• Published 1st May 2013
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Turbulence - Rainbow Hyphen

Rookie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash, awakens one day to find herself in an old abandoned castle with no memory of how she got there. The only thing she remembers is the storm.

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Chapter 4: The Main Hall

Rainbow Dash squeezed out from under the bed and looked around the once well kept room. The door was laying in pieces on the floor from when the stallion bashed it down. He's strength sent a shiver down her spine. Never had she encounter a pony of that kind of raw power. She made a note in her mind to avoid him at all costs.

Her eyes looked to the window... or what as left of it. Glass shards were scattered all over the floor as well as the yard below. Rainbow sighed. She surprised herself with that last second plan. Still... she couldn't stay here. As soon as that stallion figured out she hadn't leaped from the window he would most likely return here. So, Dash quickly decided that she had to continue her search for a way out of this place.

She walked out of her room and down the hall. Despite having been here before she still wasn't use to the gore filled portraits that littered the walls. The only defense she had against them was to not look at them and there somewhat extreme detail.

She reached the end of the hall where the biggest picture sat. She tried to ignored it and continued down the stairs, but it's massive size and detail prevented that. Seeing those ponies with there throats slit sent a chill through Dash's body. She quickly put her right hoof to her own throat just to re-assure herself that she wasn't bleeding. She imagined the pain that those poor ponies must have experienced. The feel of cold steel on your neck just before it was tore open. Rainbow felt her stomach turn. It was enough to send her rushing down the stairs to where she met the stallion.

The massive pony was no where to be seen, but dash noticed something. The doll the huge stallion was playing with. Rainbow Dash slowly approached it. The floor boards creaked with each step she took. When she reached the doll her eyes widened and mouth dropped. It was a doll... of herself.

Rainbow knew that the Wonderbolts had toys based off them everywhere but... in a place like this? Not to mention it was her and she so happened to be injured and brought here for recovery. Could this be some kind of a coincidence? The odds were slim but what other kind of explanation could there be? Dark thoughts crept into Dash's mind and as soon as they did she did the only thing she could think of... run.

Dash bolted out of the hall and through a door. She slammed it shut as hard as she could trying to shut the thoughts in with it but the loud slammed snapped her back to reality. She looked around her newly entered room with amazement. It was the main hall...

...the room that guests enter when they first step hoof in the castle...

...which meant...

Dash's head jerked from left to right till she found her target.

The entrance.

She rushed over to it. They were massive with a design that must have taken years to finish. Dash wasn't concerned with the details though. She wanted out, and far away from this place as possible. She reached for the handles and twisted, but to her dismay, it was locked. Dash looked around but found no locking mechanism, just the design. Upon closer examination, Rainbow truly seen what the design was. It was of a beautiful mare. She had a long, luscious, mane and tail. What appeared to be a necklace was around her neck... that's when dash saw it.

The necklace was missing it's main jewel. There was an imprint in the design like something might fit inside.

"Excuse me, miss."

Rainbow froze. She slowly turned to see a stallion. He was normal sized, nothing like the last one she met. His coat was grey. He didn't have a mane, it appeared to have been shaved off. As for his tail, It was long and brown, but very well kept. He looked at Rainbow Dash with deep brown eyes. Eyes that were completely focused on her. Finally, he was wearing a black suit. One that a waiter at a fancy restaurant might wear. It covered his chest, back, and front legs.

"Miss, I'm afraid you're not allowed to leave until your injures have healed," the suited stallion said. It wasn't like she had a choice, the door was locked and until she found out how to open it, she would stay here. The suited pony put on a grim smile.

"Won't you please join us for dinner, miss?"