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Rookie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash, awakens one night to find herself in an old abandoned castle with no memory of how she got there. In fact, the latest memory she can recall is her flight with Soarin and Spitfire earlier that day and the wild, spontaneous, storm that appeared from out of no where. From there, her memory is blank. How did she get here? Where exactly is "here"? And where are her fellow Wonderbolts?

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Thanks, I really appreciate that.:twilightsmile:

Omigosh!!! I need more!!! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry for the delay on the next chapter. I'd come up with an excuse like that my vacation took up a month instead of 4 days, but to be honest, I've just been procrastinating. :facehoof:

Anyway, I'm starting work on this again. I hope none of you are disappointed with how the newest chapter turns out.

PS, Thank you for all the comments I've received so far, you guys are great!

What's with that book!? I must know!

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

3109936 she's worse than Regidar and The lurker. If its a Dash story, she's there

Damn, why must you make such short chapters?

Why must you make such short chapters?

3129487 It's hard to tell how much I have when I'm writing. I typically start and finish my chapters in one session so I don't know how much I have till I'm done. I'll try to get more in the next chapter.

3129566 oh wow really? :rainbowderp: I didn't actually think you'd listen to that....

It's mostly me and Rainbwbot posting them

3129645 I know, but some comments are better than no comments.

Oh dear, let's hope Soarin's heroics aren't in vain and Rainbow doesn't die despite his futile attempts, because that would be most unfortunate :pinkiecrazy:

To put it simply, Your grammar sucks,

It's not " she seen it" it's "she saw it"

"You're will to live surprises me," Spitfire began

You're is short for you are, "you are will to live surprises me," doesn't make sense, it should be your.

If Dash and Soarin had bonded more in the entirety of the fic, the ending would have been sadder, but instead I felt nothing :ajbemused:

3189428 There would have been more bonding for the two of them if I had planned any of these chapters in advance (but I made a rookie mistake and just winged each of them). That is, unless you expected me to ship the two of them. If that is the case then perhaps you should check the tags as shipping isn't one of them.

PS: Thanks for pointing out those mistakes. It was a long chapter and I figured there'd be some derps. :derpytongue2:

3190774 I kinda wasn't expecting any shipping but if you had made them closer than like I said, sadder

dash grimmest as she passed each portrait.

Should be grimaced
Good job otherwise though.

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