• Published 1st May 2013
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Turbulence - Rainbow Hyphen

Rookie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash, awakens one day to find herself in an old abandoned castle with no memory of how she got there. The only thing she remembers is the storm.

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Chapter 8: Captivity

Rainbow Dash woke up to a jail door slamming shut. Her eyes jolted open. She was indeed, in a jail cell. Though anything was better than that cage. Suddenly a jolt a pain shot through her injured wing. She grit her teeth and slammed her eyes shut rolling over in the cell bunk in pain. She slowly opened her eyes again and looked around the cell. The walls, ceiling, and floor where all concrete. Aside from the bunk beds, there was a toilet in the corner of her cell and a small window with bars on it. The gold rays of the setting sun could be seen from it.

"I hope you like it," A voice said from outside the cell. Dash turned in her bunk and looked through the cell bars. Outside stood Sunset. Behind him, Lavender who refused to meet dash's gaze. Lavender looked exceptionally sad, which for a filly like her, that couldn't be good.

"My sister told me about the cage you were forced into. I'm dearly sorry about that. But, not to worry, I've had Brute punished for his stupidity. As for you Miss Dash, I hope you find this cell more to your liking, after all, you won't be leaving anytime soon," Sunset said with a smirk. Dash slowly got up and out of the bunk and stood weakly looking at Sunset.

"What do you want from me?" Rainbow said in a demanding voice.

"All in due time Miss Dash. Now, I must go. It seems a little rat has caused trouble and needs to be taken care of." Sunset walked down the hall. Lavender started behind him but at last turned to Rainbow Dash.

"I'm... sorry," The filly said as a tear ran down her cheek. She looked away and ran to sunset. They opened the door at the end of the hall and then trotted out... Dash was alone.

Rainbow slowly trotted towards the cell gate and place a single hoof on the bars. She looked at the prison door sunset had went through.

"Poor Lavender," Rainbow thought to herself. "She probably knows just as little about all this as I do." Dash looked away from the door at the end of the hall, and back to her cell. There didn't appear to be anyway out... of course, that was the point. A feeling of despair took over Dash. She was injured, alone, and now trapped. She slowly trotted over to her bunk and got in it again. This was it... she wasn't escaping this time.

Hours seemed like days in the cell... but it didn't matter. Nothing did anymore. Whatever they had planed for her she knew she couldn't stop it. She had only lasted as long as she did because of luck. She looked down her body. Her coat was stained with red in multiple spots. Some cuts were small, others much deeper. Most of the pain from them had passed when she fainted though... the only pain she had now was her wing, the wing that she broke herself.

She rolled over in her bunk and glared at the wall. This was her fault. She should have stayed put, Lavender knew the maze. If she had called for help Lavender would've found her in no time. How could she have been so stupid as to try to fly out with her injury?! Thinking about it only made her angrier at herself. She huffed and turned her head to the window above. Nightfall had arrived. Rainbow could see the moon. It made her think of Luna. She wondered if either of the princesses would send a search party out to look for her. Not that it would matter. If the search party actually managed to find this castle, Dash would surely be gone. Sunset was planning something for her, and she knew it wouldn't be long before she found out what.

The door at the end of the hall opened again. Dash didn't bother getting up, she simply turned her head to her cell bars. The sound of hooves clopping against the concrete floor could be heard from outside. The sound grew louder as they came closer to Dash's cell. All of a sudden, Lavender appeared in front of her cell. The little filly had a tray suspended with her mouth. Next to her stood Sunset.

"You're dinner Miss Dash," Sunset announced. Rainbow glared at him which only made him chuckle. "Don't worry. No poison this time. Just a sandwich and water for our guest." And with that Sunset opened the cell gate. Rainbow didn't move from her bunk. The thought of escape crossed her mind but... she was injured and she had no doubt that Sunset was ready if she tried anything.

Lavender trotted inside the cell slowly and set the tray on the floor next to Rainbow's bunk. The little filly didn't look at Rainbow. Instead, as soon as the food was on the floor, she quickly trotted out of the cell. Sunset closed and locked the gate behind her.

"Goodnight Miss Dash," He said with a smile. Then the two left through the door at the end of the hall. Dash got on of her bunk. As she did her body ached all over from the pain it had been put through since she got here. She looked over her dinner... a salad sandwich and a wooden cup filled with water. She was hesitant to trust Sunset's promise of no poison but... she was hungry. Dash picked up the sandwich with her hoof and looked it over. It looked exceptionally ordinary. Finally, she took her first bite...

...indeed it was just a normal sandwich. Hunger set in and she wolfed down the sandwich washing it all down with the water. Despite it being a small meal, it satisfied her. She slowly got back into the bunk and tried to sleep. She tossed and turned but finally managed to find sleep. Though it was short lived. Two short hours later she woke up to the sound of the door at the end of the hall opening.

Rainbow turned her head to the cell gate. It must be Sunset. To her surprise the pony stand outside her cell wasn't Sunset at all.

"Rainbow Dash?!" The pony said.