• Published 1st May 2013
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Turbulence - Rainbow Hyphen

Rookie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash, awakens one day to find herself in an old abandoned castle with no memory of how she got there. The only thing she remembers is the storm.

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Chapter 6: Lavender

It was dark, Rainbow could barely see her hoof in front of her face. Suddenly the area lit up. She looked around and to her amazement...

...She was back at her desk.

She looked around, first examining her desk. Her unfinished report was there in front of her, she smiled.

"It was only a dream" She thought to herself happily. Dash leaned back in her chair and took in a big breath of air. It amazed her how real the whole thing seemed. She tilted back even more so she could see behind her. Rain pelted at the windows as if trying desperately to break it and invade the dry office.

Dash opened her wings and got out of her chair. In second she was softly hovering above her desk. She looked at her "injured" wing... it was completely healed. She smiled and landed next to her chair. Never, in her entire life, had she been happier to be at her desk in the Wonderbolts office. She opened her wings and ascended to the ceiling. She slowly flew a few laps around the office. She let out a sigh of relief.

"Never thought I'd be happy with goin' slow" Dash thought to herself. She closed her eyes and just continued softly flying around the room. She did an occasional twirl which made her giggle.


Dash just continued blissfully flying around the office.

"Are you OK?"

Rainbow still heard nothing... she was hypnotized by the feeling of freedom. She would never have to step hoof in that castle again... she was finally free.

"You have to wake up"

Suddenly she stopped. Her heart fell in her chest. She slowly opened her eyes from her blissful state... that's when she knew...

...She was back in the castle.

"Th-That's it..." the voice said. Rainbow heard it clearer now then when she was in the office... the voice belonged to a little filly. She focused and completely opened her eyes. She was in a cage. She tried to move around but it was impossible. The cage was too small.

"How'd they manage to fit me in here?" Rainbow thought to herself. Her attention soon turned to her surroundings. She must be in the castle cellar. The ceilings were dripping with water. The floors had probably been wet for years, there were even a few puddles.

Finally Rainbow's attention was drawn to the filly sitting outside her cage. She was a pegasus with a light brown coat. Her mane was orange and straightened, off to one side. Her tail was straightened as well. This filly had to be the same age as Scootaloo... what was she doing out here?!

"Hold on Rainbow Dash" As soon as she said Dash's name she began to giggle. When she finished, the young filly produced a key and held it in her hoof. Dash was amazed... how on earth did this little filly get a key?! And why? The little filly slowly slid the key into the lock and with a quick "click" the cage door was open.

Dash slowly and painfully crawled out of the cage. When she was finally free of it's clutches, she stretched out her limbs which all seemed sore from being tightly compacted into such a small place.

"How in Equestria did they manage to fit you in there Rainbow Dash?" The filly said with another giggle at Dash's name. Dash looked at the filly who was watching dash's every move with a giant smile.

"Is there something funny about my name, Giggles?!" Dash said defensively. The filly's smile quickly morphed to a frown.

"No, no, no! I'm sorry if I offended you! I love your name! I m-mean... the reason I was giggling is because... I never thought I'd meet you," The filly said backing away.

Dash was shocked... then, a smile formed on the wonderbolt's face. As a filly she had dreamed of meeting a wonderbolt...

"I'm sorry for snappin on ya kid. What's your name?" The little filly had a smile back on her face again. She came closer to dash and sat down in front of her.

"Well, Sunset calls me Child, or Young One." Rainbow laughed.

"What's your real name?" Rainbow asked.

"My real name is Lavender" The young filly announced.

"But you're... brown" Dash said confused.

"I know... but turns out lavender is my favorite flower. It's so pretty," Lavender said closing her eyes imagining the flower.

Suddenly, a large droplet of water hit Rainbow atop her head. The droplet snapped her back to the present... and where she was.

"Lavender, do you know how to get out of the castle?" Rainbow asked. The young filly nodded, excited to help.

"Of course I do! You need the skys family jewel. It's a big... beautiful... diamond. I think my sister Auburn has it."

"Y-You're sister... wait... so you're-"

"Lavender Skys!" Lavender said excitedly. Rainbow's jaw dropped.

"My sister is Auburn, and my brother is Sunset!" Lavender said with a cute smile. "We all live here."

Dash sat down, completely stunned. This little filly lived with a psychopath... and a monster... yet... she seems fine. So many thoughts ran through her head... but she had to concentrate.



"I need that jewel... we need to find your sister."