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Shortly after the events of Daring Don't, master archeologist Daring Do remembers a legacy that she'd long forgotten in her studies as a young adventurer. Now, Rainbow Dash might hold the key to uncovering the greatest treasure Daring Do will likely ever find.

But will Rainbow Dash embrace her destiny?

Or will Daring Do's dream of finding the greatest treasure she's ever imagined end in failure?

Editing done by Cherry Frosting

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It made me cry. Hit pretty close to home. A few grammar errors and the occasionally missing linking verb, but it doesn't matter. That was really good

Glad I'm not the only one who came up with this theory. I even know why Daring would abandon her own daughter, because she couldn't risk endangering her. :pinkiesad2:

Got to admit this is played out really well. Great job. Also could see what you mean in your notes. Having Daring's eye colour and mane style with her fathers colours really seem possible.

3598666 indeed that is a valid point.

wow...This was good..

Manes #6 · Dec 9th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Please let this get featured!:pinkiehappy:

I love this so much, are you going to make a sequel? :heart::fluttershysad:

Wow... a sequal please :fluttershysad:

awesome story:twilightsmile:


Look at all these favorites! :yay:

I can't even carry them all! :rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, you ever have a story in your head that you can just knock out of the park in one, maybe two, goes? This was one of those stories and I was really happy that I didn't over do anything in it.

I didn't over do anything in it, did I? :rainbowderp:


nah man it was good to see " RD is daughter of Daring do" to take some sort of form. :twilightsmile:

Although I'd like to see how RD and Daring Do make use of this new found relationship as mother and daughter. ( thus the reason why I asked for a sequal.)

You're awesome! Of course you didn't over do it!:pinkiehappy:

3599202 Nah, I think it is ripe for a continuation though.

Oh yes, the beautiful 'I'm your mother!' Bombshell. I may have dropped that one once or twice. Does it count as three times if two ponies heard it from one pony at the same time? Finding out that they are sisters? Oh well, awesome little story. Grammar and spelling was painful in spots but it was overall decent. Oh, and pacing was a bit....fast. Anywho, awesome story.

3599259 actually, I would love it if you told me where I messed up on grammar :ajsmug:

Sorry, not a grammar editor. It's just a simple task of reading over again, I would think.

3599202 No, you didn't over do anything! :twilightsmile: I actually have 6 story ideas that I really want to write about, but sadly, it's difficult to find enough time to write them because of school. :ajsleepy:

3599280 So did I over do anything? Or did I hit all the emotional points just right? :duck:

Nope, you did not overdo anything, in my opinion. You hit the points of emotion though they could have been stronger and more profound. Show more reaction, don't tell it. It gives a more defined definition and helps paint the readers mental image more clearly and more precise to what you originally had painted in your mind.

3599485 duly noted. Anything else? :duck:

Other than suggesting an editor to help give future stories a quick run through before they hit the inter webs, nope. My advice hath been given.


3599533 HOLY SH:rainbowlaugh:T!!!

Quickly! Tell me how to take a screen shot on my laptop of this! :yay:


I don't know, That's why my post had no pic sorry.:unsuresweetie:

Sequel please about her meeting the other Mane 6. I want to see AJ go off on her like a tank mg. (You know the whole dead parents thing would make AJ disgusted by Daring's fleeing)

Generally just hit the print screen button on your keyboard.

Luv it!!!!!! I never thought of Daring Do being her mom though,but still... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

The way you put it. Dash has seen som shit.

Awesome story, man! :ajsmug:
Teensy little let-down in the few grammatical errors here and there, but other than that, a fantastic read! :pinkiehappy:

3599872 Yeah, she kind has, hasn't she? :twilightsheepish:

3599928 anything specific that you can point out? :duck:

The only bad thing I see is that it is marked complete when it should be INCOMPLETE!:twilightangry2::flutterrage::rainbowdetermined2::pinkiecrazy:


Daring Do couldn't help but smile at her little fillies sleeping face as she was laid in her arms for the very first time.

Daring Do couldn't help but smile at her little filly's sleeping face as she lay in her arms for the very first time.

...something Daring Do and both the father of the mare had...

...something both Daring Do and the father of the mare had...

The little red headed fillies face lit up.

The little red-headed filly's face lit up.

Just little things like those. You also might want to double-space your paragraphs, just so it doesn't look as much like a big wall of text. As in, pressing 'Enter' twice, yeah?
A bit of extra spacing makes it a little easier to read. :twilightsmile:

3598587 someone should report this story to Scribbler so she can read it, because this story is awesome.

3600062 fixed, thank you :twilightsmile:

3600162 who is Scribbler? :rainbowderp:

3598587 you know what when i read it, it was like: sniff X3 WAAAAAAAA-haaaaaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaa:fluttercry:

This story is well written. It just needs an editor to smooth out all the rough parts. you really need to get one.

3600165:pinkiegasp: WHATTTT!!!??? Her full name is ObabScribbler, she does reading of stories from this website, does a great job and then post her live reading on youtube

you know if you think about it. Daring possibly left Rainbow dash to protect her, y-know keep her safe.

3600237 Huh. I'll be damned

it took 49 likes to get my first dislike. I well, that's still only 2 out of 100, right? :ajsmug:

OK who are the idiots that disliked this?

Well done on getting it featured on FiM my friend and got to say it worth being up there :pinkiehappy:

3600714 well I appreciate the compliment :twilightsmile:

3600716 well when I first saw this I had a feeling it may get featured since it had all the right settings for a one short chapter story when I read it, try as I might nothing of mine never gets there lol.

Well done either way my friend. One of my stories may coming close but not sure lol. It a slow working progress that I am proud of.

Well again well done! :eeyup::ajsmug:

The story was pretty good. I can see it as a possibility that Daring would be the mother, and it was an interesting premise.

However, I was severely distracted by the grammar, misuse of homophones, missing and repeat words, and all that good stuff. This needs to be edited extensively, and soon if possible. The underlying story itself was good, but I just couldn't get motivated to actually read it because I had to basically re-structure every sentence and fill in the blanks. This was a bit of a wasted opportunity because it had so much potential, but the grammar was just too distracting for it to be an effective story.

In summation, it was a good story, but it was delivered quite poorly.

3600314 People dislike stories like this because of grammar. If you can't tell the story you're trying to tell because your grammar is just that bad, then the entire point of writing it in the first place is gone.

anyone else that wanted twilights mother to be the athor of Daring Do?

They ruined fanfiction!

Anyway, nice work there

This is great and I even know a hook for a seque orl chapter 2, Scootaloo is Daring's 2nd born.
It fits, ya?

Well I have to say if this could become Cannon I'd have no problem what so ever with it.

3600816:facehoof: that's all i ever hear Grammar grammar grammar that's the only complaint, look no one is perfect so you can't expect a perfectly written stories that has no mistakes in it that's BS

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