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Love comes in many forms. There's the love for friends, love for family, love for romantic partners, that unconditional love that leaders have for their nations, and of course loved personal artifacts. Changelings feed off love, and while they prefer the love of romantic partners, any love will do in a pinch. And hey, they might just find love themselves sometimes.

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Oh, quirky shipping story about Maud; how you do so exhibit a grounded characterization and rock-solid premise :heart:

Oh my god, you made a story out of Iron Comet's typo in one of his comments on "Rebellious Alicorn Teenager Shenanigans."

You are amazing.

What's a Maud Dress? Do you mean Maud's dress or murderess?

7086102 It's such a metamorphic idea!

I make myself sad even though I LAVA this story!

This is insane, but incredibly intriguing. Especially given how Marble apparently has prophetic dreams. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Wow. I saw your blog post, but you actually made a fic out of that typo. And it'll be a multi-chapter fic at that?! :pinkiegasp: And one of the... more unique pairings I've seen on this site. Pretty funny fic (so Marble is the one to watch out for? Well, aside from Maud probably being invulnerable). Wonder how long she'll be trapped in this situation, and whether it'll cover the whole series.

You even, with all the subtly of a rhino in a China shop put my name in the story.


This should be interesting.

Okay, not going to lie, this is adorable and probably the funniest thing I have read about what happened to Chrysalis.


That is hilarious. I just hope it ends well for Chryssie.

Her thoughts were simply hilarious.

Okay, this is... quite bizarre, but I'm going to follow it anyway.

Edit: I looked back to the blog that was mentioned, and I'm not sure what the typoed comment was trying to say.

Quite intriguing. Especially with Marble's ability to foresee the Flurry Hearts incident. I wonder how this will end for Chrysalis.

Surprisingly good! More pls :)

She couldn't take three ponies at once if they woke up, unfortunately, and that was almost inevitable if she tried to wriggle off.

Since she didnĀ“t mentioned it, would it be because of her weakened state, or in general in your story?

Well that was not bad, I was just hoping for more already. However what I got was good.

A unique premise. Weird, but in a good way. Tracking :yay:

Okay, so I think there's only two ways this can really go: Maud knows her dress has been replaced all along and is cool with it/trolling or, when the jig is finally up, Chrysalis is going to have to face the wrath of the Princess of Geology for what happened to her real dress and it's going to be a one-sided bloodbath of such unparalleled scale that it makes the Tirek thing look like a schoolyard tussle.

Loved this story. Hope there'll be more of it someday, but if not, it's good as it is.

I would like to have a new chapter please.

This is a fairly enjoyable story. I hope you will continue it one day, because it is very unique.

ah man, this was too enjoyable to just have one chapter

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