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Spike feeling unappreciated for all his work is whisked away by a royal pony of ice and snow. The girls venture to the frozen parts of Equestria to rescue him before he decides to never want to come home at all.

Chapters (6)
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This is actually very good. Though I wonder, judging from the descriprion, I am gonna guess that this is a story that will have two endings, am I right? And if you have it planned out, how long do you think this story is going to be?

Pretty good! A few grammatical edits here and there but tracking to see where it goes.

Oh, I'm loving this! :pinkiehappy: I feel so bad for Spike for always working so hard, but not being shown the proper and true appreciation that he deserves. :fluttershysad: Also, it's like the girls just didn't even notice Spike at all and just saw Twilight. And Rainbow Dash offering Spike to come along was just kind of non-enthusiastic. Twilight piling all the work on poor little Spike is just not right. :fluttercry: However, I have my suspicions about this Ice Queen pony.:twilightoops:

This looks like a good story. I like how you made the Mane Six somewhat aware of Spike's feelings. I'm curious about the ice alicorn's backstory in all of this.

"Well you kinda do make him carry stuff past what limit even he can manage."

Spike At Your Service episode. He carried and stacked several boulders that were ten times his size. He's stronger than he lets on. Nuff said. :moustache:

i like this this is awsomome:moustache:
pls write some more

Add more chapters I like the story so far!:pinkiehappy:

Am i the only one that is bugged by the fact Spike acts all friendly and such, instead of being angry and hostile for being....i dont know... KIDNAPPED? The queen also confessed to have been watching him. I would be creeped out, minimum. And then she bribed him and he accepted.

This screams OOC like a freaking tornado of god-like proportions.

...... i kinda agreed but it still a good storie

not bad but needs more meat to it just seems a little to boney so flesh it out a slow done a tad you rush the tiniest bit

Considering what happened last chapter, with everypony asking Spike to come with them to lunch and Spike being the one to insist that he needed to work, the neglect thing kinda falls flat. Sure, there might be overriding problems that can be drawn from the rest of his history, but for a lead in to a story about how Spike is neglected, you may want to start with a scene that shows him actually being neglected and overworked against his will, rather than something he's doing of his own volition.

It seems Gwyneira was inspired by Elsa from Frozen:duck:

loved that movie, awesome chapter:pinkiehappy:

I can somewhat see where Neira is coming from. She's just lonely and she believes she has found someone similar to herself. She's hoping that they can feel in each other's loneliness. The problem is that she isn't willing to part with Spike without a fight.

Maybe you should link this video into your story.

3605032Yeah I'm still new to this and not exactly good with inserting links into my stuff

3605055 It's easy. Just go to the youtube video on youtube, copy the web address, go back to your story, click the insert video button, paste web address, and there you go.

3605209 Well i did so and the vids now in the chapter

I wonder just what Spike saw in the mirror? I hope it isn't a pony version of himself, I'm so tired of that idea.:ajsleepy: What has Neria planned to get Spike to stay with her.

I would kind of like an ending where he decides to stay with Neira instead of leaving with the Mane 6. Ease her loneliness, but try to reach out and keep in contact with Celestia. but that is just me.

The only issue I see with Spike living in the palace is the boredom.

"Agreed, so why don't you and I get to know each other a little more?" she suggested.

Dammit brain, y u make dis sound so bad?

Looking Glass of Desire

Calling it the Mirror of Erised, for reasons.

God damn, making me want the "villain" to win.

3618476huh! What are you implying:pinkiegasp: that Gwyneira is a "villain", she's just a lonely soul:ajsleepy: or at least she's good at making it seem that way:trixieshiftright:

Not at all, it's just that she's the closest thing we have to an antagonist in this story, and the terms are usually interchangeable. And I just can't but help getting a bit of a "White Witch" vibe, even if she does mean well.

I'm seeing this as like an alternative to Discord's reformation, he gives up just about everything to keep his only friend, while Gwyneira is willing to do anything to keep her only friend.

I can understand that she wants to keep her one friend. The problem is that she is willing to do almost anything to keep him.

"It's so big and ice like." Fluttershy gasped in awe.

Ya don't say. :facehoof:

Wow. All of that happened in one chapter? And it was still good, and not very rushed?? Good job. Any chance of seeing a sequel?

I can't say it, but RD can.

not bad but was hopeing for more of a Spike X Snow pony thing ya know

I was kind of hoping for a SpikeXGwyneira.:fluttercry: But all and all this was a pretty good story.:pinkiehappy: I hope to see more Spike stories from you.

I loved this story, thank you for writing it.:twilightsmile:
it truly was a sad but great story.
The last Chapter seemed a little ruched but it was still good.
There were some minor mistakes but other already pointed them out.
I was afraid that she would have been destroyed, she was a very drawing character.
I like that you made Spike a hero and that in the end every thing worked out.

Good luck in the future and I wish you the best of luck.

This was a great and touching story. I'm glad that Twilight and the others finally came to respect and appreciate Spike, and actually become his friends in the end. Also, with Neira being adopted by Cadence and Shining Armor. :pinkiehappy:

Touche not Touché, but Touche. This makes me smile.

Have another woman's tears as a sign of my affection. Brilliant.

Be careful girls. Desperate people (and ponies) do desperate things. She has been without any real friends for at least one thousand years.

Cough cough, frozen, cough cough.

3654994 But I thought that it was pleasing to a woman to bring them the tears of another woman. It shows that you would make another woman cry for her! And really isn't that what true love is? Making other women cry at never being able to be with your man?

4662634 To be entirely fair, 'Frozen' was based on 'The Snow Queen.' (Similar premise, but different entirely!) This has my curiosity!


The snow queen? :rainbowhuh: I did see frozen, loved it.

But the snow queen?

I'm looking it up.

4849886 Be wary, for there are several versions of it. (And funnily enough the names of some of the characters from 'Frozen' make up the author's name. Specifically Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven. 'Hans Christian Anderson.' Bad pun I know, but these days ya take what you can get.)

4850071 which one is the original?

4850081 Well, the book obviously, but I haven't read it (never came up I'm sorry to say). I originally saw a 1957 Soviet dubbed version when I was a kid that was pretty fair. Sailor Moon based an adaptation on one of the movies in '94 there was a British adaptation in '95, and the BBC did a live action/CG take on it in '05. (Thank you, Wikipedia!) In 2002, Hallmark came up with an adaption of it (Which I saw a bit of it and it looked promising). However, the premise of the story still remains relatively unchanged; just some details get altered, left out, or added on to.

I must say Spike, that's the strangest gift you could give to someone :rainbowlaugh:

You know what I enjoyed that, think I'll give it a wee fav :twilightsmile:

4851122 " Oh hey. I love you and you saved me from being turned to snow so here, the crystallized tears of the snow queen."

That seems like a perfectly normal gift for a loved one. What kind of dragon wouldn't give the crystallized tears to his special sompony? Especailly after she just saved his life

Frozen and Harry Potter. Nice use of the Pensieve.:twilightsmile:

4163293 This is true. A Pensieve and the Mirror of Erised.

Why do the Disney film frozen kept flashing in my mind after I read this?

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