20.

5091803 Oh I see! Well in that I can kind of agree with you, I don't have very much experience with that sort of thing but I could see many doctors, they are human beings after all, pushing pills that don't help because they don't know any better and just want peoples money.

I completely missed the message and assumed it was something else, so I apologize. :facehoof: Will probably happen again, but I'll know better next time and ask what the message is before passing judgement.

5091830 Yep you're one hundred percent right, I didn't have to read it, but I did... so apparently I can't express my opinion, even if it is wrong? Glad to see how criticism works, you've shown me the light. :trixieshiftright:

5091961 Your criticism isn't above criticism, especially when it's not really criticism and instead is brain-dead complaints about actual issues and problems with the society we live in "shoved down your throat".

Short of you being a hermit in the vast wilderness of Alaska or an Amish, the problems of the people are going to be presented to you. It's up to you to decide what's shoved down your throat. The themes and the agenda of this fic were perfectly clear from when you clicked the page and you had every single opportunity to just walk away.

Instead you opened your big mouth and complained about "it being shoved down your throat" when you had every chance to walk away and not let it be. People that are as dumb as the likes of you completely and utterly baffle me.

Blue pill or red pill?

I take the pink one!

5092004 Yeah, it was a pretty stupid thing to say, kinda knew what was gonna happen but hey, I learned a bit about it so thanks, I was being pretty insensitive and shoulda took better care. Sorry for being such a stupid fucking moron, I guess i deserved it.

Well shit. This seems like a bad dream. It feels like depressing early 70's cartoon, deemed too dark for television. I like it, but damn. Also, there's a lack of atmosphere in this fic. It all feels, pretty damn empty. And the doctor being a total douche and telling Pinkie that she's a total shit without the pills was a nice touch. I feel like this is suppose to be a message about modern healthcare, but I'm not going to try reading it too deep, because if it was then this would feel very amateurish from the lack of subtlety. Although it just might be a personal preference for depressing fics, to be a long and weary ride..

Also, I just notice that for some reason, you have 1,500+ followers, but you still got to put your fics in the "Struggling Authors" group.

Anyways, this is a pretty nice short story.

Oh Regi, I love you in the gayest, most homoerotic way possible because you're a genius.

Also, I got that new temperpedic bed. You game? :raritywink:

5092143 Can I join?:applecry:

It's king-sized. We have room.

And then Pinkie Pie ended up in the insane asylum :pinkiecrazy:

I'm not sure what this story was trying to do. If it's an individual character study and a glimpse at a dystopian alternative universe, then I guess it's got its good points. If it's trying to make a larger point about how Doctors Are Evil and Pills Are Bad, then I can't help feeling that:


because it's really unsubtle. In the end, I'm on the fence about it. I think it hinges on whether you agree with the premise or not.

5091830 WOW. Well, personally, I clicked on this story because Regidar's a good writer and I wanted to give it a chance, knowing it would be much better than the standard "Pinkie Pie has a psychiatric disorder and has to take pills" story. I don't happen to agree with you, or maybe I just lucked out and found a good doctor.

Got a problem? THERE'S A PILL FOR IT! :pinkiehappy:

5092438 derpicdn.net/img/2014/5/6/619417/full.png
You don't know how much that made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

They need to make a version of that for every pony. I could really use one with Silver Spoon in it. xD

5092438 Psychologists are typically fine, because their job takes skill, tact, and knowledge. Psychiatrists are typically assholes, because they just prescribe pills to make you shut up.

I love the motherfuckers here who haven't watched the video in the first comment. So much 'tism over a parody of a video.

That was a horrifying analysis. Love it

Well, don't we all try to find happiness the easy way instead of cultivating it? It's just human nature


And this is why I believe ponies can legally change their names after getting their cutie mark.


He struggles because people are too autistic to enjoy his stories.

Comment posted by Wroth deleted Oct 4th, 2014

5093946 Actually, Lithium is just an element. It is used as a mood stablizer that is true, but it's used for heaps of other things too.

*hopes the pill is cyanide*

5092438 I think
5093195 nailed it the best here, but honestly, I couldn't tell you what I was doing with it. I started it 2 years ago and just decided to finish it up. I was really just trying to write something Firthian and based off of his video I posted, which is one of my all time favorite pieces of media.

5092127 the struggle is real

5093195 Generally, when I consider a video essential or relevant to the story, I stick it in the Author's Notes and not in a comment. And if you have comments set as "newest first," it's buried at the bottom. I can't speak for the rest of us motherfuckers, but I didn't know it was mandatory, so I didn't watch it, and had no way to know it was a parody.

...Due to my vast fascination with psychology, I find this fanfiction extremely... what's the word... Intriguing!

5095307 I still can't get over you using the Internet and not knowing Firth. I thought that was required at this point.

5095687 The internet's a huge place, and with all kinds of stuff out there, I tend not to click on YouTube video links unless I know what's in 'em.

5095859 So you're boring with no sense of adventure. The funniest things I've ever seen were in links I clicked on blindly.

Spin the Youtube Wheel of Destiny, man!

5096024 And find myself watching Smile HD? No thanks.

5096069 It's cute that you think that would be the worst you'd find. I have seen the blackness in men's souls. We have such sights to show you, come and taste our pleasures.

5096240 Nope.

EDIT: Also, I know you're just kidding around, but I always gets mildly irritated when someone says I "have to" do this or that. I don't, actually.

5095307 casuals who have their comments set to newest first don't deserve to watch that video anyway

and it's not "required viewing" at all. It's like reading some supplementary shit to a book for context. You can easily enjoy it without.

5096602 WTF is a "casual?" I'm no casual. I've been here for years and I've published a lot of stuff. I only said that because wossname said:

I love the motherfuckers here who haven't watched the video in the first comment. So much 'tism over a parody of a video.

And I said I can't know that it's a parody or be expected to watch a video if it's not clearly marked as relevant. Stories should, as you said, stand on their own. And it isn't a bad story: it does stand on its own, so I don't know why he's got his panties in a knot about it.

5096650 casual is a fallacious "insult" used in situations where there is no other real way to make the other party seem "less correct" then the accuser. It's a joke, shortly put.

Some Jerk is just... some jerk. But he's MY jerk, so...

5096712 OIC. You'll have to excuse me. Intertubz is like a fifth language for me. I'm really very old. No, really, I am.And now I'm old and depressed.

It seemed to press down on her, d her further, despite what he was saying being potentially good news.

Um, think ye might wanna fix that.

5101070 thank yah, I shall do so right away

Man, this is some creepy shit right here.

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