• Published 1st May 2013
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Turbulence - Rainbow Hyphen

Rookie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash, awakens one day to find herself in an old abandoned castle with no memory of how she got there. The only thing she remembers is the storm.

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Chapter 10: Giving Up

What had seemed like days was merely minutes when trotting around in this maze like castle. Every hallway looked the same while every room looked different. Dash huffed. Why was it whenever I am running from ponies in this place they find me but when I'm looking for one they are no where to be seen? The rainbow maned pegasus thought to herself. The pony the two were after was Auburn Skys. According to Lavender, Auburn had the Skys family pendant. Without it, there was no way to escape... that was... until Soarin's eyes lit up.

"I've got it!" He proclaimed. Dash looked at him, bored and puzzled.

"Got what?" She asked.

"A way out. We don't need that pendant," He said opening his wings.

"Your plan is to fly out?"

"Yeah!" He said smiling. Dash wanted to punch him as hard as she could.

"Don't know if you've noticed but my wing is... well... broken, to put it lightly," Dash stated with a glare. Soarin looked at her newly bandaged wing.

"Oh... sorry," Soarin said with a nervous laugh. He looked around. They both were in a music room. Funny, they must have been idly walking around for so long that they hadn't paid attention to where they were. It wasn't that big of a room. Larger than a bedroom but not like an opera house. There were many musical instruments on a small stage. Looking at the stage, there were a single row of chairs. Soarin trotted to the stage and sat on the piano bench.

"Is there really no other way to escape other than to find a pony who possibly wants to kill us?" He asked staring at the floor.

"I doubt it," Dash answered taking a seat in of the chairs looking at the stage. "The entire castle grounds are walled off. The only way in or out seems to be through the front door... which is locked." Soarin looked at the piano... then back to dash. Both of them were silent.

"You think we'll get out of here?" Dash asked looking down at the floor. Soarin trotted over to her a took a seat next to her. Dash didn't seem to notice... or more likely, care.

"Of course we will," Soarin replied. Dash didn't seem effected by his words.

"I'm talking seriously... don't lie to me just to make me feel better," She stated still staring at the wooden floor.

"We'll get out of this," He replied staring up at the ceiling while leaning back in his chair.

"You're a good liar," Dash said with a weak laugh. Soarin looked at Rainbow... he had never seen her like this. It wasn't her body either, no amount of cuts, scratches, or broken bones could break her spirit...

... or so he thought.

"Rainbow Dash... we can't lose hope. If we give up now, they win," He said attempting to reassure her.

"You don't get it... As soon as they notice I've escaped they'll come looking for me. They know this castle. We don't. They'll find me... and kill you..." Dash said in a defeated tone. Soarin got out of the chair and stood looking directly at Rainbow.

"So we give up?" He shouted glaring at her.

"Even if we found a way out... Ponyville is far from this place. Unless you somehow know the way, we aren't getting back home." Dash said in the same tone. Soarin didn't know what to say.

"How did you even get into the Wonderbolts with an attitude like that?!" Soarin demanded. Dash finally looked up at him. "To become a Wonderbolt you have to strive for it, and that's putting it lightly!" Soarin stated. Dash got out of the chair and glared at him. "It was your dream to be one of us. You never gave up on that dream... so why are you giving up now?!" Dash grit her teeth and growled at the Soarin. "I bet when you were a young filly you had your times when you thought it was impossible. That you shouldn't even attempt to try and become one of us. But that didn't stop you... so why is it stopping you now?" Dash trotted slowly towards him until she was only a foot away. "Maybe Spitfire was wrong. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe... you aren't cut out to be a Wonder-" Soarin began until Dash's hoof smashed against his face. Soarin fell to the ground with a thud. He could taste blood in his mouth.

Soarin slowly stood up and was facing Rainbow again. She glared at him with pure hatred... but not for Soarin... at the fact that he was right.

"If you still want to give up... then stay. I love my life, and don't plan on losing it to these freaks. So... what's it gonna be, Rainbow Dash?" Soarin asked. Dash grit her teeth together and raised her hoof for another punch. Soarin closed his eyes tightly and braced himself...

...but the punch never came.

He opened his eyes again and seen Rainbow Dash with her hoof in the air ready to swing... and with tears in her eyes. She suddenly threw herself at him in a hug that nearly knocked him over. She hugged him tightly, never wanting to let go. Soarin stood there in amazement. He never thought of Dash as a sensitive pony before. He put his hooves around her and hugged her back.

"We'll get through this Rainbow Dash... we both will."