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After many years of knowing each other, Spike finally decides to tell Rarity of his true feelings for her. But it doesn't go as planned. Can Rarity fix the mistake she has made? Or will she have to live with her decision for the rest of her life, knowing it may well kill Spike?
(Story on hiatus until further notice)

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Hope they get together by the end of this.

While I'm not a Sparity fan I'm curious to see where this goes.

Oh my goodness. Thanks guys. Really. I thought this was going to get shot down instantly. Thank you! :raritycry:

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Spike pulled out a small diamond shaped locket and set it down next to Rarity, who didn't seem to nice.

Did you mean "notice"?

Promising so far; I look forward to seeing where you take this.

I do hope to see some view into Rarity's thoughts that led her to say what she did; so far she's said she "can't" for unspecified reasons, and then immediately regretted that after Spike left and she found the locket, but without any view into what led her to either. I don't know whether she was simply too shocked to think clearly, or had some gut reaction that she thought better of, or if she had that moment of rethinking years of memories in light of new information, or what else might be going on for her.

Thank you for the help. Just as a notice to all of you, I typed this story on my iTouch in about 15 minute, so there might(will) be spelling errors. If you see any, please point them out for me. Thank you very much.

a tad rushed on Rarity's reals ashen but not bad

Sorry about taking forever to update, guys. I've been really lazy and occupying my time with video-games. Lots and lots of video-games. But I promise, I'm working on an update right now.

Quick to Princess Celestia!!!!

3736738 damit Twi mom thing right? why do peopel think that? Who makes a 8 year old a mother of a forien spicese

New update within a few hours of the previous. I think I did a good job. Give me feedback. It's 2 am, I'm going to bed. Good night.

Really? Twilight is his mom? If ponies age like humans do twilight should have been around 4-5 years old when she hatched Spike. Who in their fucked up mind would have a 4-5 yr old raise an infant of a species they know nothing about?

3737297 Hey just go with it besides Twilight also had her parents to help raise Spike.

3737669 And her parents would know how much about infant dragons?

3737715 Maybe Celestia told them a bit about infant dragons, just enough so they can take care of it.

Please sir, may I have some MOAR?

Ok, I'm gonna clear this up. I meant to have Sweetie Belle say that in a..... non serious way. Those of you who have taken that serious, please shut up about it. Of course Twilight is not his real mother. It was just a title that best suited her because she's the one who raised Spike since he was a baby. The end. Now please, no more comments about it.

3738032 I agree, the whole topic is getting a little tiresome.:ajbemused: I for one am enjoying this story (even if the chapters are short) and can't wait for more. Good Work sir, keep it up.:twilightsmile:

Ok who drew the picture. Cause its just heart wrench-ingly adorable.

That would be Kilala97
Her art is actually what inspired me to write this story.


Just a thing... "adult dragon" usually is referred to full-grown sky scraper sized dragons. And it's not really a size Spike is likely to reach before at least one or two centuries. "Teen dragon" fits better.

Unless you really want him to have hit a massive growth spurt (is legit, every one has his different headcanon for dragon biology) or he is a "small sized breed of dragons" you could change it.

Just sayan.

P.s. -Tragedy- is a tag referred to stories that end "bad" or other questionably ways. Maybe you wanted -Sad-, that's about dat feels?

Needs longer chapters

Ok. Small sized is a better description, thank you. And I will change the tag.

Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for not assaulting me with criticism. I appreciate it,

I try my best, I really do. I'm just really used to writing short one-shots. I'll try to make the next chapter longer than 1,000 words. maybe try to hit 1,500.

Ok, be honest guys. Should I continue this story or not?

The Pegasi air tankers battled the blaze,:derpytongue2: " Damn Cap, what did this?" Lead called back to Cap" Don't worry Princess Twilight's got the bits. Who cares how it started":rainbowlaugh:

Nice if you guys finished what you start.:facehoof:

Less telling. More showing. More details. Slow down. Double the length of the chapter, and it'll be easier on the eyes. It's too rushed. It needs a lot more detail.


I agree partially but in all honesty it was decent.

Okay I'm starting to agree that these chapters are way to short. Lengthen them for the love of god!:flutterrage:

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