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Featured Sci-Fi Story: "Equus Metamorphosis" ( http://bit.ly/1YnanMR )


Nurse Diane didn't expect the unconscious pink-haired woman to affect her so much. Now, she sees herself becoming more like the woman as time goes on, whether she wants to change or not.

Meanwhile, Officer Lozano is noticing that the townspeople are happier in the unconscious woman's presence. Yet, there is something very off about the aura she exudes. Discovering the truth may lead to more danger than they all expected...

written for EQD's Pinkie Pie Day (Oct 7th, 2016)
A special thanks to Doctor Disco for proofreading! *hugs*

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A lone urban explorer has found the body of a deceased woman. Her name: Sunset Shimmer. She rests upon a book that glows as it beckons to be read.

Though her body is cold, something stirs. The explorer will find out the hard way that some bodies are better left undisturbed.

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Perfect Story for an Audio-Book Reading

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Derpy Whooves has a severe memory problem. On any given day, her mind will suddenly "cut-off" what she's doing, leaving her standing there as though she had just woken up from a dream. It happens so often Derpy has learned to live with it, even if it gets her into trouble sometimes.

But something has been different lately. The episodes are becoming more frequent and Derpy is having trouble adjusting as her problem becomes more pronounced. Something tells her she needs to talk to another pony about it. Somepony like Rainbow Dash.

Derpy will soon discover that her lack of memory has been hiding some things from her that she didn't expect...

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7/19/2016 Hit at least 10th most popular on the popular column day this story was released
7/19/2016 about 4:40PM CST: Hit at least 7th in Featured Box! Thank you for user Swan Song for the screenshot showing me!

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It moves quietly through the snow, stalking Marble whenever she's alone. Her family doesn't believe her, but she knows a giant maw roams the snow-covered forests of the Rock Farm Woods.

And now, it's hungry. And Marble is the only one watching the farm...

8.5.2016: Enjoy the audio version complete with sound effects and eerie music by Sparrow9642! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX5kQbUZUzY

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Perfect story for an MLP Creepypasta Audio Reading /)(^3^)(\

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Megan Williams has been to Equestria before. Twenty years prior, she made friends, fought enemies and lived happily. Two decades later, she waits for any sign that she can see her friends again.

When children start to go missing after making "wishes" to visit a magical place, Megan starts to investigate until she realizes the threat is closer to home than she expected. Her barn is holding an entrance, but to where, she has yet to find out. She won't go unprepared though...

Gore Warning: Megan fights back and fights viciously.

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Credit Edit 7/6/16:
A very special thank you to two people who helped inspire this story:
Doctor Disco helped edit the first half (thank you!)
BlueColton's horror stories, such as "Off the Road," inspired me to write this

This story made it to the Featured Box on the day of its release: 7/6/2016

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Year 2066: Technomancer Industries has brought life to almost 250 fictional characters over the years, including many from MLP:FiM, in the form of robotic companions. An attack upon two employees one year prior led to the creation of a safe space for augmented individuals, robots and supporters. The Church of Augmentation was created. And yet it needed a leader.

In 2066, Adam Jensen came online as a robotic re-creation of a famous character from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He was put in-charge of the 500,000 members of the Church of Augmentation and sent to its main branch in Austin, Texas, to help protect those in need.

Soon, Jensen has discovered a hate group is planning an attack against those who support technology. When robotic companions like Coco Pommel and Cheerilee get caught up in the action, can they survive the threats of those sent to destroy them? What will Jensen do when he and his followers are threatened by those who believe the Church of Aug, and its members, shouldn't exist?

---- ----

Content Warning: There are discussions and implications about some very serious real-world crimes in this story, including abuse and domestic violence. Even moreso, one of these situations involves an MLP character many of you might like, who participates in a very tough medical procedure at one point. There is no gore, but the situation is graphic. Reader discretion is advised.

---- ----

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---- ----

Love the "Equus Metamorphosis" universe? Here are more stories and resources for it!

Here's the original storyline, already at seven chapters and counting:

Here's a one-shot prequel to the original story. It details humans and pony Pod Pals attending a support group:

And finally, I've constructed a timeline of story events taking place over eight decades before the start of the main story "Equus Metamorphosis":

Chapters (1)

Year 2061: One year ago, while protecting her son Armin during a riot, Coraline's hand is destroyed during an attack. After gaining a robotic limb from Technomancer Industries, she joins a support group for augmented people.

Included in the group are a Twilight Sparkle Pod Pal who gained severe PTSD when she witnessed the death of another Twilight Sparkle on television, an enigmatic once-human Maud Pie who says little but knows much, and a Gardevoir-suited human whose choices have now left her with an identity she can't seem to remove.

Together, can this support group help Coraline find peace again after the tragic attack which took her hand (and almost her life) a year prior?


This story takes place in the "Equus Metamorphosis" storyline 11 years before the events of the main story. You don't have to read that story to understand this one. This is a self-contained one-shot. It helps you understand the main story a little more from the mother's perspective, and by itself functions as a story about how technology can affect our future. :)

Main story:
Story Timeline:

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Sweetie Derelle, the alternate reality Sweetie Belle, has arrived in Equestria to save everyone. That includes driving a bus full of orphans at high speed through Canterlot to make sure it doesn't explode. Also into Canterlot Castle. Specifically Celestia's Bedroom. Along the way, the hero everyone deserves known as Donut Joe will help the transdimensional trashcan-mouthed monstrosity complete her mission.

But can the city, and Rarity, learn to love this goggly-eyed savior from another dimension?

No. Probably not.

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Things on FIre
Sweetie Belle causing FIres
Explosions and Things Exploding
Donut Joe Being Totally Boss
High Speed Chases and High Speed Destruction
Celestia Getting Hit by a Bus
Complete Disregard for the Safety of the Canterlot Public

Rated T caused there are explosions and children exploding and destruction and like two swear words (gasp!)

Bus image from here: http://www.zigzagging.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/explosion-3.jpg

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One night upon awakening, Fluttershy sees two pinpoints of light starring back at her from the foot of her bed. Whatever it is appears to stare her down. She finds herself in a situation which may just be the end of her life unless she can escape before the Thing moves first...

Audio version done by Sparrow9642 YAY!

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Perfect Story for a Pony Creepypasta Audio-Reading! /)(^3^)(\

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You have been tasked with the job of watching over Rainbow Dash in her cloud house as she nurses a hurt wing. Initially, Dash is not very happy about this, but over time, both of you learn to make the most of the situation and learn what you can about each other.

Then, as Dash begins to open up, she reveals what's really hurting her deep inside far more than the wounded wing. Together, you and Dash will share what matters to you, as she reveals just how much she has been hiding her true self from others all along. You will help Dash see just how beautiful she really is. And in turn, you'll feel what it's like to experience love from the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria.

Rated T for Moments of Intimacy. If you've ever wanted to read a sweet pony story where you read from the intimate, but safe non-sexual, role, then look no further.

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Perfect story for an audio-book reading /)(^3^)(\

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