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FINALLY · 12:45am Jun 10th, 2015

Little back story on my latest submission, It's Not Creepy if it's Slash Fiction. I wrote it last January. I reeeeally liked Cobalt Snow's characters, Cherry and Vanilla. I saw this picture (NSFW, don't click if not your thing) and I had to do something with it. Just had to. (TBH I forgot where I even got the cover art until I found that pic again. So good.) Failed

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Offline for 20 weeks now...that is not a good sign for "Love and Affection". Dang, I really liked that story and randomly thought of it today. :fluttercry:

Oh, I plan to, but life's a silly thing. I guess we'll see what happens. Maybe sometime soon.

Hope you are still around and going to continue "Ties That Bind" it had a good beginning but with how long its been since an update I must worry for its continuation.

Working on it.

853084 you gonna update any time soon

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