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All mares have needs. Even if they’re totally uncool and undeniably lame. Rainbow Dash is the one exception to the rule. After a month away from her marefriend, she wasn’t even the tiniest bit lonely. And she definitely didn’t need - or want - a hug. Hugs were lame, and she was Rainbow Danger Dash. Hugging would only slow her down.

Now with a Youtube reading by Sparrow9642. Link!

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Image source?

Oh Rainbow, you stubborn, silly mare.

Eventually, Rainbow would wake up and find herself in the same position she’d fallen asleep. Wrapped in the same warm embrace she’d fallen asleep in, and she’d be forced to admit that being hugged wasn’t so bad after all. But only if Twilight was the one hugging her.


Not sure I'm afraid. It came from a tumblr account that doesn't seem to exist anymore. I don't remember the artist's name.

oh my stars this is so CUUUUUUUTE thanks for posting it just in time for the holiday!!!!!!!!

That was adorable and fluffy! Thanks for the fic!

Hey, thanks! I tried reverse image searching but it didn't get any hits. I'll update.

So fluffy, so silly, so cuddly :yay:

I was expecting her to take the tackle hug initiative, but it was even more cute the way it happened. Congrats on the feature.

Cute pons are cute

Syrupy sweet and well written.

I love each second of this!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Finally another TwiDash for the library!

Nice bit of fluff. I’d also like to imagine a relatively timid pony was feeling very uncomfortable the the whole train ride.

Very adorable and in character. Thank you for sharing.

Super adorable, great to see new Twidash, and yours always pleases. :twilightsmile:

This, we need more of this.

I love it.

Moar. <3

Ha, I did finally beat you to one.

Hugs are nice.

This is perfect fuzzy fluff and it's wonderful.

Author Interviewer

This Rainbow Dash, she is like the tiny baby pony. XD

This was cute and funny.

Short, cute, and sweet. Enough said. :rainbowkiss: :heart: :twilightsmile:

I don't ship Twidash, but this is really freakin' adorable.

I can see this dynamic happening

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