• Published 1st May 2013
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Turbulence - Rainbow Hyphen

Rookie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash, awakens one day to find herself in an old abandoned castle with no memory of how she got there. The only thing she remembers is the storm.

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Chapter 13: Soul For A Soul

Rainbow Dash slowly regained her vision. Unfortunately, that didn't matter. The room she was in was pitch black. She inhaled and was greeted with the smell of burnt wood and blood. All of a sudden there was a single floating fireball that appeared in front of her face. It wasn't very big, only the size of her muzzle. Still, she could feel it's heat as it just hovered there inches from her face. A single drop of sweat rolled down Dash's face then the fireball began to back away.

It backed away until coming to a stop, then began to descend into what must be a hole in the floor. Suddenly the hole lit up and illuminated some of the room. Then the two torches on each side of the room lit up lighting up the rest of the room. Dash's mouth dropped. She was in from kind of torture chamber. She wiggled back and forth but noticed she couldn't move. She looked down as seen she was in some kind of chair.

The chair had 5 restraints. One on her neck, two on each of her front hooves, and two on each of her back hooves. The chair itself was welded to the floor and was made of stone just like the walls, floor, and ceiling. The room was like a circle. In the center was the hole were the fireball descended to. She didn't have to look down to see what was down there. The shadows of flames danced on the walls of the hole.

Directly across from her was a door. The only door in this room. Suddenly, the door knob turned. Dash tensed up as the door slowly opened.

It was Soarin!

... but he wasn't here to save her.

He was on a rolling table. It looked like it was used in morgues. He was unconscious and the crossbow bolt was still in his leg. Rainbow looked at the pony wheeling Soarin into the chamber. It was Brute. The massive stallion wheeled Soarin over to the right side of the room and then looked at Rainbow.

A twisted smile engulfed Brute. He was finally reunited with his toy. He slowly trotted over to her, giggling as thoughts of what the two could do rushed through his head. When she was inches away he leaned down buried his muzzle in Rainbow's mane. Dash tried to get away but she could barely move in this chair. Brute inhaled the smell of Rainbow's mane. His smile grew larger and then he let out a great laugh. He stood up on his back legs and clapped his front hooves together.

He leaned up more and gave Rainbow's ear a nibble. Though, to Rainbow Dash, it was more like a bite.

"Brute!" A voice from door yelled. Brute imminently got off Rainbow Dash and cowered next to her. "Leave, now." Brute rushed passed the pony by the door and out of the chamber. Dash looked at the pony who commanded Brute.

"Spitfire," Dash said in an angry tone. Spitfire merely closed her eyes and smiled.

"I always loved that stage name," Spitfire replied. "Although, if you'd like, you may call me Auburn." Dash was silent. Auburn levitated a book in front of herself and placed it on the ground. The book had scratches on the cover...

"To be honest... I am surprised with your actions thus far," Auburn complimented.

"What?" Dash replied surprised.

"I had not expected that you'd be as much trouble as you were. I figured my brother could take care of you while I was gone but it appears he underestimated you, I on the other hoof, did not."

"What are you planning?" Dash asked glaring at her former wonderbolt captain. Spitfire seemed surprised by the question.

"You don't know?" Spitfire asked "Allow me to explain... My great great grandfather was quite the stallion. He loved exploration. One day, while exploring a cave, my great great grandfather came across a book." Spitfire placed her hoof on the book with the scratches. "It had no title, only claw marks across it. He had no idea what it was but he did know it was very old and maybe worth a bit or two. He returned home with the book and went to bed."

Spitfire sat down on her haunches and continued the story. "He awoke in the throne room of Canterlot Castle. Celestia accused him of preforming acts of dark magic. He was imprisoned for life... He awoke one night to a surprise. The book had found its way into his cell. He opened it and then there was a flash of light. A grey aura engulfed his body. A magical aura, even though he was a pegasus. He destroyed the cell with amazing power. The guards tried to fight him but they were no match."

"How is that possible?!" Dash asked.

"In time Rainbow Dash... He escaped the prison that night and fled into a forest miles upon miles from Canterlot. He found this castle. It was abandon and falling apart... but within an hour, he had the entire grounds not only repaired, but completely renovated. He planned to live out his days here in peace... and if Celestia found him... he'd be ready... but there was a problem. One day he became mad... He left his family here at the castle and waged war on Canterlot. But as soon as he entered the front gate, his powers vanished. The book he had with him was gone. The guards caught him and he was executed. It was in secret, executions aren't something to be done in front of everypony.... this book and this castle were never found."

"But the book was found again... you have it," Dash proclaimed.

"Indeed... For years my family lived in secret. They traded with the local town nearby for food and other supplies. Life was normal. My family was so proud of me when I enlisted to be a wonderbolt.... too bad only a few lived to see me become one.... Something happened, Sunset and I's parents both passed away one night. I still have no idea what caused their passing... that night, I slept in my old room here at the castle. I was awoken by a squeaking sound in my dresser. I got out of bed and opened my dresser...

... It was this book."

"What is so special about that thing?! It's complete blank!" Rainbow countered. Spitfire laughed.

"That's were you're wrong Rainbow Dash... take a closer look now," Spitfire said opening the book to the middle. The book began to glow with Spitfire's magic and then levitated over to Dash's face... just then...

...Words began to write themselves. Dash wiggled in her chair as a sentence was being formed. It read, "An eye for an eye, a soul for a soul."

Dash was starting to put things together... all she needed was confirmation.

"What are you planning to do with this thing?" Dash asked.

"I lost my parents when I was a a very young mare... Do you know what that's like?! I was outside the academy when I mail mare came to me and presented me with a letter. It was in sunset's hoofwriting. I opened the letter expecting it to be one of his many "How are you doing sis?" cards... instead... it told me to come home immediately. When I did... I found my parents lying in bed... They looked like they were asleep... but neither were breathing... they were dead. Later on that day Sunset and I buried them... Do you know what it's like?!" Spitfire got up and a single tear rolled down her cheek. "It doesn't matter anymore... you asked what I was planning... I'm planning to bring them back."

Rainbow feared that was the answer.

"Eye for an eye... Soul... for a soul," The two mares said together. Spitfire levitated a shiny, steel dagger. She then walked over to Rainbow Dash. Spitfire placed a hoof on Dash's cheek.

"Do you have any final words?" Spitfire asked.

"You know you don't have to do this..."

"It's the only way to bring my parents back... besides... Sunset already gave his life to help me bring them back... I won't disappoint him by backing out now... I'm sorry Rainbow Dash... this is the only way."

Spitfire held the blade just below the neck restraint. Rainbow could feel the cold steel of the blade as it rested against her neck. Rainbow looked over at Soarin expecting him to be up and ready to save her... but he was still laying on the morgue table... no one was going to save her this time... it was over.

Rainbow's life flashed before her eyes. She seen her friends back in Ponyville. The first memory was when she was a filly in flight camp. A couple of colts were picking on Fluttershy for her poor flying abilities. Rainbow steped in and defended Fluttershy. She raced the colts and in that race was the first time she preformed the sonic rainboom. She remembered it like it was yesterday.

Another memory that came to her was the second time she preformed the sonic rainboom. Twilight preformed a spell giving Rarity wings. But when in contact with direct sunlight the wings melted. As she plummeted down at great speed. The Wonderbolts rushed to save her but were knocked out by her on accident. Seeing her friend in danger, Rainbow rushed to her and, without even thinking, preformed her second sonic rainboom. Rarity, and the Wonderbolts, were saved.

She had been through so much. She was a Wonderbolt. The fastest pony in all of Equestria. This wasn't the end. Not for her. She had ran, hid, and escaped enough. It was time to fight back!

Rainbow snapped back into reality. A rush of new found life exploded inside her. In one quick movement she broke out of the restraints and delivered a punch straight to Spitfire's stomach. The steel dagger fell to the stone floor as did Spitfire. Rainbow stood towering over her former captain.

Spitfire stood up and glared at Rainbow Dash.

"Your will to live surprises me," Spitfire began. "Fine, you want to fight me?! Lets see how long y-" Rainbow Dash didn't wait for her to finish. She quickly delivered another punch. This time to Spitfire's face. Spitfire was caught off guard and fell backwards. Rainbow didn't stop, she quickly whipped around and kicked Spitfire into the hole filled with fire.

Rainbow rushed over to Soarin and hoisted him onto her back. Not wasting anymore time she quickly rushed out of the room slamming the door behind her.

... back in the chamber... Spitfire slowly rose out of the hole. A small droplet of blood ran down her face. She quickly wiped it away with her hoof and glared at the door.

"You can't run from me... Rainbow Dash."

Without a second thought spitfire's entire body lit up with the grey aura and she slammed through the door.

Rainbow Dash ran as fast as she could. Rushing through hall after all. Soarin was still out on her back and, dispite his weight, she wasn't slowed. Adrenaline flowed through Dash as she ran. But it wasn't going to last.

"Hey, Rainbow Dash!" A voice yelled from behind her. Dash knew it was Spitfire. She didn't have to turn around to know what was closing in on her.

Dash ran down a hall and turned left. Ahead of her was a dead end... sort of...

There was only one room in this hall, a single room with a sturdy looking steel door. The rainbow pegasus rushed down the hall as fast as she could reaching the door in seconds. She opened it and ran inside. Just as she turned to close it she seen Spitfire.

The Aura was surrounding the Wonderbolt captain entire figure. She gave Dash a smile and rushed the door. Rainbow quickly closed the door and then saw it. A giant metal bar to lock the door with. Dash slammed the bar down, just as she did, there was a loud slam on the other side of the door.

Rainbow quickly looked around the room... but this was a room. It was a tower.

There was only one thing in this entire room; a single spiral staircase that rose nearly 12 meters high to the towers top floor... the roof.

The door was slammed again with extreme force. That was enough to make Dash sprint up the stairs. She ran up the stairs as fast as she could. She was nearly half way up when she seen the metal door finely give out as it was smashed and sent crashing to the floor. Spitfire walked in slowly and looked directly at Dash. Rainbow growled and continued running up the stairs. Spitfire laughed and slowly unfolded her wings. Rainbow ran faster than ever trying to reach the roof. The grey aura around spitfire intensified as the Wonderbolts Captain took flight.

Rainbow Dash reached the trapdoor and pushed as hard as she could. The trapdoor opened just in time. She climbed to the roof and shut the trapdoor behind her.

Just as it slammed shut Spitfire broke through sending Rainbow Dash flying off her hooves and down to the stone roof of the castle. Rain splashed against Dash's face. A storm similar to the one on the night that brought them here was raging. Rainbow looked around. When she was knocked back by Spitfire, Soarin was thrown off her back. To her relief he landed on the roof and was safe... for now.

Rainbow scanned the night sky for signs of Spitfire but she couldn't see anything.

"What's the matter?" Spitfire said. Rainbow turned but was knocked down as Spitfire quickly flew past her. "Come on Dash! Use those wings of yours!"

Rainbow slowly stood back up trying to get a sense of were spitfire was but she could see nothing in the night sky. Not to mention the storm made it even harder to focus.

Spitfire flew by dash this time giving Dash a hard punch to the ribs as she passed. Rainbow dropped again.

"Come on Rainbow Dash!" Spitfire taunted in the shadows of the night. The lightning flash... then Dash seen her. Rainbow quickly dodged out of the way. Spitfire came to a stop and landed just behind Dash. Rainbow tried to dodge again but Spitfire was too fast. Spitfire delivered a hard elbow directly to Rainbow spin causing the Wonderbolt to splash down into a puddle on the roof.

"You should be honored!" Spitfire exclaimed kicking Rainbow in the side causing Dash to curl up in agony. "You'll die bringing back lives, what other pony gets a death like that?!" The grey aura around spitfire began to form an orb above her body. The orb made the shape of a dagger. Spitfire grabbed it and examined it in her hoof. "This is where it ends, Rainbow Dash. No more running! No more fighting! Only sacrifice!"

Spitfire brought the dagger down, Dash tried to move but wasn't fast enough. The dagger found its way into Rainbow's side. Rainbow screamed with pain as the grey aura dagger dug deeper and deeper into her flesh. Spitfire quickly ripped the dagger out of Dash's side and held it up in the air. Blood began to flow quickly out of the wound the dagger made in Dash's side. Rainbow placed both her front hooves on the wound to stop the bleeding but it wasn't helping much.

"You shouldn't have moved. Don't worry, I won't miss this time!" Spitfire yelled. Rainbow closed her eyes and waited for the dagger but... it never came. She re-opened her eyes to see spitfire with a surprised look on her face. Suddenly Spitfire collapsed on the ground... there was a steel crossbow bolt stabbed directly into her spin.

Rainbow looked up... it was Soarin! He limped over to her knelt down beside her.

"You alright?" He asked. Rainbow slowly removed her blood covered hooves from her wound showing Soarin "Oh no..."

"Soarin... I'm... I'm not gonna make it through this one," Rainbow said gritting her teeth.

"You are! I'll fly you back to Ponyville on my back... there's a hospital there... I'm not losing you!"

"The only way to get to the village is to follow the path... you can't see it when flying... and with your injury... you'll never make it with me on your back." Rainbow replied.

"I have to try!" Soarin demanded. Suddenly the rain stopped and the clouds cleared away on there own... A rainbow glowed in the sky just above the forest.

"This is it..." Dash said weakly looking out at the Rainbow.

"It's not over! I will save you! It can't end like this!!" Soarin yelled. Rainbow Dash didn't reply... she just smiled... and closed her eyes.

Author's Note:

This is the biggest chapter I've made so far. That said, there might be a few spelling mistakes or grammar errors. If you find any, let me know.

Rainbow Hyphen