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I'm a relatively mentally stable person with a penchant for high drama stories with attempts at high action pieces justaposed with some comedy, meaning that I like action, a good story and out of spa-


Lightning Dust was lost. In a fit of arrogant rage, she quit the wonderbolts and has been a wandering drunk ever sinse.

That was until she stumbled her way into Appleousa.

However, what was once nothing more than a little fun has grown into so much more. Now, against all odds and judgement, can the determined, yet admittedly effeminate, cowboy and the fiery and brash trick flyer make it work?

Or will the odds come crashing down on them like so many dominoes?

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Shortly after the events of Daring Don't, master archeologist Daring Do remembers a legacy that she'd long forgotten in her studies as a young adventurer. Now, Rainbow Dash might hold the key to uncovering the greatest treasure Daring Do will likely ever find.

But will Rainbow Dash embrace her destiny?

Or will Daring Do's dream of finding the greatest treasure she's ever imagined end in failure?

Editing done by Cherry Frosting

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The Nightmare forces have possessed Rarity and she has struck down each of her friends.

Only Spike remains standing.

Can he save the mare he loves?

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Soarin' Highwind, the son of a Wonder Bolt. But when he's rejected from the 'bolts and nothing seems to be going his way, a small and seeming useless ring brings him to the crash sight of a legendary warrior. And he quickly finds that the universe is bigger than just Equestria

A LOT bigger

Now, undergoing training with the greatest of all Green Lanterns, Sunset Shimmer, Soarin' must help stop an ancient evil from tearing apart the universe and destroying trillions of lives.

The only question is will Soarin' fail? Or will he rise above all and become the colt without fear?

Art by Exelzior
And pre-reading by Fanofawesomeness

Rated Teen for mild language through out

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The Shadow Bolts, Luna's most elite operatives. The hide within her veil of her sacred darkness to keep the light from ever fading. They are what goes bump in the night.

Of course even legends have their rookies, agents with all the skills to get the job done, but who have yet to fully prove themselves in the field.

After traveling magical prodigy Twilight Sparkle brings an ursa minor to a small town, wreaking all kinds of havoc, Princess Luna assembles one such team to bring the rogue sorceress to justice.

Now on their first mission without supervision from a senior mentor, can a clerical research specialist, an overzealous tracker with a shady past, and an ex-recruit turned freelancer find her before she causes more trouble... or worse still, before trouble finds her.


A story set in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse, starting shortly after the events of Boast Busted and running up to the events Count Down to Crisis


Special thanks goes to Emeral Bookwise for helping me with this thing.

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Sequel to the fanfic. Rain

Miles Wilhelm, once a human living on earth, has been brought to Equestria by Princess Celestia herself at the request of Rarity. He has followed the once pony-turned-human Rainbow (Rain) Dash, the love of his life, and has found a brave new world as an orange pegasus.

What's next?

Now, the young stallion has to adjust to his new life as a stallion. It'll be hard, and there will be pitfalls along the way, but he's up for it. If, for nothing else, only for Rain and for Scootaloo.

Original Artwork by InTheStardust

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"Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest sister used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn. The younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects: all the different types of ponies.

"But as time went on, the two sisters grew greedy and covetous of their neighbors to the north. The Crystal Empire stood ready to defend themselves, but even their prince, noble and kind, could not contend with their power. On the fateful day they turned on their once friend, they became the ultimate perversions of their former selves. The elder sister became Solaria Dawn, herald of light and hate, and the younger became Night Mare Moon, harbinger of darkness and fear.

"Reluctantly, the noble prince delved into the darkness and found the forbidden powers needed to save his empire from certain doom. With the might of the shadows, combined with the mystical strength of the crystal heart and the elements of harmony, he was able to defeat his former friends and bring peace to all of Equestria, bearing the responsibility of both sun and moon. Harmony and peace once again fell upon the lands.

"One thousand years has passed since that time..."

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Choices. We make them everyday and each alternate choice can lead to an alternate reality. Millions of ponies making thousands of choices. Infinite Equestrias. So what would happen if one small thing, the tiniest detail, was changed? That's what happens when our Princess Luna shows up in a world where Rainbow Dash never executed the Sonic Rainboom, she quickly finds out that everything she knows and loves has changed in a flash.

Make no mistake. This is NOT a Luna-verse story.


And everything you know and love will shatter in an instant

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There was once a young man named Miles Wilhelm. He was neither bitter nor was he angry at the world. He lived a life like any other, until one day, when a mystery woman crashed into his life and nothing was the same ever since.

Based loosely on the MLP fanfic, My Little Dashie
I don't own the rights to this at all

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Things seem to be totally at peace while Noble Spirit is on a date with his girlfriend, Scootaloo. But when Princess Luna falls out of the sky, it seems as if everything falls apart beneath everyponies feet. Can Noble, the Princess and their friends finally find out what's wrong with their kingdom and save the world from an unimaginable evil, or will Equestria be placed in the iron hooves a dark an eternal shadow?!

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