• Published 1st May 2013
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Turbulence - Rainbow Hyphen

Rookie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash, awakens one day to find herself in an old abandoned castle with no memory of how she got there. The only thing she remembers is the storm.

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Chapter 5: Dinner For Two

The dinning table looked as though it could fit 20 more people but Rainbow was certain it would just be the two of them. Rainbow Dash and the stallion in the suit sat at each side of the long table, far away from one another. He smiled at her which just made her look away. She noticed the dinning hall was decorated, as though they'd been preparing for a party. The chandler hanging above them had been lit, as well as the numerous candles on the table.

"I never properly introduced myself did I miss Dash?" The suited pony across the table said. Rainbow gulped and finally spoke up.

"No, I don't think you did."

"My name is Sunset Skys. The owner of Skys Manor." Skys Manor... She had heard of this place somewhere before... but where?

"I suppose you're wanting answers miss Dash?" Sunset asked. "Allow me to apologize for brute earlier."

"B-Brute?" Rainbow Dash said confused. Sunset laughed.

"That isn't his real name. Brute was the stallion you met earlier. The one that wanted to play with you miss Dash. He's acts as my guard though we don't get many visitors so I often have him tend to our hedge maze. All in all, he's not the brightest of ponies but he's loyal to his master."

Rainbow looked around in search of the stallion Sunset called brute. So much for being a guard, Rainbow thought to herself; Brute was no where to be seen. All of a sudden Sunset smiled.

"Our food is ready miss Dash."

Rainbow suddenly felt as if she was being watched. She slowly turned in her chair. Her eyes widened.

It was brute.

The massive stallion was carrying with his mouth a sliver platter. On it were two bowls and a bottle of wine. Brute came closer to Rainbow. Rainbow shifted away from him in her chair. Brute knelt down so the silver platter was level with Rainbow Dash. Rainbow looked over to Sunset.

"Well, no need to be rude. You must be hungry. Take it," Sunset said with a grin. Rainbow hesitated but then slowly grabbed the bowl with her hooves. She set it down in front of her and examined her dinner. It was some kind of mush. It looked like oat meal but without the oats. Rainbow looked up and seen Brute offering the final bowl to Sunset. Sunset nodded to the huge stallion and accept the bowl and the bottle of wine. As soon as he did, Brute hurried for the door but stopped as he reached it.

He turned around and looked directly at Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow met his eyes and froze in her chair. His facial expectation never changed. Just completely serious with the silver platter in her mouth.

"You may be excused Brute," said Sunset. But it was more like an order.

Brute stared at Rainbow, and Rainbow stared at him until finally he turned and exited the dinning hall. Rainbow continued staring at the door, as if she was in some kind of trance. There weren't many things Rainbow would admit to being afraid of but that massive stallion only known as Brute was one.

Dash's trance was broken when Sunset tapped on his wine glass with a spoon.

"We are very far away from each other and the wine appears to be on my side," Sunset said with a chuckle. Then, out of nowhere, two feathered wings unfolded out of sunset's back. He was a pegasus!? How had she not seen them before? Dash shifted in her chair as Sunset picked up the wine and flew the length of the table over to her. He landed softly beside her and opened the wine bottle.

"I-I'm sorry, I d-" Dash began but was interrupted.

"Nonsense!" He announced and poured Dash a glass of blood red wine. "This is very expensive. The finest wine in all of Canterlot. Please, do be a good guest and accept this fine offer."

Rainbow hesitated but ultimately knew she didn't have a choice. She picked up the glass with her hoof and took a little sip. Rainbow Dash had only tasted wine once before at the grand galloping gala. Even though it had been over a year Dash knew...

...this wasn't wine.

As soon as the drink found her stomach she felt it's effects. He head became far heavier, or so it felt. Her balance was off. The room looked like it was swaying.

"I... I th-think-" But before she could finish, sunset brought the glass to her lips again and made her take another sip. This one far bigger than the one before. Rainbow swallowed most of it before choking and coughing the rest up on the table.

"Doesn't it taste delightful miss Dash?!" Sunset said with a laugh. Rainbow tried to focus but it seemed impossible. Suddenly the room spun and she fell from her chair. She hit the cold stone floor with a thud. She fell directly on her hoof but didn't feel a thing. Her whole body had gone numb. She tried to stand but just fell down again. The sound of Sunset's grim laughter engulfed the entire dinning hall. Rainbow rolled over onto her back and stared up at the chandelier.

The brightly lit candles on it were the last thing she remembered before blacking out...