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Hey there!

Thanks for helping Twilight chase the ghosts out from her basement!
Well, I guess it didn't work out all too well this time, but there's always more adventures ahead.

Thank you very much for the fave. I appreciate it.

- KR :twistnerd:

I'll get back to you on that! :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile:I only just favourited it, so I'll read up and then tell you what it is! :rainbowwild:

Thank you so much for favoring Equestrian Earth!:rainbowwild: That really means a lot! After you're done reading up to the latest chapter, what would you say your favorite parts of the story were so far?:twilightsmile:

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A Concerned Message... · 7:00am Feb 9th, 2014

Hey everyone, Thebosh98 here.

Now, I have something important to say concerning my story 'Forgotten People'. It's been getting a good reputation with quite a few likes, favourites and over 500 views, which I am very pleased with.

But frankly, I'm bored of writing it.

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