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Being a little frustrated at an edgy alicorn necromancer oc becoming more and more edgy is fair, I'm glad you liked the rest of the story! I've taken a sizable chunk out of diaries of a madman, but I got a little full. Ill catch up one day.

I read through Mordane Stronghoof, and while Mordane's personality development pisses me off, i love the world and character's the author has built and look forward to each new chapter :twilightsmile:

If there's good character development I'm in. If a story can do one or two things well, I can usually enjoy it.

Its dark, somewhat edgy, and yes, very long. The protagonist has a very natural negative viewpoint on most things, so at least it doesn't feel forced. Understandable if you dont enjoy that, It's more enjoyable for negative people. At least there's no cheezy redemption where he's suddenly good, but there is a lot of character development.

Sorry for blowing up your feed, i don't get to talk about DoaM often

eh, the length, what little I read seemed edgy and probably just wasn't what I was looking for when I came across it. I'll give it another try

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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