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day4 of being off school sick: · 9:47am Mar 21st, 2013

Day sofar has been uneventful and boring. I have never felt so sick in my life. Oh and its my birthday tomorrow so me being sick isn't exactly a good start is it? And to Make things worse, the nurce who did my blood test forgot to label my bucking blood so the lab people won't test it. So now I have to go back on Wednesday so the stupid bint can take five bloody tubes of blood again. Oh and last time I found out that I have a fear of blood too. Bucking nurce needs to do her job properly.

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It has been one year since this was posted.
Isn't that special?

Why can't we just be friends? :pinkiehappy:

291512 I'm Elite and you're Clang, but there's only one Onyx

This site only big enough for one of us

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