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I'm a relatively mentally stable person with a penchant for high drama stories with attempts at high action pieces justaposed with some comedy, meaning that I like action, a good story and out of spa-


The Nightmare forces have possessed Rarity and she has struck down each of her friends.

Only Spike remains standing.

Can he save the mare he loves?

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It liked it.

The story hit all of the right emotional tones and had everyone character from their portrayal in the show and the comics.

(Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful with your research by the way...:twilightblush:)

He coughed twice, a small measure of blood leaving his mouth. He smiled forcefully. "But what is a Goddess," her eyes widened before he finished. "To a non-believer?"

That is the best retort to the A God Am I trope ever. No questions asked.
In other news this was fantastic, I saw this pop up on the corner of my screen and thought "It was him," And it was good.

Aww. I was hoping he would say yes. I saw this epic Nightmare sparity pic with her and a evil spike the knight... I hoped this would be a fic about it. But I still loved it. And you brought some feels. :raritycry:

Finally! A Nightmare Rarity story!

FINALLY! A Nightmarity story... and it's tragic... I hope this would inspire more. (Though the canon comics already have the happy ending route covered. Maybe an aftermath story.)

I like it, sort of. While I'm sad about Spike he at least went out standing his ground and got a few hits in.:fluttercry::raritydespair: May everyone remember the awesomeness of Spike.:moustache::rainbowdetermined2:

3180951 Damn straight. :moustache: is a boss!

Spike a hero? Yeah right he sucks to much.

Spike a hero? Yeah right he sucks to much.

"But what is a Goddess," her eyes widened before he finished. "To a non-believer?"


the molten center of the Earth


Everything DARKPHANTOM13 said. It's always pretty awesome to see a hero go down making a stand and getting in one or two physical blows.

Still, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the graphic novel more when I read it.

good god!
i loved it!
we need more spike stories, ones that we actually like him.


First word I see, and it's already error-fied. Not a good sign.

Very good throughout, but the ending was especially powerful and is what earned my like and fav. Kudos, friend!


Would you guys like me to continue on for one or two more chapters? Or would that diminish the impact of the story?


Don't. Change. A thing.

(y'know, except grammar/ syntax mistakes or whatev')

You can if you want to.

Your story is powerful as is, so it certainly does not suffer for want of an extra chapter or epilogue.

However, I can certainly envision a properly done epilogue providing a sense of closure or hope that is missing; in a sense, something bittersweet which acknowledges the tragedy without falling into despair.

Nevertheless, it's your story and it's already earned my upvote.

I wouldn't recommend it, its great the way it is.

What the Vrek is this wetness around my eyes?! My heart is STONE! ... yet still it trembles...

Just as I was reading that ending my mp3 played this-
"A hero's not afraid to give his life, a hero's gonna save me (female part) just in tiiiime!"
Then it played
"Save us tonight, the last hope for all of us. Light years gone by, we're still holding on. Save us tonight, a star shines in all of us. Far beyond our night, still our glory lives ooooooOOONNN!"


"Our kingdom come, we stand as one. And we will liiiiiiiive foooooor alwaaaays eeeeever moooooore.

That...that was so sad! Poor Spike, he could only get the girl after it was over.

He gave freely, of everything he had. His time, his possessions, and even his life. In the end, he was the one being in all the world that could make Generosity feel selfish. Through the crimson shards of an old promise, he saves his beloved once more.

The greatest hero ever indeed. Farewell, a great pony till the very end.


I don't see enough Nightmare Rarity stories. This was very good and my
...they hurt!

She knew that her friends would forgive her  what she'd done tonight, but as she looked to and retrieved the fire ruby Spike had given her from the floor, she knew for a fact that she would never forgive herself.

I think Luna feels the same about becoming Nightmare Moon and betraying Celestia. Even though they were possessed and aren't to blame, they still feel responsible for what has happened.

An amazing story.
Man tears were shed, it was a very powerful story of a calibre that we don't see enough of.
Take these five well earnt moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

3185923 Your better than that Arby

Comment posted by Path_of_cloud deleted Dec 5th, 2013

Powerful and creative concept, though the execution is a bit lackluster and kept me from enjoying it as much as I felt I could.


Sure. I'll keep it succinct and simply say that some of the passages read a bit awkward to me which brought me out of the story a couple times. I also feel like the interaction between Spike and Nightmare Rarity lacked some depth to it. It certainly blew all the right dog whistles for Sparity, but I think it's one of those things where if I wasn't already a big Sparity fan, this wouldn't convince me that they had anything between them. It works fairly well as a macabre action scene aftermath, but it didn't push my "tragic romance" buttons the way I feel it could have.

manly tears were shed

Twilight: Rarity we can still fix this?
Rarity: How, do you have some sort of spell that can bring back the dead?
Twilight:No, but I do have a time travel spell. Cast it can it can take you back before the blast and save him. And I have a plan.
Rarity: Lets do it.
*Lets do the time warp again*
* A flash was and Rarity was back in the old throne room just before Spike come in. Hind-in in the shadows Rarity wanted and waited. When the blast was fired Rarity which Spike with statue and place the fire ruby in it*
Spike: Wait, what, how, why.
Rarity: Time spell, now Spike stay in the shadows tell I turn back to normal. Before i go * Kisses Spike on the lips* a wanted to give a token to my brave knight.
*Lets do the time warp again*
Rarity: Is Spike here?
Spike: Rarity * The run at each other*
Spike: Thank you so much Rarity. I love you.
Rarity: I know I love you too. Every Hero derives a happy ending.
I just wanted a happy ending and people always seems to forget they have a time spell.

3180951 Screw memory, use the bloody time spell. Never say die.

You defeated Nighmare Rarity
Loot: 100G
Mental Trauma for life
Me crying in the corner

This story is perfect as my opinion. Just one thing: It's need a tragedy tag.

He coughed twice, a small measure of blood leaving his mouth. He smiled forcefully. "But what is a Goddess," her eyes widened before he finished. "To a non-believer?"

I feel like this is a reference to something.

Also, something tells me twilight is going to kill rarity.

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