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Good (afternoon?) everybody. · 1:39pm Sep 3rd, 2013

Got a great new fic for all of you today, Exo's Journey. I've put a lot of heart and soul into it, as well as various other bodily fluids, and I would think you guys would like it.

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Thank you for the Fave! :twilightsmile: Anything in particular you liked?
I will read yours when I get the chance... though it will have to be after my degree is over :derpytongue2:

This is a PM (Or in your case something else :pinkiehappy:) to all of you great people who have read my story, and have put up with my garbage! I do plan on writing again soon but I think that I will take a slight break. Maybe only a week or two but then I plan on writing again. Frequently to say the least. Sure it wont be like the summer where a chapter was released everyday, but I plan on making weekly chapters. So tell me what did you like in this fic and what didn't you like? What would you like to see In the next: Shattered Truths and Broken Bonds. Are there characters you want me to add/remove? Do you want it funnier, darker, more 4th wall breaks? Throw me a PM! Or just reply on this doesn't matter :rainbowwild:


Seriously man you were! you were on the second bottom for like half an hour!

346021I call bs. I see no featured

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