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I'm just an average brony who likes to write and read stories. Rather it's cute romance or creepy grimdark. it's always a good time.

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My MLP Universe · 2:40am Jul 13th, 2016

Hey there Everypony!:pinkiehappy: It's me again!

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2239893 Wow, thanks. I really appreciate that. I'll check that out!

HI! *hugs* Thanks for the follow! Expect science fiction, horror, romance, drama and more from me!

Also, I followed you as well! YAY!

I noticed you wrote a creepypasta. There's this REALLY GOOD fimfic author named BlueColton who writes HORRIFIC stuff. Check out his stories I have listed here in my author spotlight and see if you'll get inspiration for more stories of your own!


2235885 XD Yeah, but seriously. Amazing job, bro!

I'm gonna have to now XD

2235862 Yeah man, no problem. I loved what I read, can't wait to see where it goes. Keep it up, dude.

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