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This story is a sequel to Discord vs. Harmony: The Greeting-Card Industry Strikes Back

Note: Reading the previous fics in this sequence isn't necessary, just adds context. You don't need context, do you? Nahh, you're better than that.

Chrysalis has had on heck of a month. First, Discord makes a game of pairing her up with Starlight Glimmer, which went entirely better than either of them would have ever expected. Then, as their relationship deepened and Chrysalis settled into her new life in Equestria, Starlight suggested she try stand-up comedy with Maud.

Nopony expected Chrysalis to take the offer seriously, least of all me, the author. But here we are. Is their comedy routine worth continuing, or are they about as popular as... well, Maud by herself? You decide. In the comments, I mean; don't keep that to yourself. Story will be updated whenever it amuses me, depending on reader feedback. Feel free to fire off suggestions via private message if you come up with something amusing, and I'll credit you in the author's note. T rated in case the humor gets more adult than an "E" rating will allow.

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If we're being honest, Chrysalis has a really unfair advantage in the drag queen department.

Have you seen her crown? She has no sense of fashion. She'd be doomed.

Holy hell that drag queen burn...

This was fucking magical, my friend. The whole dynamic was magical. Maud's just fucking acidic wit was a treat. These two make a good team. This needs more.

Well played, good sir.

You liked that, huh? >Jots down preferences for future chapters
I can be pretty mean with my burns when I wanna be

Glad you enjoyed it so much. At first I wasn't sure I could make it work, but yeah, these two are made for each other.


Aww yiss. I decided I'd only continue this fic as long as commentors demand moar, with the idea being that the commentor reaction reflects the audience reaction in-universe, so consider this taken under advisement, heh

Maud is actually going up against Chrysalis in the Fandom Four match on Twitter from Bronycon in the next day or two. 😄 I'm voting for Chrysalis. 😊


Not... super relevant?... but thanks for noticing the fic?

Well, I saw this and thought of that Twitter post. XD

Still a great story though. 😄

This was bloody brilliant! The dinamic, the topics, the PUNS! ALL OF IT WAS AWESOME!

It's Abbot and Costello in Equestia. More please.


Good sir, that is ominous.

Why do I get the distinct impression that somewhere a single toe on a monkey's paw just curled.

I got a dislike after posting this chapter?

Didn't... didn't they like it?:fluttercry:

Don't listen to those dislikes!
Your story is great!

This bit was magical. Chrysalis really does make the better straight man.

Also... was that Pharynx plotting to medicate the hive into self-assertiveness?

:rainbowlaugh: So many lols! Chrysalis comedy is best comedy.

Keep going. Don’t stop. I NEED THIS.

Heheh, that was fun.

Loved the audience comments.

That changeling needs a treat.

It's funny because that's totally what cannon Chryssie could be thinking.

Also, it might've just been someone who hates when good things happen to Chryssie.

XD Dammit, Pharynx!

... You know, I can totally see a pony with a cutie mark for psychological support for villains.

NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will wait as long as needed, tho.

Wait? WAIT?!

The #2 hero asks me for more and expects to WAIT?!

What do you take me for

Whoa, whoa. Hold up. Since when was I a hero?


Also, I tried really hard to get the next chapter out today for you, but the premise makes it hard to have the jokes come fast and spontaneous, so I needed to wait to get in the right mindset, sorry.

Dang it, I've seen all the first season, and I forgot about that! (Then again, it was last year, sooo... can't really blame me)

Beautiful. This never gets old.

The native Ponyvilleans ducked their heads amidst laughter now. From the back came the comment, 'Once I was scorned by the whole town, it seems you shall never live it down.'


"Write what you know."


Maud and Chrysalis are the best roasters.

New headcanon is they start the Equestria equivalent of "The Roast of X." Every year they do a big show in Canterlot just dragging someone famous.

The Roast of Zesty Gormand:

"It's no wonder the people of Canterlot rebelled against your taste if food. Looking at you I'd be shocked if you've ever eaten anything in your life!"

The Roast of Flim and Flam:

"It's good you guys are capable of selling literally nothing these days. It's a mark of a great businessman to be successful with what you got."

clap clap clap

This is pure comedy gold! I don't know how you come up with this stuff, but DAMN IS IS AWESOME!!!

It is so funny seriously i love it


Though the method to rule Equestria described here is actually quite accurate.

This is gold.

The comments of the auidience were the best part.

For unleashing this upon the world, I will have to use #25.

The curtain rose, and Chrysalis and Maud stood side by side, bowing. Meanwhile, a certain changeling in the back of the room was pondering how to sneak some of those pills into the hive's meals...

Just hope he isn't colorblind, because there's a slight difference between the red and blue pill... :trollestia:

Next they'll have a rotating comedy show.
They'll perform live.
On Saturdays.
At night.
Think it would catch on, or just crumble competing with talc shows?

Chrysalis' eyes lit up. "They're a food source too?!"


It does remind me of the stories where she refers to Cadance as 'The Princess of Food.'

"Oh, right! I almost forgot that whole thing where the ponies of Equestria are so forgiving that they'll accept you regardless of your past – y'know, as long as you abandon everything about yourself they find distasteful, intimidating, or inconvenient. One sec."

Oh, snap!

I really liked the Faithful Student Pyramid Scheme too.

"So if I have a lot of friends – one might even say an army of friends – I could ask them to do something for me?" - congratulations, you anticipated Cozy Glow!

The joke was that they killed Sombra.

Does this story series have any spoilers for the Friendship is Magic series finale?

Nope, just referring to stuff that's happened on USA-released episodes.

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