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Maud Pie is devoted to rocks. She loves rocks. She has a pet rock. His name is Boulder.

Maud also writes poems. Thousands of them. They are all about rocks. Which she loves.

This is my first attempt at writing anything like this. Maud Pie is my absolute favorite character, so I decided to write a bit about her! I'm not attempting to follow any rules or certain poetic style; just writing it as it comes to mind. They all stem from my love for the character and the episode. These were all written with a very monotone, deadpan voice in mind.

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Comments ( 71 )

Very interesting. here's mine

Oh rock you are a rock
So hard and gray
Some smooth some crooked
At least you are here to stay

bwahahaha i'm just reading these in Maud's voice and my parents walk in and thire like what are you reading! I love these!! Make more!

Often do I wonder
Why some rocks are gray
Only to find later
That I've spent the whole day
Wondering to myself
Why some rocks are gray


Well, some of Maud's rhymes (hmm, all of them?) are quite painful (glass - mass made me both :rainbowlaugh: and :facehoof:), but the poems rock :heart:

These are fantastic! I love em :pinkiehappy:
They fit Maud so well!

4086846 Thank you, I will most definitely make more. After all, there's inspiration all around. :rainbowlaugh: In fact, I myself once had a pet rock. :derpyderp1:

4086872 I see what you did there! :rainbowwild:

These are wonderful. Some are solid, some are coarse, some are polished smooth. All are tangible.
Like rocks.

Hey! Maud I made a group for you and Boulder go check it out

Maud and Boulder

Often do I wonder
Why some rocks are gray
Only to find later
That I've spent the whole day
Wondering to myself
Why some rocks are gray

This was funny, and also pretty cute. Thank you for these poems!

Ahhhhh, im not the first one to post a comment. :pinkiesad2: o well. I'v got to say these are awesome. Or as I should say, "they rock." :ajbemused:

Hey, I said the same thing on this comment! 4087043

This is deep. Tears have been shed

My God, Maud, that was so deep... William Blake himself could not write better! :rainbowlaugh: Seriously though, great stuff!

This story rocks!

Bad pun intended.

This was fun to read. :pinkiesmile: Ironically, I myself had a pet rock when I was but a foal.

Zecora vs. Maud poetry battle go!

Fanfiction involving Maud Pie not even 24 hours after the episode aired, even with the DST thing in effect. Not even Delta Brony is that quick.

4087367 "You rock! ...get it?" "And that joke is still terrible." </pmx2>

These are actually pretty good. :rainbowkiss:
You deserve some props for your dedication.:yay:

Set in stone, my name
engraved unto rock.
I stare at the two beings, and can't help but ask;
you who are gray, and you who sound so blessed,
which of you is me?

Weathered stone finds naught in winds
and I sigh.
A shadow cast by the lonesome giant
tall, wide, despairing.
Weathered stone finds naught in rains
and I weep.

Excellent work, dear Author!:pinkiehappy:

Wow, that was fast. Guess a rocking earth pony deserves this much of a response.:pinkiehappy:
These poems were so deep I can't help but hear snapping fingers in the background. I laughed at the part where the rock couldn't swim though.:rainbowlaugh:
But seriously these ones are good.:twilightsmile:

4087389 that would destroy the internet

TomBoulder is my new OTP.

There are Earth ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns too
Could each type of rock, be related to you?
Sedimentary are like Earth ponies
Patient and strong, withstanding the forces of nature
Igneous are like Pegasi
Their passion and ferocity, bursting forth with life
Metamorphic are like Unicorns
Elegant, and capable of feats of wondrous magic
There are Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic rocks too
Could each type of pony, be related to you?

This... William Shakespeare couldn't write poetry more deep than that. :heart:

4088426 :rainbowlaugh: I don't know about that...

Thanks. It means a lot. :twilightsmile: And thanks to everypony else as well. Unfortunately I can't get around to replying individually.

Woah, I did not expect that from a poem about rocks. I liked this poem very much. I loved the part about the types of ponies and how rocks were related to them.
Like I seem to say a lot. Keep up the good work....rock.
(Yeah, I think I should stick with stories, not poetry)

My favorite:

The muffin
It's texture
Similar to a rock
The fragments in my mouth
Similar to a rock
A satisfying crunch
A powdery taste
That was no muffin
That was a rock


Hey! congrats! The story is in the POPULAR STORIES bar! Love the muffin one btw

4089039 Oh my! :rainbowderp: I have a few more poems I just finished. I suppose I will add them into the second chapter rather than waiting to complete a full third.

This gotta be the best thing that has happen to the fandom since Twilight Sparkle Eats Peaches.:twilightoops:



This idea is interesting

I wonder which rock is the best
is it granite or marble?
But then I realize a rock is dead
So a rock is the best

I love your rock poems and making your own is so much fun:pinkiehappy:

...I know her name is Maud but... Who else thought of Maudemena?

4089722 Speaking of that, is that still a thing?

Some of them stray too far from Maud's tone.

I made haiku.
Rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks.
Rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks.
Rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks

4090791 Admittedly, I ended up getting so caught up in my enthusiasm towards rocks I became slightly over zealous. :rainbowlaugh:

Are you a poet yourself? Or are you just good at poetry? Or do you have, like, the biggest amount of inspiration ever?

4091090 This was my first attempt at poetry, and one of my first attempts at writing in general. I'm really happy that you enjoyed it so. :twilightsmile:

I have a newfound appreciation for rocks after having written this. :rainbowlaugh:

Your first attempt? :rainbowderp:
Wow... impressive.

I take it you like Maud Pie a lot already? So do I. She's so awesome.

4091140 Yes, she is my new favorite pony. :heart:

Mostly because I'm exactly like her in real life. :facehoof: Not so much online, though. Plus, I like goth-like girls. :raritywink:

Heh, she's kind of up there for me too. She's so dull, yet so interesting. It's almost unexplainable.

Guess all of the Pie family have something that makes them preeeeeeeeeeetty unique in a way. Also Maud is stronger then Big Macintosh. :rainbowlaugh:

4091195 Her power level is through the proverbial roof, to be sure. :rainbowwild:

I'm at a loss in regards to continuing this set of poems. I suppose I will leave it as "Incomplete" for now, but if I cannot think of any new material in the next few days I will change it to "Complete."

Reading it in her voice really puts so much more passion in the words :rainbowlaugh:

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