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My name is Jack Smith Johnson, and I am the last of my kind.

For years, I have hidden in the shadows of society as my kind dwindled; captured by force or simply lured by the promise of hot food, warm beds, and a life free from being hunted. As far as I know, I am the only non-brony left alive. And that won’t be for much longer.

This will be my last Thought-Journal as Jack Smith Johnson. As soon as this finishes, I’m sending it to the tablet I’ve hidden. This is the tablet you now hold in your hands, reader.

Our last hope goes with you.


Prereading/editing by GaryOak.
Cover art by Mega-Demon-Piggy.

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I'm trying to figure out why this story has three dislikes. Maybe because it's a story about an Anti-Brony who was converted or because it is short. But it's well written and I definetly enjoyed reading it.

Faustianity... I wonder what Faust would say after reading this. An interesting reading though


Poor guy.

Hmmmm . . . That was . . . interesting. I actually thought that it was kind of funny, too. I found it particularly funny that they all changed their names. Good story. The relativity isn't too far off . . . . Soon . . . . :rainbowlaugh:

This is how the future will look like. We have to castrate bronies before they start to breed with horses. The Internet has changed. Before MLP we had heterosexualism and boobies everywhere. Now its all full of faggots, rainbows and pictures of colorful horses getting fucked by a "brony"... or just horses fucking themselves. Fuck this world. Come on, you all can hate me. This will only show how false the love and tolerance rule is.

This future... it scares me:fluttercry:

Wow That is like Wow :applejackconfused:

Oh gosh.
This story...
I love fics like this that make you think.
I need MOAR! What'll happen to the rest of the resistance? Could they possibly have inside men in brony cities? This could be so much more! Will Jack - sorry, Brawny - have a relapse? How are Inquisitors and High Inquisitors chosen? Is there a ritual of some description?
You just threw a little bit out there and then said "I'm done."
Have the Faustians found a way to synthesize artificial magic yet?

we’ll never need this room again. This is possibly the last non-brony in the United States, certainly the last non-brony in Maresachusetts.

What about the rest of the world, where MLP isn't so popular? Is Germany Faustian? The UK? Japan?
Are there other fandom-organized governments? I'd love to see a political meeting held on the U.S.S Enterprise between a Homestuck leader and a Saiyan leader, with a Lagannite presiding.
Why, author? Why do you do this to me? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!??


I don't get it either. The comments seem almost entirely positive.


Not at all. This isn't meant to be commentary at all. The idea just popped into my head when I saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR7V_bCyZe0 It's just a story idea, nothing more.


Funny you should say that, since this fic was originally intended to be a comedy. But the entire story is written from the perspective of characters that take their situations very seriously, so I turned it into a straight exploration of a weird premise.


A lot of the stuff you asked about isn't where I was going, but there is a LOT of the world that I wasn't able to put in this fic. I didn't think about the world for too long, but I did need to have a logical framework for the story. To answer some of your questions:

The Resistance is not dead. Jack only believes it is because he hasn't thought there might be a world-wide resistance, and he hasn't meant any other resistance members for a long time.

There's no artificial magic; this is fairly hard sci-fi, it's meant to be realistic apart from the initial premise that bronies took over the planet. After that, things should make sense. That said, who knows what kind of technology we'll develop in seventy years.

I hadn't thought about other countries, to be honest. There aren't any governments based on other fandoms, and Faustianity is pretty ubiquitous, but it's possible that low-tech countries without the same level of access to the internet as us (Which is really where the initial brony wave spread in our own world) like sub-Saharan Africa may not have converted entirely to Faustianity, and may even accept those who don't.

If I had to take a guess, I'm guessing that if much of the Western world became theocratic in this fashion, there'd be massive economic incentives for poorer countries to convert, as well as internet/TV subsidisation so they could see it for themselves. Like how the Church sends missionaries now, only on an internationally funded scale. If I had to name a single country that would be most likely NOT to accept Faustianity it would have been Japan; very inclusive culture, and we don't have anything they want.

And yet, even in the present day, they're making their own MLP:FIM. So...if Japan isn't safe, who is?

And why do I do this to you? Because I have a bad habit of overthinking things, and I think it seeped through here, considering there are a number of things I barely touched on or hinted at in the story that have their own more in-depth explanations. As for whether I'll write another, well that really depends on if I get another story idea. I don't think the world can carry a story on it's own, it needs a plotline, and I have no idea what that plot would be yet.

Your description freaked me out because I am currently holding a nook tablet right now...:pinkiegasp:


HAH! I imagine that must have been a mindfuck for a couple of seconds.


2737961 Because I was once a brony, when the internet wasn't full of faggots.

I think its cute how you claim (or act like) to be a non brony yet ... you still use fimfiction :rainbowlaugh:
if you ask me your probably trolling:trollestia: which is cool because i troll all the time too. and besides this was never meant as anti brony material it was originally supposed to be comedic and heavy thought inducing if anything I think its more for bronies then a lot of other fics that are around it shows us that we shouldn't let us get to serious about (at least in our current level of technology and dimension)imaginary ponies because i mean seriously if we go to far with this version of mlp what about the other three versions??? and don't get me started on version three :pinkiesick:

And when hasn't thee internet been full of faggots? the first three days it was invented?
to classify all bronies( because thats what it appears your doing) as fggots would be labeling yourself one as well because your still using fimfic?? i mean a faggot(I don't approve of this word) is someone who has sex with other men (derogatorily) and your saying bronies are fagots(implying)and since bronies are the only ones who would be interested to use fim fic (out side of trolls) and your using fimfic A=B=C=D means you are a homosexual or a troll...... right?

2741161 I'm a non-brony yet I still use the site. I'm also an avid reader, enjoying reading fanfiction from every genre and every fandom on the internet and in pop culture. While I do believe Bluellama is trolling (And very successfully judging by the answers he's received), you've just fed his ego and search for recognition. Shoulda just ignored him, flagged him, and let the admins/mods take care of him.

2741161 Nope. I'm not a man, I'm a llama and llamas can't be gay. Escpecially the blue ones. And why do I have an account here? Well I made it long time before I started to hate all of you. I'm still here, because there are some stories that I have to read and I never leave a book unread. Btw. By faggots I mean the other meaning, the one you use on that one site that starts with a 4.

Would you mind so terribly if I took this ball and ran with it? I have so many ideas surrounding this fic, such as each society giving their members some sort of physical change/augmentation and the fact that not everyone in New Equestria (Which is what I imagine the Faustians would call America) is as much of a religious brony as they seem...

But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved My Little Pony.

2743164 Not really. I've been around the internet for a while (1997-1998 when it really started to get rolling...back in the days of AOL and dial-up, to be precise), and I can usually tell when someone is trolling without being a troll myself.


I don't mind at all. In fact, I consider it a supremely high compliment that someone is inspired enough by my idea to want to write about it! Would you like me to send you some of the stuff I've come up with about the Bronyverse, as I've just dubbed it, or would you prefer the ambiguity that allows you to fill in your own gaps?


I considered a first-person version of that, but it didn't quite fit the character :)

I enjoyed this story greatly. I'd like some more explanation of the "convincing" Jack to be a brony, the method seems a bit sketchy.

though I get what your saying that is in itself what the fan fic is trying to discourage (at least to my understanding) its supposed to tell us not to think in the cultist way that bronies are being presented. The most important part of any fandom is choice thats why are country is so successful there are very few restrictions on what were allowed to do(plz don't make this a political fight, i'm just saying we wouldn't be as technologically advanced if we weren't allowed to get public educations and stuff) so when we take away that choice and in essence force him to become a brony against his will we cross a line that was never supposed to exist that we created when we took his freedom from him.

I actually posted it as a joke. Sorry if I offended anyone. My actual feelings can be described by this:

"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably. The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we're all damaged."

I wouldn't mind what you've got. If I can learn how, I'll PM you the things I intend to write about, and we can work from there. This fic has so much potential it makes my ears ring!

I was really hoping that this was the point of the fic because it's the message that I got from it. I don't want to saound like an ass hole but to bullema I say: I told you so
also GREAT story:twilightsmile:the writing flowed very naturally:moustache:


Glad to hear it! It took a lot of editing to make that happen, so I'm glad to know I succeeded.


Can you send aforementioned stuff to me? It sounds very intriguing. :pinkiehappy:


...Mind overwhelmed by sounds, nobody survived?

Now that I can't believe. There had to be someone with a will strong enough to ignore it.


Easy; the inquisitor lied. Those who fail to break are drugged, the low-level mooks are told that they're simply exhausted from their conversion, and they are quietly never seen again. The head inquisitor actually THINKING this lie privately to himself merely underscores the level of doublethink inherent in the society.

Alternatively, this story started with a scenario that was meant to be funny, and turned surprisingly serious in the telling. Your pick :)

7371247 Ah, now I see.

...Underhanded but smart >_>. Thanks for clarifying!

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