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Intimacy and affection. Pinkie Pie knows that right now, that’s what you need the most. She saw you walk into the room one day, say nothing and sit down next to her. She’s known you for a while, and today she’s going to do what she does best. She’s going to make you happy.

But Pinkie also experiences pain too, and she will reveal that as well. Together, you’re going to heal each other’s hearts. And by the end of tonight, before sleep takes you to Luna’s palace of dreams, Pinkie will show you what it means to be loved.

Rated T for Moments of Intimacy. If you've ever wanted to read a sweet pony story where you read from the intimate, but safe non-sexual, role, then look no further.

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Freaking adorable! Very nice!
Background video helps!

Huh. I r8 8/8, m8. I give no h8. It was pretty gr8.


9 :trollestia:


Thank you so much! :D I'm glad the rain ambience helped too. This story was so fun to write! I'm glad I read those stories last night to inspire me, including yours!



"Jack Stone is the reason my romantic night with Pinkie Pie happened." <<Quote for you :P


Yay! Thansk m8! Your strained Spider-Man face avatar makes me happy! :D


Thank you so much! :D *hugs*


Thank you for the compliment! yay!

7318620 No problemo. *hugs back*

This was one of the best Pinkie/you stories I have read in a long time. There are a few that I like, sadly most of them tend to devolve into clop, but this one was short, sweet, and stayed true to itself. Thank you for making me smile.

Very adorable:heart: but i allready had the rain ambience outside tough

Wow, just wow...

Keep up the good work!

Yay! I'm happy this story made you smile! And it honors me to know that it is one of the best Pinkie Pie stories you've read. There's just something wonderful about Pinkie Pie that invites that closeness and that chance to cuddle with her and be happy in her presence. It's a wonderful feeling <3

Thank you again! I'm sure I'll return to Pinkie Pie in the future with more of these "Pony and You" cute intimacy stories :D


Thank you! And isn't it great when nature lines up with the ambience you need? :P


Yay! Your compliment makes me happy! And I WILL keep it up! Thank you! *hugs*

Wow that was cute and sweet. It's very Pinkie.

Nice sweet! :pinkiehappy:

Well, that was cute and fluffy. No complaints here.

So thanks for that.

7320466 Yes please continue with this line of stories, we don't have enough of them.


Awww thank you! I'm so happy the storyline fit Pinkie's personality! That's a success in my book.

Ah I can't help but notice your inspiration on your bio is Megan. If I may, perhaps you would be interested in a story that is more directly referencing the Megan era of MLP?

*Puts finger up to lips* No spoilers for everyone else, though :P


Thank you! Your compliment means a lot to me! :D


Thank you! I'll see what other cute and fluffy works I can make. With these cute intimacy stories, my goal is to try to find as many creative ways to keep that puppy love aspect a major part of the tale, even getting to the more serious point of dating or romantic entanglement, but getting those sweet moments down that many people often overlook. Those little moments that people think about in relationships and keep coming back to.

7321603 Pinkie is silly and sweet, she is also very cute. And it is amazing just how many people get it wrong and make her into someone she is not. How they manage that is beyond me. :applejackconfused:


I've been gone for about three months.

First story I see that catches my eye.

This is incredible. Thank you for doing this, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store. :twilightsmile:


Thank you so much for your compliment and kind words! I'm so happy that my story was a welcome sight for you three months after you came back! <3 :D

*Sees your awesome Rainbow Dash avatar*

Oh ho HO! Do I have a story for you tonight! :D :D :D

If you liked this short Pinkie Pie intimacy story, I can't wait to see what you think of the longer, more involved Rainbow Dash one I'm going to post tonight. It's halfway done and very adorable <3

Keep an eye out for it! Or Send me a PM to remind you about it tonight :)

Seriously, bro, go to the House of D'aww and put this fic there!


Of course. I'm always happy to see stories like this! And you are definitely deliver.

...wait...do you mean...


I will read what great work you have written.

And I'll read it now.


Yay! I just did! Thank you for telling me about that group! :D

I'm so happy you liked my story! :D


BOOM! Yeah, it's adorable. Takes it time, too. Just like a real relationship. Wait till things get even MORE adorable past the halfway point of the Rainbow Dash story! :D

7329807 Yes, It was so good!
Oh, also the "Fuzzy" folder in the SFG; it gave me tons of good feels.


Oh nice! I just added this one and my Rainbow Dash stories to separate folders on SFG! Thank you! You know all the good stuff! :D

Another awesome as heck story! Well done! You do a good, no great job making stories of one of my fav genres. I love 2nd person romance stories. Thank for writing these!:twilightsmile:

Thank you so much. I really needed a story like this. And plus, it was ADORABLE and CUTE and ADORABLY CUTE!!!!!!! Great job!!!! :pinkiehappy:

This was freaking adorable, I've read it like 5 times now. I need more of this. :pinkiehappy:


Oh thank you so much! I loved writing these stories. The 2nd person romance always had a sweet feeling to them, and I hope in the future that I will have a chance to write more. :)


I'm so happy you were able to find this story when you needed it! *hugs* Thank you for the amazing compliments! It really makes my day :D


Thank you so much! Did you perhaps see I had a Rainbow Dash 2nd person romance story?

Pony and You: Cloud 9 with Rainbow Dash
You have been tasked with the job of watching over Rainbow Dash in her cloud house as she nurses a hurt wing. Initially, Dash is not very happy about this, but over time, both of you learn to make the most of the situation and learn what you can about each other.

Then, as Dash begins to open up, she reveals what's really hurting her deep inside far more than the wounded wing. Together, you and Dash will share what matters to you, as she reveals just how much she has been hiding her true self from others all along. You will help Dash see just how beautiful she really is. And in turn, you'll feel what it's like to experience love from the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria.

7947777 Sweet!! When you/if you do, hit me up. I wanna be one of the first to read. Your 2nd person romance stories are by far my favorites.

I did, I love that one, too! Pinkie & Rainbow are some of my favourite ponies.
I would re-read the Rainbow one more but it's longer. Now that you remind me about it I want to read it again.

Oh buck yeah! I'm so happy my story could positively inspire your day! Dang I miss writing Pony and You stories. Always wanted to write a Vinyl Scratch one...

It's so nice to find a relaxing second story person involving Pinkie Pie. I've always thought of her as having a rarely seen softer side, and that is what you have shown here. Thank you for writing this! :pinkiesmile:

Whenever I am having a bad day I either Watch a Pinkie Pie Episode or read this story....

I have been reading this story a lot lately, Thank you for writing it.


Aww thank you for the compliment! I really do enjoy writing the softer side of characters, like i did with the Rainbow Dash story. Ithink that a lot of people hide their softer side because they are a afraid of getting hurt, but I feel that pinkie pie is one of those characters who would not hide and would want to show this side of them as often as possible, at the first possible sign, because she is a such an intimate and loving affectionate individual.

Thanks again!

Awwww *hugs* I'm sorry you have been having a run of bad days but I am thankful that my story has been a positive influence in your life. :) Every time I receive a positive comment like yours, it helps me rethink about the way that my stories have helped others. Iknow i keep saying I want to write and then get distracted. But of all the story types that keep popping up in my head, Pony and You is like Top 3. I keep wanting to write a Vinyl Scratch one. Haven't thought of what to do with it.

Thank you for reading my story! Know that it's always here in case you need it <3

Yo, I remember reading this one day! I had no account, so I couldn't save it...

Now I've fished it out of my "Check it out later" list. It has warmed my heart!.. Pinkie is a wonder!.. She's been the only pony to make me smile since some time... was it 2015 or 2016?..

Ah, it is surprising Pinkie was so considerate in this. Usually she's extremely extraverted and has to talk despite what the others feel about it. But not in this. She's compassionate! Lovely!..

Let us report also:

...before she knows it, Pinkie finds herself pounces forward and hugging a very surprised person against the top of her bed.

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