Rainbow Dash doesn't like anypony touching her hooves for a reason. While at a slumber party at Rarity's, Rainbow's closest friends are about to find out just what that reason is. She only wished that it was simply about getting the hiccups.

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This batch of stories sounds much better than the last batch. Keep it up.

1391106 I'm not a big fan of... I'm not even sure what to call some of those fics. I still haven't gotten around to the AJ/Dashie one that sounds like a ship fic.

"I haven't heard anythang so grotesque in my life!" Applejack added, a hand over her heart.

:rainbowderp: AJ's a human?!

So, um, is my mind a bit too used to being around the gutter, and I just read into that way too much or....?
I mean... That is.... *Turning red*

I thought Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon was fantastic. And yeah, the other were... strange. Very strange. But the Dash/AJ fic was actually very good. And then Saros satisfied my desire for EoP... temporarily.

In any event, I need to read this. :twilightoops:

So she gets the hiccups whenever she orgasms and she gets "pleasure" from being in the spotlight.

I'm sorry, but I gotta say it:

She is literally an attention whore.

So... let me get this straight... you're saying RD is basically:


Of all the slice of life, this is the sliceyist.

1391175 You and me both... EoP has me under a Want it Need it spell. Red Wings is a good temporary substitute but... I still need more



Rainbow Dash blinked at that. As if a huge weight fell off her wings, she exhaled and chuckled nervously. "Oh! Yeah! Heheheheh—HIC! Yeah! That's—HIC—totally it! You guys know how—HIC—much I love being—HIC—in the spotlight! And... And..."

Sounds a little more devious to me, it's not attention it's, er, something else.

"It's not—HIC—just that..." Rainbow Dash fidgeted, her eyes avoiding the group. "I guess it's that—HIC! Well, it was so sudden and—HIC—you were all really bunched up around me and—HIC—I was powerless to stop it all and... and..."

Today on FiMFic: Skirts beats his readers with innuendo, leading sentences and their own dirty minds OR how to be explicit without being explicit.

It was ten minutes away from the best and worse moment of Rainbow Dash's life

Eeek, Skirts! 'best and WORST'. :ajbemused:

Not an error in the first sentence! Not from you! :applejackconfused::raritycry:

However, the story idea fills me with the utmost delight and I soooo wish it to be true :ajsmug:

Hmm. As is said, "In before featured." Much so.

> "It's very easy for me to—HIC!" Rainbow Dash seethed. "What I mean to say, as long as I could remember, it doesn't take mouch to make me—HIC!" She finally groaned into a pair of hooves. "Rrrrrrghhhh!"

Minor typo here, but that's all I noticed. Nothing else to say except, we await for the next update.

This has got to be the most pornographic fanfic I have ever read, despite it not containing a single pornographic word. DAMN!

In other news. Awesome story, loved it ^_^

So...she gets the hiccups from being tickled? :rainbowhuh:

well if you put 2 and 2 together (ITS 4!!!!) then yes, yes she is.

..... Much sense was made this day.

1391258 Oh how little you know....

What is this...
I can't even...

Somebody better pick up that phone, because


Wait, what? What the... That's the most insane stroy i have ever read. so RD... ah buck this, just look at what this guy wrote: 1391205

Now it's time to write it!
The pacing was genious. I just read about 5k words, and i barely noticed reading. 6 of 6 points here.
The consept was... erm... creative. Just reading exactly what is written makes it funny, but reading BETWWEN the lines makes it hillarious.
I could not find any errors in the grammr or anything but don't take my word for it. English is just my second laguage.

to sum it up: 1 green thumb and 6 of 6 spikes

(sorry about any typos and such. English is as I said not my first language)

1391304 Oh yeah, what do you know, sir? :trixieshiftleft:

1391358 Some very naughty things.:duck::rainbowlaugh:

EDIT: Scratch that. Yep, it's exactly what we think it is.


You're not the only one. Lots of innuendo in this story. It's understandable, I guess. The Mane 6 ARE supposed to be around 17-19 years old.

I daresay the philistine more than deserved it.

I'd ask what Philistia is doing in Equestria, but it's probably the name of the eldritch cross-species spawn of Philomena and Celestia or something.

This is the story of the Bed Eaters

Oh my God. I remember this movie.


"Oh! I get hiccups afterwards too!" Pinkie Pie added. "Only they're on the other side of me."


Nice story but one thing bothers me - if Rainbow's hooves are SO sensitive, how is she able to walk? Simple touch of the ground could make her giggle ;) Pony logic :)

Think of it like walking barefoot, or using your hands. There are a lot of nerve endings in both appendages, but depending on where and what is touching whatever else can result in far different reactions. Further, one's sensitivity can also be psychological, determined by the situation one finds themselves in.

1391184 Ew! :pinkiesick:

Still very funny, and Rainbow Dash sure knows how to scare the wiss out of ponies, LITERALLY! :rainbowlaugh:

Damn it, Pinkie, I didn't need to hear that!

We can only hope background pony hurries the hell up so he can start working on it again. :fluttershyouch:

1391583 Maybe... But still Rainbow's hooves in this story seem to be pathologically sensitive ;)

True, but she does make a big deal out of it on the show, a), b) there a bit of willing suspension of disbelief required - we are talking about a fictional cartoon-pony-pegasus... er... right.. - and c), there's this line that I already quoted (emphasis added):

"It's not—HIC—just that..." Rainbow Dash fidgeted, her eyes avoiding the group. "I guess it's that—HIC! Well, it was so sudden and—HIC—you were all really bunched up around me and—HIC—I was powerless to stop it all and... and..."

Hence, a simultaneous physical and emotional reaction. By the way, that little bit in there about "powerless to stop it" plays right back into the story Dash told the rest of them in the beginning of the fic (and has all SORTS of fun implications outside of context!), do with that what you will.

Analysis is fun!


That last sentence is actually a perfect summation of why scientists think we're ticklish. For example, it's very difficult to tickle yourself. If you get someone else to do it, though, and element of unpredictability is introduced, which activates a sort of primal fear. Sensitivity goes way up, which is why we're ticklish. And so endeth my egghead rant. :twilightsmile:

Anyway, I was NOT expecting this. It... it seemed so innocent. And then... THIS.

Eggheads unite! :twilightsmile:

It's like I said in the Austraeoh chat, I saw this sudden curve coming a mile away but still took it at 80 miles an hour; and regardless of that curve the story is still some pretty dam well written slice of life. So now you get inner turmoil, like it because it's good or avoid it because of the content? I mean, there's great dialogue, good foreshadowing, excellent metaphor and very accurate characterization with consistent themes and nice parallel structure. Oh, also something about biology.

ARRRGGHH it was a trap!

You clever son of a...rate it teen as long you only suggest what happened.

GAH! keep your creepy stupid sexy fan fiction:flutterrage:

So Rainbow Dash is closterphobic :rainbowhuh:

Season Three. This needs to be an episode. Maybe two or three.

*reads story*
thats wierd....but i cant escape the feeling....
*reads all the comments*
oh....oh my.....I suppose my suspicion was correct....wait a minute....then that means....
*thinks about pinkies comment "Oh! I get hiccups afterwards too! Only they're on the other side of me." *
that tends to support my conclusion.......uhh....wow.....but.......psychology.......anatomy.....huh.....
psychological induced orgasms? I better break back out the binaural beats, and do some intense meditation. Its time to test the limits of psychological conditioning!

Heeheehee... been laughing about this all day. :ponkysmirk:

u canz rite happeh shtowee aftow aaaawwll!

1392143 yeah that's one way to teach kids what an orgasm is.

Am I the only one who still doesn't get it?!

"There was a frail little pony named Treasure Amberwind. Now, Treasure was your run of the mill pony, and something of a goody-goody two-shoes."

Ponies only wear two shoes?:rainbowhuh:

1391184 Don't you mean *looks left and right* an attention HORSE? No? *under breath* everyone's a critic these days...

Odd how on a human, the skin is thickest on the soles of the feet, and yet many people's feet are really ticklish. I guess for a pony to be this ticklish, the hoof isn't strictly just a toenail, eh?

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