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Sometimes, an inter-dimensional being of great power just barges on in and messes with you. De-alphabetize your bookshelf, eat all your snacks, change your species, the sort. And I was having such a relaxing night too...

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An okay fic, but I was expecting more Pi bonding.

Science pls go.

Pie is best pi

I prefer Sigma Bonding myself. Whatcha gonna do?

Wow. This was quite good. I wish my opinion mattered.
: ( But I'm just some wind, so who cares?

7445152 Hrm? You had a comment? I would love to hear it.

7445467 it was a very good story. Better than many I have read. But I'm me, I'm not important or renowned on the site. I just wish that I could tell others how good this was and have them listen.

7446096 let me start off by saying everyone's opinion and comments matter. I've had and still have problems with thinking that I and the things i have to say don't matter, but those thoughts are wrong.

It's not easy changing that image of yourself and it took lots of work and the help of a group of incredible people to start realizing that myself. But in the end it is worth it, trust me.

If you need help with that, feel free to ask me because I want to do for others what others did for me.

take care

7446096 I mean, hey, it doesn't really matter if you're popular or not. If you wanna give your opinion on something, just give it. Just because you're unknown doesn't mean your opinion is less valid. People will accept your input no matter what. Your opinion matters even if you think it doesn't. :twilightsmile:

7446362 what I meant was I wish I could get large amounts of people to read this. I could get like a couple people to read it some internet famous person could get hundreds. I'm just a little fish in a big ocean.
7446361 thankfully I don't have many self esteem issues but I guess this is one. Thanks for the kind words.

... Um... Discord?
What the actual f-
No swearing.
(I wanted to leave a comment other than moar, BTW: MOAR!!!!, but I didn't know what to put. I'm speechless)

Awww, this was a cute and fun little fic. I hope to see more from you. :twilightsmile:

First off, "weekend" has an extra e in the chapter title. Thankfully, that's not representative of the story's quality, so you might want to fix that.

Second, oh my god did I enjoy this. :rainbowkiss: It hits all the notes a cute tf one-shot like this needs to – even if the initial human-to-pone was pretty brief, but I think that mostly has to do with your attempt to keep our narrator age/gender/etc anonymous, which I appreciated.

There were so many good elements in this, and you skip between them enough to not wear out their welcome. Sneezing as a trigger is an uncommon one, but super cute, so shoutouts there. I liked the pony coat editor app, but I think part of the fun in there is the completely rewriteable and editable nature of it, so maybe having Discord try out a few different color schemes before settling on one might have been a good move.

I really liked the light MC elements that popped up. Discord's finger to the forehead has a special, straightforward charm to it, but the overwhelming salt addiction was, uh. delicious :raritywink: And of course, the repitition of "silly filly" was a perfect juxtaposition of affectionate and demeaning.

Overall, a very nice entry into the genre, and I really hope to see more from you in the future.

This was a very good story, it really liked the humor and the randomness in it.


First off, "weekend" has an extra e in the chapter title. Thankfully, that's not representative of the story's quality, so you might want to fix that.

Oh goodness that is embarrassing. I changed it. Anywho, thank you for the glowing words. I look forward to writing more as well.

Fun little short story :twilightsmile:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ 3 words.


Eh, Discord censor you too?

7454413 maybe.... .... yes

short, but it has such potential to be a fun series! Make it longer!


Heh, glad to see you are so enthusiastic about it. I might revisit the story again sometime, but I do have some other ideas in the works I would like to visit first.

Though I figure it might interest you to know I started this story with only two things: the opening line, and the fact that Discord would be causing the TF. From there the idea exploded into a half dozen or so different ways, and I had to settle for the version you just read.

This was a fun story, but it screams for more.

Ok that was fun I hope you expand this because this has SO much potential and I would love to see all the crazy Discord would get up to in our world and fining out what's next for his little "Silly Filly"

right as I panic.

Not that it is saying

me as he pulled

A tentative lick told me it’s a normal, slightly salty chip. With the usual satisfying crunch, I ate it. The saltiness seemed at least twice as tasty and addictive as before. I hummed in pleasure as I chewed.
That would be an interesting clop story:rainbowderp:

are my manners?“(---

as it it also

“Okay, I can do this,” I whispered, “I might be a filly. I might be a Silly Filly. But I am a brave Silly Filly. I can do this.” It worked for the Little Engine That Could, and it oddly worked with me.

working on a mic stand

She was just as surprised to see me as everyone else in the room.

The hand rubbing my back continued to work between my shoulder blades. “That’s a good Silly Filly, just let it all out.”

Oh I think I know who this person is now!:pinkiegasp: I'm really enjoying this story now:pinkiehappy: Why can't there be a series like this!!!:twilightangry2::fluttercry::flutterrage:

Um... At the end i thought i lost "Next chapter" button. This is better than anything i thought about writing. Please, make more.

i probably laughed harder then nessicary but i dont care this was a good story

Going in I was ambivalent, but I was entertained on the way out. Good job.

Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. :twilightsmile:

i am sad that there is not more

Out of curiosity, is there a consensus on whether the gender of a person remains intact during transformation? Could Anon have been turned into a Silly Garçon?

For Filly specifically I left it ambiguous. I admit a minor pet peeve with TGTF stories is the copnstant "Oh noes I am a male/female now!". It's not bad on an individual level but at the same time I was kinda tired of it. That's why I avoided it here.

As for the others... Idunno. It could happen, but not a constant.

Interesting story. I liked it. Few grammar issues, but all around it's fine. :twilightsmile:
You Could start a whole novel on this. :pinkiehappy:

With but a few tweaks this could make for a very interesting horror story with the silly filly getting torn apart by the rabid bronies. And then discord would be like, oh dear, it looks like I need to make another one.

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