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Rainbow Dash asks Twilight a question one early morning, claiming that she's asking for a friend. In the process she unknowingly sets Twilight out on a journey to find out who asked the question originally. With nothing but a single question to go on, Twilight tries to track down a mare that may not even exist.

Written for Week 1 of my Twidash August Challenge.

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Reading a TwiDash at 7am, woo~

In all seriousness, another enjoyable story. Predictable, but cute and heartwarming in the end.

Bravo! I liked this story, and unlike quite a few I've been through lately, the dialogue all seemed nice and in-character for everypony. Don't suppose there'll be a continuation of this?

Also, noticed a few things that your editing pass missed.

“For a friend!” Spike cried, losing his grip on Twilight's foreleg addand falling all the way to the floor. “She asked for a friend!”

Rarity took the kettle and poured the steaming liquid into totwo cups, placing a small teabag in each.

Explaining to her why she can todo a Rainboom?

That's all I noticed, and actually the last one is the only one I saw on my first reading; the other two were located while I was trying to remember where I found a do -> to error. ^v^;;

Oh, sweet, I got the first viewing. *v*

I liked most of it. I did not like the parts where everyone laughed at Twilight. Rainbow Dash was the only one to say "sorry" about laughing at her. It felt to much like they were laughing AT her.
At 1st I was thinking that Twilight would think Rainbow Dash was pranking her when Dash confessed. Twilight had said before that she does not think anypony would want her.
Also, no best background pony. :ajbemused:

Over all a great story, Happy to have more good TwiDash.

Hi, another very enjoyable story from you again ! Really hope theres a sequel to this, cant wait for the rest of your August challenge fics ! Some spelling mistakes i noticed while reading,

she added in tone of heavy sarcasm, shooting a glare at the now beat-red beet- redunicorn, who giggle guiltily

Twilight blushed as she caught site sight of a mare smiling lightly at her and giving a wave of greeting.

, Twilight hadn't even thought of her friends, but now that she had to it was seaming Seemingless and less likely that she would say yes to Fluttershy.

Hope to see more Twidash from you !=))

Twilight Sparkle, you're the dumbest genius I know.

It was entirely predictable, but entirely enjoyable as well. I feel you have improved your narration too, though I can't put my finger on what makes me think this.

I'd advise to wait for a while after finishing one fanfiction, especially at 3 AM, before publishing it so you have the time to reread it and smooth out the typos... but I don't do that myself haha.

There's quite a bit of lavender syndrome here, especially with Fluttershy the shy mare.

I'm sure the Rarijack shippers will be delighted that you left Rarity's distraction of Applejack up to their imagination. :trollestia:

And the strangest thing happened; upon reading the Fluttershy segment, I found myself shipping Flutterlight.


uncapitalize '“What?” in 'as she could muster, “What?”'

samewise for '“Yeah' in '“Yeah, yeah, you caught her.'

samewise for '“Look' in '“Look, I promised her'

samewise for '“Yeah' in '“Yeah, you know her.”'

'Not to mention she's mention quite a few times' should be 'Not to mention she's mentioned quite a few times'

'I do to!' should be 'I do too!'

'who giggle guiltily.' should be 'who giggled guiltily.'

'leaving nothing but and gently-swinging open door' should be 'leaving nothing but a gently-swinging open door'

remove the double space after 'sleeping' in 'her no-doubt sleeping assistant'

'grabbing her cup of coffee from the table a taking a sip' should be 'grabbing her cup of coffee from the table and taking a sip'

uncapitalize 'He' in 'He choked out between wheezes'

'he definitely knows something,” she though aloud' should be 'he definitely knows something,” she thought aloud'

'Twilight blushed as she caught site' should be 'Twilight blushed as she caught sight'

'an action the was completely negated' should be 'an action that was completely negated'

'everything she could think to do to past the time' should be 'everything she could think to do to pass the time'

uncapitalize 'She' in '“Twilight?” She called again'

'She never got to finisher her explanation' should be 'She never got to finish her explanation'

'Explaining to her why she can to a Rainboom?' should be 'Explaining to her why she can do a Rainboom?'

'I'm sure you're just over thinking things.' should be 'I'm sure you're just overthinking things.'

'it was seaming less and less likely' should be 'it was seeming less and less likely'

'with a mixture of curiosity an annoyance' should be 'with a mixture of curiosity and annoyance'

uncapitalize the '“Yeah' in “Yeah, and you kept telling me you were busy.”

'her impromptu-teleport' should be 'her impromptu teleportation'

'whispering conspiratorial in Twilight's ear,' should be 'whispering conspiratorially in Twilight's ear,'


'“Would you like to by something dear?”' should be '“Would you like to buy something dear?”'

Twilight smiled as she added another mental tally to the number of puzzles she'd solved

I liked that line, even though Twilight solved that puzzle upside down. :trollestia:

listening to your voice but never hearing anything you say

Best line of the story.

Spike froze perfectly still for nearly a whole second, before very calmly walking the rest of the way down the shelf, putting the books where they belonged, and coming back to stand in front of Twilight. He placed a claw against her foreleg, and instantly doubled over laughing.

Self control, thy name is Spike. :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight ranted, going into her lecture mode that everypony in Ponyville knew to avoid as she sat back on the couch.

Twilight trained Ponyville well. :trollestia:

giving the pink mare the look that she always gave Pinkie Pie

Also known as the 'oh for [REDACTED] sake!' look. :trollestia:

Well, nothing new, to be honest. But cute, well executed and great characterization. So, have a like!

Twidash Twidash Twidash Twidash ♡♥
I just love your fics.. and I just love Twidash

i loved this! even though i wanted to smack twilight through most of the fic.

There might be a continuation of this as another week in my August Challenge, depends if I get an idea I like enough to write it in less than a week.

I didn't think I missed that much. It probably would have been better for multiple reasons to save this until later and do a full edit when I was awake, but I was lazy and wanted this thing out of my hair. Thanks for the corrections.

4827300 You're welcome and thanks for making the effort to reply to me.

Rainbow to ask about her references

Well she does know Princess Celestia :pinkiehappy:

She asked ass she turned

I don't think ass is going to answer

Comment posted by TheMoreLovingOne deleted Aug 10th, 2014


I don't think ass is going to answer


Great story, like it. :heart::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::heart:
Any TwiDash is always welcome.

Awwwwwwwwwww, this is so sweeet!
I totally love your TwiDash fictions! Keep writing :)))

She asked ass she turned and stepped into her home.

I think you .eat "as" not "ass". There were countless others, but this one I couldn't let you get away with.


I felt like doing this. Idk why. Maybe the same reason for why I started watching MLP:FiM: I was bored.

Rainbow hummed in thought, scratching the back of her head. “Well, basically she likes you because you're... well, you're Twilight Sparkle. She goes on and on about the little things no one else really notices about you, like how she's seen your eyes literally sparkle when you find a book you haven't read yet, or the look you get when you're trying to solve a puzzle. She's constantly talking about how dedicated you are to your studies, and she won't shut up about how smart you are. Not to mention she's mention quite a few times that you're not exactly hard on the eyes.”
Twilight blushed a deep crimson as Rainbow continued, not expecting anything so... detailed. They were some of the most flattering things she'd ever heard, and she wasn't about to cut her friend short at this rate.
“She could probably talk for days about how adorable she thinks your little mannerisms are, and-”
“Wait wait wait,” Twilight cut in, motioning for Rainbow to stop. “Do you even know what 'mannerisms' are? No offence, but you're vocabulary isn't normally so... robust.”
“Hey! I do to! Rarity told me after I was talking to her about yo- err. Never mind. Yeah, I know what mannerisms are,” Rainbow finished with a carefully-hidden blush and a discrete fake cough. “Do I need to keep going?”
“Umm...” Twilight blushed a few shades redder than she had been. “It... couldn't hurt.”
Rainbow chuckled again and nodded. “Well, she says you're beautiful, and she likes how you never treat her like she's stupid, even though she's nowhere near as smart as you – even if you like to point out when ponies use 'big words',” she added in tone of heavy sarcasm, shooting a glare at the now beat-red unicorn, who giggle guiltily.
“She says she likes how positive your outlook on life is, and that she could listen to your lectures for hours, listening to your voice but never hearing anything you say. I-she loves how you don't mind when she doesn't understand a word you say, and how you just laugh and explain it in simpler terms. She-”

Pip: OK, even if I didn't know this was a TwiDash I do now. Twilight is oblivious

Twilight rolled her eyes. “I'm not totally oblivious, Rarity.”

Foxy: Yes ye are

4828603 in which part was the ass?

The entire story I wanted to smack twilight upside her head! Lol but I enjoyed the ending /) keep up the good work (\

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later Reviews #56.

My review can be found here.

Twilight you dense motherbucker

this was perfect; it read just like an episode.

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