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WOAH · 7:44pm Feb 19th, 2013

Hey guys, I finally got around to watching the finale, and jeez, it sure was something, huh? At first, it almost seemed normal, until she mentioned Celestia, then I remembered- it's the finale! And about the end... well, we all saw it coming, right? Well, season 3 (y u so short?!)ended with a bang, and season 4 is sure to open with one, probably about Twi freaking out about being an alicorn. While on that note, what is she the alicorn of? Celestia's the Sun, Luna's the Moon and Cadence is love,

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Fiery Thunder's Corner

Okay, Shylyfly gave me part of her page! Not a lot of it... but some! we're co-writing the War of Equestria- the first chapter will be up soon- and you should be told that there's spoilers in it for The Life of Shylyfly. But that's besides the point! It'll still be awesome. It's full of OCs, so if you don't like that, leave. See if I care. Shylyfly might, but I won't.
Now, more about me! I'm Fiery Thunder, one of the best flyers in Equestia. Not as good as RD- she's awesome- but pretty good. I've been to Canterlot before. Lots of ponies have, but most haven't been to the Night Court! It was pretty cool. I got to meet Luna and her guards. It was fun. I was there to promote my weather team. I got to meet a lot of ponies.
Well, my times up. I'm about to fill up half the page. See you later!

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608827 awesome! I'm now one step closer to joining Pinkemina Triumph Cult!:pinkiecrazy:

608784 I don't know...:pinkiesad2: it was there and I was curious how it turned out. ... Did I just break the internet's fourth wall or something?

Um..... How did you fave my story 'A-typical Phillydelphia?' I haven't published it yet...:rainbowhuh:

591334 ooh! I can tell you know!

I've always felt that MLP overlooks a lot of details, and one of them were the creatures in the show that were changed by the ponies. Like... what happened to the parasprites? Only Pinkie knows! :pinkiehappy: But I forgot about the frog, and this story definitely made up for those missing thoughts. :eeyup:

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