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Rainbow Dash has always been a great flyer, and an even better friend. But when a strange pony informs her that an ancient enemy that is older then the princesses themselves is rising from the shadows and only Rainbow Dash can stop it, she finds herself on an adventure of a lifetime. With help from this new ally, Rainbow Dash needs to find the power in herself and learn the full capability of her strength. But first...she must dive into Equestria's past and learn secrets millennia in the making. The fate of Equestria (and perhaps more than that) hangs in balance.

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Read later,too late,looks awesome though bro

Hah! By looking at the cover I have one thing to say: SUPA POWERED RAINBOW DAAAASH!

Rainbow Dash: :rainbowhuh:

Well that was confusing at first. I thought I missed a chapter or something!:rainbowlaugh:

Well... That's a cliffhanger. Waiting for more!

But don't rush it!

1541178 Well I will try not to disappoint, but don't expect frequent chapters. This is my first fanfic ever and I see now that it's a lot harder to do then I thought. Thanks for the support though:twilightblush:

1541698I can see that considering how large the gaps are in between stories. However, this is by no means bad. Many stories i've read have been butchered because the author pampered to the audience and brought out a chapter before it was ready and it only hurt their audience. So infrequent chapters are a whole lot better than frequent bad chapters.

Also don't get discouraged even if it is your first fanfic. The people on this site are generally not out to get you. The fact your story doesn't have any dislikes is a testament to that. And if you ever wanted help, there are literally hundreds that would be willing to help if you asked. The only reason I do not is because my own stories ride on a wing and I haven't the faintest clue where they travel. Your story seems to know where it is headed and to that i tip my hat. It generally takes an author months of planning for something like that and if your story can give off that vibe then I know the author is a good one.

All in all, don't get discouraged, ask for help from people if needed and your a good author so there.:twilightsmile:

Ye Gods! Thy grasp of ye olde English be questionable at best!

I would strongly urge thee to seek one who is an expert at it and seek their counsel!

2455753 I know, and I question why I decided to add it when I have little experience with it. I think by next chapter, I'll have that problem fixed though.

Wow, very great story! Cant wait for more :pinkiehappy:!

Okay, it's official.

Plageus is on my hit list. He's even worse then Nightmare Paradox from the Dark World arc of the Pony POV Series, and that's saying something!:rainbowhuh:

Dude, this is awesome! Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Finally :pinkiehappy:!

Nice Chapter. Moar!

Allow me to put into perspective how messed up Nightmare Paradox is, for those of you who haven't read the Pony POV Series.

Basically, she's a version of Dark World Twilight who became a Nightmare after she finally managed to beat Discord. She decided he hadn't been punished enough, and used a time travel spell to trap him forever in a world where she can torture him to the point where the synapses in his brain stop firing. The thing is, she is convinced that the whole Dark World is a construct that she created to torture him, and that except for the alternate version of herself from the current time loop, everything is fake, so she can keep using the time travel spell to completely erase the current iteration of the Dark World.

Now imagine how evil a character would have to be for me to say they're worse then Paradox.:applejackconfused::pinkiegasp::twilightoops:

I'm no possed with my biggest question. Continue reading... or keep writing in my own story... :raritycry: Y U WRITE SO WELL!?

FINALLY :pinkiehappy:!

Awesome Chapter. Can't wait for the next!

Nice Chapter! I want more, now! *.*

By the way, it would have maked a cool "plot-twist" if celestia found out on her emotional trip that rainbow is an orphan or something like that. :twilightblush:

@Rainbow87dash Yep :rainbowlaugh:!

Finally got around to reading it!

This has so much potential. It has to be continued!

There’s a certain helicopter in the air and it goes soi soi soi.

*in caveman voice* You write. update story. *proceeds to make ape noises*

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