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“If the youth are not initiated into the tribe, they will burn down the village, just to feel its warmth.” — African proverb


Big things have small beginnings.

A Lunaverse story, the prequel to the upcoming "Crisis on Two Equestrias."

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Nice job breaking the multiverse, Twilight. :ajbemused:

Huh... well that just happened.

So, this is the incident that Shining was telling Trixie about in "At the Grand Galloping Gala"?

Okay, she had better get punishment for this.

Uh-oh. :twilightoops:

There are a couple of places where a light editing pass might be needed, especially near the start, but overall this is looking good.

Why did this have to get posted right before I went to sleep!? You're updating like crazy these day's, not that I'm complaining! :D
oh well not sleeping now.
I liked the history lesson on Poniszawa and it's conversion into a historical tourist trap, it suits the family well, that they'd spend their holiday's in such scholarly places.
Interesting idea giving Twi a pocket dimension, I have mixed feeling about it, but that's likely to do with personal head canon on Twilight's powers, and it was well executed regardless glad to know Twi hasn't been suffering to bad on the money front at least.
Twilight comes across as very sympathetic & relatable here, which was the point. :scootangel:
Nice to see that given enough time Twi was able to realize to seem extent that she'd done wrong, even if she can't admit Trixie is the element of magic, though she also seems conflicted on that front as well.
Very well done scene with the bubble shield. Twi and Shining scene was very heartbreaking.
Epic ending there, both with the blackness claiming Twilight and the "impossible place"

Great chapter and an excellent set up for the cross universal shenanigans, I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Dammit, Shiny :facehoof:

Personally, I'm hoping she gets perspective more than punishment.

I don't think L!Twilight's a bad pony, she's just been making atrociously bad decisions, and has been too afraid to own up to them.

Also, poor Shiny. He just wants his family back. :raritydespair:

Twilight, the unicorn voted Most Likely to Sprout Wings three years running. Seriously, if she ever decided to drop the moon onto some spot in Equestria, I wouldn't want to be standing there...

A Twilight Sparkle backed into a corner is a dangerous Twilight Sparkle...

Pretty heart-wrenching to see the brother and sister meet up after all this time and still not get any closure. The Crisis will be more than just a bunch of worlds colliding.

Let's see how this Final Countdown goes from here.

1964308 Hey, there are times I wish Mane-verse Twilight gets her head verbally ripped off. *Shrugs* Here or M!Six, she needs a good talking-to. At least.

Even more fun: the upcoming scene, whether here or in Crisis itself, where L!Twilight and M!Twilight rip each other's metaphorical heads off about the flaws that they can see "in the mirror."

oh boy. This won't end well.........

1964308 Indeed, her go-to response to social anxiety appears to be a magical excursions on a sliding scale from calamitous to apocalyptic.

What a messed up kid...

Ooooo, me likey.

Am I the only one who thought it was hilarious when Haymaker got punched?

Great job cracking the universe, Twilight. :twilightblush:

I am so going to read this... even if it does take a tagline from one of the most overhyped pieces of dreck I've ever watched in my entire life.

I mean, Transformers 3 sucked, but it's not like anyone expected it to be good.

Lovely. Say, is Crisis on Two Equestrias a reference to a certain straight-to-dvd animated movie?


even if it does take a tagline from one of the most overhyped pieces of dreck I've ever watched in my entire life.

What are you talking about? Lawrence of Arabia is a great movie!


It's a reference to Crisis on Infinite Earths, a mega-crossover that DC comics did in the 80s.

Uh, oh. This should be fun... :twilightoops:

1964977 But Owlman is a great superhero!


I would say it's a reference to the comic book industry, myself.

Excellent work as always, RDD.

*unfolds a chair and sits*

Dis gonna be gud.

This chapter reminded me of an old sci-fi story about an institute researching alternate realities. They turned test subjects into dimensional travelers by tying them to a machine that unstuck them and making them extremely uncomfortably, leaving away as the only available escape direction. Yeah, I know it's weird... :twilightblush:

So i'm not the only who thought it was a reference to DC comics instead of that movie of which we do not speak?


It's a reference to Crisis on Infinite Earths, a mega-crossover that DC comics did in the 80s.

Rut Roh, Shaggy, wasn't that kind of a blood bath? I mean they killed (hippish) Super Girl.
Then tried to bring her back.
When they tried to bring back Batwoman, they brought her back gay...does this mean Trixie finally gets some? :raritywink: :trixieshiftright:

I can't wait till it's done, so I can read this then Crisis :yay:

......:rainbowderp:Leave it to Twilight to crack a hole in the universe, talk about the ultimate escape.
Always enjoy the world building in these, it always feels like you put the extra effort into it.:rainbowdetermined2:

It's starting!

Indeed, her go-to response to social anxiety appears to be a magical excursions on a sliding scale from calamitous to apocalyptic.

I think that describes both Twilights

Oh, dear. She was almost ready to admit that just maybe, she might have been wrong and WHAM, she broke reality. This is far worse than enchanting a doll.

That being said, her meeting M!Twilight will be far more traumatic than L!Trixie meeting M!Trixie. I mean, the other Lunaverse versions of the bearers would to one extent or another give the Mane Six pause but to see what she could have been in a world that feared the Sun would probably be the thing that finally gets the screw-ball to see reason.

By the way, has Twilight crossed an Alternate or a Parallel?

Because that's kind of important.

Alternates are fine. They're on the same causal-planar field, so travel is easy and safe, provided you're in the right areas of the Omniverse. It really varies from place to place, but as long as the barriers around your Alternate aren't too rigid, you can slip in and out with relative ease.

Parallels, not so much.

Bridging a Parallel basically means you're creating a connection between two places that are really not ever supposed to interact with one another. It's risky business, and it only leads to branching Parallels which get messy fast.

Ironically, Alternates run on the exact same causio-temporal track to each other, and Parallels are constantly branching off into more Parallels. Makes no sense, but that's the Omniverse for you.

Don't even get me fucking started on nested multi verse clusters. Especially chain clusters.

Motherfucking chain clusters. You take out one Alternate, and every Alternate afterwards has a total event collapse. Easily the worst kind of cluster to find yourself living in.

Please don't turn Lunaverse!Twilight into Superboy Prime... of all of the possibilities in the multiverse, that would be the Worst. Possible. Thing. :raritycry:

...um...I'll give you the same explanation I gave vazak:

The way I'm going to approach dimensional travel is kind of like a Stargate. If you learn a spell that will teleport you to Universe B, then you can now travel to Universe B. Now that you are on Universe B, if you cast that spell again to try and get to Universe A...nothing happens, you stay on Universe B. You need an entirely different spell to get from Universe B back to Universe A. So dimensional travel is therefore necessarily limited, since you have to learn completely new spells each time you want to go to a different universe (and indeed I may even make it so that you need specific spells even to go from one universe to the next to the next, so you need one spell to get from A to B, another to get from B to A, a third to get from A to C, a fourth to get from C to A, a fifth to get from C to B, and a sixth to get from B to C).

The second thing I'm going to do is that universes kind of move and shift around. Travel is only possible when they're close enough, which only happens every thousand years, and the window for travel is only about three months wide.

And the third thing is that travelling requires power, a lot of it. Generally speaking, only an alicorn can gather together enough raw magical energy, and it's exhausting even for them.

An alicorn, or an exceptionally gifted unicorn who then blacks out for three days from the effort.

An exceptionally gifted unicorn who then blacks out for three days from the effort, or a unicorn that happens to be struck by lighting the very instant they try to teleport.

Under no circumstance will I be turning anyone into Superboy Prime.


Ah, so they're Alternates in a large, loosely packed cluster. Likely either ellipse or orbital, by your description.

If the drifts happen in a regular, constant pattern, it's likely orbital. If they were irregular and random, then it would be more of an ellipse. A loose cloud as opposed to a tight series of orbits around one another, you see.

Good thing too, because Spiral and Chain clusters are the ones that have Prime Alternates, and those suuuck because as I've mentioned, if you were to incite an event in, say, the 10th alternate, every alternate from 11 onwards would feel it in some way. The effects get more pronounced as you approach the Prime alternate, leading to the whole thing where if so much as the planet Earth were to be destroyed, every Earth (and Earth analogue!) In that cluster just ceases to be.

And that is why you need to take good care of your Primes. Be active in your cluster, and all that.


Likely either ellipse or orbital, by your description.

A mix of both regular and orbital. Some universes move in regular patterns...some don't. Like the thirteen twelve moons of Eberron.


Oh my god, I know, right?

And then you have those times when clusters move around each other, and everything just goes out the door when you get to that point, because, hey, that alternate wasn't here yesterday! Looks like our alternates just got switched around, and we'll likely not see that other alternate for fucking eons

Motherfucker. That just ruins my entire weekend when that happens.

...your entire weekend is ruined because Xoriat, the Realm of Madness, the fell plane of the Daelkyr whom the demons themselves feared and whom the Dhakaani Empire gave their lives to ensure that it could never again enter Eberron's orbit?

See, most people see that Xoriat's exile is one of the few times when the motiff of thirteen twelve things was considered a good thing for Eberron.


An exceptionally gifted unicorn who then blacks out for three days from the effort, or a unicorn that happens to be struck by lighting the very instant they try to teleport.

Magic lightning is still a bit shaky to me, if it's used.
I get the sudden impression the two Twilight will bee swapping places?:scootangel:


Well, yeah, when you want to get rid of the asshole Alternates, it's great.

But man, when you have good relations with a world populated by sentient hats, and all of a sudden their alternate gets jacked by the causio-gravitational pull of some ellipse cluster that just happened to skim your cluster?

I mean, yeah, it's an accident, but that shit can tear families apart if they're on different alternates at the time. Loving, mixed-species hat-human families.

...this is officially a very strange conversation.


Wait struck by lightning to go through dimensions? Why do I get the feeling that this may some how end with Trixie gaining a Dangerous Forbidden Technique overclocking mode (possibly of the Cast From Hit Points type) that ends up looking something like this when engaged:


That looks badass! and super awesome! In equally epic measures!
kinda makes me think of "storm avatar"?
I actually quite like the idea of a cool but very risky magical spell like that plus ticked of Trixie getting her effects is cool.

Neither am I, to be perfectly honest...I just make stuff up as it comes to me.

Well, Part 2 certainly came up fast, which is great because waiting was torturous. Can't wait to see what comes in the actual Crisis!

Well, L!Twinks, you've screwed up yet again. Hopefully this time it'll be less 'rampaging bears' and more 'friendship and adventures'.

Aw, who am I kidding? Putting two Twilight Sparkles together is like mixing ammonia and bleach. A good idea.

My lawyer has informed me that I'm no longer allowed to tell people to mix ammonia and bleach. It's dangerous. Don't do it.

Do it.

oh man........

I do like the fact that Twilight knew that she probably shouldn't meddle in this other worlds affairs. Too bad it looks like she'll be forced to. And I do like how you talk of the differenced between governments(though admittedly the mention of Ministries made me think of Fallout Equestria....well, that and Fina Fantasy XI)

Bets are being placed on Twi's being swapped and that It's was a freak convergence of both spells that caused this.

Though I'm not betting on that, because that's obvious.

Hmm........Without the Great Game to attract M!Trixie's attention, there's no real mystery why she became a showmare here. Also, leave it to a Twilight to realize what's wrong when there's nothing she can do about it yet.

Also, thank you for explaining WHY nopony in the Celestiaverse knows who the Mane Six are. The same impulse that caused Celestia to let the Nightmare Moon incident get swept under the rug made her protect her little ponies for receiving due credit for their efforts.

:facehoof: why didn't I follow this fic, :facehoof: I gave it a thumbs up and forgot to fave it! :facehoof: I almost missed the update! :facehoof:
The opening line just brought me to my knees giggling that was hilarious.

I really like Twilight waking up around griffon, and confusing medical equipment, it makes sense considering where she teloported form and griffons with German accents works so well for some reason. I'm still confused how griffons can smile, though I admit I lie this doctor. :scootangel:

I liked Twilight exploring the "new" location and her sense of disconnection and that general feeling on unreality, interesting that electricity sorta exists in L!verse too. Great work with Twilight's confusion and horror regarding how different the city is, and of course Corona her fleeing in the hopes of something familiar was amazingly done. ah Twilight always checking books for everything, though in this case that's not a bad idea, though I am curious how the time frame works.

Twilight's shock, horror and indignation on Luna's behalf was also well done. I like her with a fort of books it works. Loved the take outs form the books and Twilight wondering if it's a war like nation or a police state. fascinating divergence and differences between the two government style of Celestia and Luna and how they ally & rule their lands, it fits very well with what we've seen in the show I especially like the take on why Eqauestria is so internalized.
I like the idea that Celestia and Luna have developed some different type of technologies as opposed to one just being behind. I will say I'm a little surprised that Twilight seems to be handling it all so well I kinda expected mroe conclusion jumping.
I really liked Twilight jumbles thoughts on whether she was meant to be the element of magic or trixie, I do feel she figured everything out to easily especially the right place right time thing, but her reaction to her hero self and just wanting to leave that world was excellently done.

Great cliffhanger with the I can't go home line I am so looking forward to crisis! i'd give you more thumbs up if I could. Looking forward to mroe develops in your writing to come.
Also this fic worked really well for setting up crisis it probably would have been a little odd to start crisis with these two chapter, but you managed to get the gist of world travelling and a great deal of world building out of this fic along with a good line of character development for twilight.

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