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Eleven months after their wedding, Princess Cadence and Prince-Consort Shining Armor are visiting the new Princess Twilight Sparkle when an unexpected visitor arrives with a surprise gift for the newlyweds.

The little bundle of joy is taken a little differently than Chrysalis or Shining Armor expects.

Having had enough of the “Chrysalis brings home a little bundle of joy for Shining Armor” fics for now, I thought it was high time to deliver a cream pie to the face of this genre. Enjoy.

Contents are to be used for comedy only. No deeper meaning at all. Really. Stop looking. Short one chapter story, which will not get a sequel. Author was heavily influenced by CSIMadMax on Deviant Art. Go read her Cadence/Shining Armor/Chrysalis cartoons. Right after reading this, of course.
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Editing assistance by Bad Horse and others.
Credit for cover art goes to ConvoyKaiser

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Had a lot of fun writing this one, and hope you enjoy reading it just as much.

This is hilarious.

That was good. I liked it.

The footnotes seemed a bit much, though.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Oh sweet stars. This would have to be the first story I read after getting my mind blown by the freaky yet ingenious theory that Chrysalis was actually Luna in disguise.

Think about it. It even squares with this story. Of course the Princess would know of Cadence's infertility! Not only could she help the newlyweds out, she even got to do it by exercising her royal right of droit du seigneur.

FIMFiction really isn't set up for effective footnotes. Without anchors and interlinking — and without custom CSS to pop footnotes up in a box on a mouse-hover — the only option is to scroll up and down through the story, which makes them not nearly as funny as if you can glance at them and continue reading. It's an unfortunate problem with a technical solution that falls on the shoulders of the already overburdened site coders.

the Descritption sounds like you are prejudice against shiningXchrysalis offspring fics, is that true?:rainbowhuh:

Meh... Guess I'm just not in the mood for crack/comedy today. :pinkiesad2:

2610032 I dont think HILARIOUS covers it:rainbowlaugh:

Unfortunately for Private Redshirt of the Royal Guard, the rush was all in the direction of his fellow guards turning in leave requests for a sudden influx of expired grandparent’s funerals, immediate reassignment requests for polar penguin counting missions, and a veritable plague of sick leave requests due to Feather Flu, Coughing Croup, and Pony Pox outbreaks that nearly triggered a quarantine of Canterlot.(*) It was a problem he had experienced throughout his career, from his first experience escorting Princess Celestia to the Summer Sun Festival in Ponyville(1), to the present. Personally, he blamed his parents and their decision to give him such an eccentric name.

at least someone else remembers the significance of the "Redshirt" syndrome:twilightoops: origiinal Startreck. If there are some that dont understand, it is ALWAYS the redshirts that die (usually within in five minutes of transport)

(*) Only rapid action by an experienced administrator at the Canterlot Center for Disease Control cancelled the quarantine order, after she got the full story from one of the affected guards who happened to be her brother.

yeah so there were a "few" guards that knew of Ponyville's "enviroment":pinkiesick:

Aunt Luna, you’re a warped and twisted individual. That dream you sent was just... wacked.

IF ONLY lover boy, IF ONLY!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I liked how Chrissy was so flaberguasted that no one pissed and roaring for blood:rainbowlaugh: and then how EVERYONE was so trounsing Shinny. though I do have to feel.... something for Shinny when baby got hungry, not sure what though since Im just glad it wasnt me:twilightoops:

loved this and it SO deseves the like and FAVE!

Erm... CSIMadMax is a she.

2610582 Eeek! I better change that.
2610281 Just the bad ones. I'm actually following about 4 at the moment.

I love comedic parodies of ongoing fiction trends. I love them even more when they're good. :heart:

I don't even and I'm ok with that.


I suppose I *should* feel sorry for Shining...

I personally love the 'Chrysalis drops of a bundle of joy for Shining Armor' trend and hope it continues.

And, Twilight, Cadence. We stallions are good for lots of things. Things like yard work and programming the VCR. Ever see a mare program a VCR? I bet you haven't.

*snirk* :rainbowlaugh:

Oh God...this is wonderful. :raritywink:

2610255 You know, I kind of would like to think the writers of the show *do* watch fan produced videos like this. I just sat through the whole thing, and enjoyed every speculative moment of it. :pinkiehappy:
2611189 Of course mare's don't program VCR's. They have stallions for that. :rainbowwild:
2610181 Yeah, I went a little footnote-happy [1]. It happens on occasion.
2610894 The bad ones can be pretty good too. I just wish people would finish what they start.

(1) Defined as in excess of one footnote per 500 words.


After all, it's the Equestra's Canterlot that was invaded, not Crystal Empire.

“I’m bleeding here, you know.”

BWAH-HAW-HAW! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

As I was reading i forgot it was a one-shot, imagine my disappointment when I went to click on the next button and it wasn't there! I really think it'd be awesome if you extended this.

MOAR!:flutterrage: Please :applecry:

2610511 Speaking of "Redshirt" Syndrome..Why not just have them wear blueshirts?

By Luna mare I love you... got nothing else to say... just know I love ya for this. :pinkiehappy:

Too bad this was a one-shot; I would have liked to read more of these shenanigans.

Brilliance all around. Very funny depiction of the characters, and of the practical implications. The only nitpick I'd have is that the story refers to 'Shining Armor and Son', yet the son gets nearly no time in the spotlight. Aside from the "I'm bleeding" gag, there's zero comedy between the dad and his son. But that's the only negative thing I have to say about it.

Heehee. Cute and funny! Kinda agree with 2874490 that there could be a bit more "Shining Armor and Son" in there, but overall, excellent :pinkiehappy:

Small error in the footnotes: "highly quaified" - you forgot the L in "qualified".

Wow, reading this, I am finding my stuff even less original. I pretty much had planned the same thing with the Cadence reaction, though not quite so kind to Chryssie.

Hilarious story, mang!

3580558 The mind boggles with the possibilities that you've got to play with in your story about Shiny's teenaged daughter. Go forth, and boggle us. We love it. :pinkiehappy: (And thanks for the link)

3027486 I can't believe it took me this long to fix the typo you pointed out. But I got it. Thanks!


FIMFiction really isn't set up for effective footnotes. Without anchors and interlinking — and without custom CSS to pop footnotes up in a box on a mouse-hover — the only option is to scroll up and down through the story, which makes them not nearly as funny as if you can glance at them and continue reading. It's an unfortunate problem with a technical solution that falls on the shoulders of the already overburdened site coders.

Actually, there's a good way to format footnotes without putting them all the way at the end.¹

¹ Put them after the footnote symbol, formatted to float off to the side, using right_insert.

That way, they interleave with the content, which will nicely wrap around them, like this paragraph does.

And for footnote symbols, copy/paste from this article.


oh sweet stars [ right_insert ] is a thing.¹

¹ Just testing it out in this comment.


Any other BBCode wisdom to pass along? Where did you hear about that one? The site formatting options can be pretty obscure.

Discussion in the comments on My Daughter the Teenage Changeling; someone used it and I asked how.

Hello where do I put the right insert? I'm just making this comment long enough so that I can see if the cool text wrapping effect does work. Blah blah blah blah blah. right_insert

right_insertblah hi how are youright_insert


3612741 Okay let's try this a different way. Once again I'm going to say random stuff until I have enough room to test my theory blob Loblaw Ross he has to think the blue Chewbacca would you gone
Who boo-boo blue glass VR let me Hobblebrook Chung boutique tax cooked Kahaha Shoe be do shoo Pushuper Scooby Doo

let's try this again.

IT WORKED COOL! What other secret commands are there besides this and the spoilers tag?

HUZZAH! This story amused me!

Anonymoose sent me over here. I love it! :rainbowlaugh: Great job on a nice one-shot.

I don't know how many times I "what"ed in that. Excellent! Five hearts!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I'm full of happiness from this fic. I would love to see a few more chapters where Shining gets to do dad stuff with his son.

"It was a Tuesday."

The crazy part is that all the insane sh*t happens on Tuesdays. You know, Dragons, Pinkie Sense, Feuds, Time Travel, Cerberus, Friendship Students going REDRUM, Galas, Invasions, Takeovers that last for hours, Ursa Minor attacks...


Don't forget the annihilation of villages.

sounds like as long as you aren't in ponyville on Tuesdays you will be fine...just need a spell to phase yourself out of existence while its Tuesday...

ALL of the funny. And heartwarmings.:heart::rainbowlaugh::heart::rainbowlaugh::heart::rainbowlaugh:

“No, no, little one. Stallions don’t have milk there.”

... I am so sorry Shining. You have all my sympathy.

This needs more, given some other dickbag decided to delete his story.

Hint :derpytongue2:

I'm a sucker for a good parody, and this qualifies! :pinkiehappy:

4184816 I don't know, for me it always seems to be Saturday.

Snrk, that was great. And still somewhat plausible.

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